Monday, September 29, 2003

Posted by Mark at 11:32 AM


Needless to say, I do not think my liberal friend Eric likes me anymore..... :( tear.....
(waits five seconds)
Wow, that was sad...time to move on.... :)
Really, i am sad, and I will miss his friendship (if he has revoked it), but I have other friends and can seek their fellowship, and even more so, I have the Lord, the safe harbor from the storms of life. Sorry, preaching again....Can't have that....I might be called "religious", or a "zealot" or part of the "vast right wing conspiracy."

Friends are patient, kind, and understanding.
Friends know when to leave well enough alone, but also know when to intervene.
Friends do not pick apart each other, simply for sport or to improve social positioning.
Friends do not deny responsibility when there are fights, they stand up and take part in the responsibility.
Friends do not start trouble merely for the basis of making another look bad.
Friends respect each others' privacy and boundaries, and keep things in the "family."
Friends do not accuse each other of being close-minded, or blame all their stress on another friend.

1. The Drivers and Teams go out of their way to mingle, commisserate, and be kind to the fans, or as liberals call them- the little people, the vast unwashed, the masses; because it is the fans who pay the bills and give the love.
2. Fans disagree with each other and don't get violent or throw dog bones at the opposition
3. You actually have to earn your position, it is not handed to you by some benevolent governing body or based on income.
4. Literally anyone can do it, that is, drive the car.
5. It appeals to everyone.
6. It does not have special seating for special interests
7. It does not try to overregulate the behavior of its fans, and realizes they pay the bills
8. Most of the Team worked their way to the top, and did not have to rely on special programs
9. Instead of causing division, even fans who disagree and come from different educational backgrounds can enjoy a race together.
10. They actually acknowledge and praise God before every race.
11. They respect and give honor to the military before every race.
12. You can actually bring children to the event.
13. Prayers and thanks to God are encouraged, and no special group takes offense.
14. There is no pandering to people or categorizing of people, there are merely race fans.
15. The team that does the most and improvises is rewarded for its endeavors.
16. You have to earn your way to the top, it is not just given.
17. Everyone has a fair shot at the beginning.
18. If you build a team, and the team works well, it wins. Everyone is appreciated, and there are no blame games. You win and lose as a race team.
19. Even the lowly jackman can play a pivotal role.
20. When tragedy or bad things happen, even rivals can come together and weep or pray.
21. People are able to race hard on the track, but they are still friends off of it.
22. The drivers do not think themselves above the fans, do not laud about their degrees or their intelligence, even though alot of them have advanced engineering and other degrees.

JW Update: We are scheduled for lunch twice this week...Hope all is well with her and that she continues to tolerate me even though I don't have an MBA or went to a so-called reputable school or make lots of money, and I hope we can continue to become better friends, and if something happens, great; if it doesn't then at least I have a friend who likes me and does not try to change me or lord over me. And, she is not bad to look at either.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Posted by Mark at 4:26 PM


Went to see Doug at his grandma's wake last night. He appears to be doing well and he and his family are in my prayers....please remember him as well. Also, please remember Phyllis, a member of the Trek club I am in. She is being subjected to tests because of chest pain.

Had the opportunity to discuss issues with my liberal friend Eric. I hope we BOTH realized we were being stupid and petty when we made attacks in the way we did. Although, I do stand behind the fact I did not get personal, but he mentioned personal material. What I request is not only an apology but a retraction from his site. I do the same here. I apologize and retract all the things I may have said about him. Although I still think he is wrong about his views, and he feels the same way about me. We agree to disagree (But I am right!!!!! so nyah!)

As a show of good faith, I am putting up a link to his site. I warn you, some of what you see there (if you are conservative or support the President) are inflammatory, are likely to anger you. I do not support his views in any way; but this is America, and he has the right to them.

Also, and lastly, I wish to retract my statements about ALL liberals hating America. That is wrong. Most liberals' hearts are in the right place. It is their leadership that uses their hearts and desires against them to try to destroy America and her prestige and prosperity. The liberal agenda is mismarketed to the people. It is not really about compassion, it is about power and manipulation of people in need. The average liberal either refuses to see this or has been brainwashed, or has not discovered it yet. I hope most do.

Lastly, the meeting of the TIB network went well. (truth in blogging, though I am partial to integrity in blogging). We had our super secret meeting with our dueling golden keyboards and standards of excellence. That is enough for now. Have a great weekend. Stay tuned for the Jane Wyatt update, there is news......By the way, did I mention that I became a Bush Team Leader? HEEHEE Until then, God bless...and keep your head up and stick on the ice. GOD BLESS AMERICA and her President!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:10 PM

Who I Am and How I Come To Be....

I have been getting requests (hard to believe!) out there for some more information about little ol' me. Now, I am sure some will use this against me in a court of law or will gain points on sniping, but I listen to the people.

I was born in Brown County, Ohio, April 25, 1976, to my parents. They had been married only a year or so. They were young and in love, but very poor. For the first 3.5 years of my life, we lived in a rented house with a very mean landlord. Then, we moved up the street to the house where my parents presently reside, and wehave lived there ever since. It is not a palatial estate, but I call it home.

I grew up in a big family, with many cousins to play with. My grandmother and grandfather on my mother's side were my two biggest influences. They encouraged me to think outside the box and encouraged my learning, especially my grandpa, who never finished high school, BUT was one of the most intelligent men I ever knew, and he was very shrewd.

I went to school at what is now the 2nd or third largest school in sw Ohio, but when I went, we were just beginning to grow. During my generation, we were in that transitional phase with computers, and I did not learn very much about them, other than how to make the Commodore 64 create a flower in programming....Therefore, I am dumb about computers, but I am learning.

My family was never rich, but Dad had a job in machine tools. He did a great living in the 1980s, as I remember so many new things we acquired, and we were able to get cars easily, and had some decent spending money. I believe it was the policy of Ronald Reagan in action. His supply side theory was coming through, and Dad had all sorts of customers who wanted machine tools.

I was always smart and mature for my age, I think I grew up too quickly and have regressed. I was carrying on meaningful political and scientific discussions in my single digit years. I never got below a B on any report card in school, with the exception of handwriting (still is crappy). I graduated from my high school 2nd in my class, because being in an extra activity is worth more than being the best at my old high school, and it still is today, even worse. However, I received an excellent education, and my teachers instilled pride in America in me and a knowledge of our processes of govt. and liberty, things which are lacking in schools today.

The 1990s were not kind to my family. Despite the supposed growth of the economy, middle class folks like my family and those in my neighborhood suffered. Sure, there were great expansions in jobs at McDonalds, but that is not going to pay the bills. Dad's future grew uncertain, as he had to travel many times again. From the time I was born until i was 12, Dad travelled a lot. He missed out on some things. However, I never have held that against him. He was working for the family. I admired that. Well, he didnt travel for a while when my sister was born. Then, in the 1990s, toward the 2nd half of them, he had to travel again. Because of trade policy by the Clintons, and the false boom of the 1990s, my dad was on the run for business again. He worried about paying taxes and making ends meet.

For me, I was in and out of college. In 1993, a year before I graduated high school, my grandpa died. I was crushed, but dedicated myself to striving and surviving. When I started college, the first year and a half at my school were great, I was growing, things were going well, in spite of the fact that I felt I was being indoctrinated. All I heard were liberal ideologies and thoughts. As I analyzed them, and debated them with my profs, i came to realize the liberal agenda. If they were so right, why did they react so strongly to my opinion? Why did they not have any facts? I was turned off. Then, I grew ill and had to sit out a semester. When I went to go back, my full ride scholarship was being bantied about, and I had had enough. I left school and went to work at Kmart.

After 4 months in kmart hell, I decided to go back to school. Went to local juco, where i graduated shortly. I figured out I wanted to teach. In spite of all the liberal indoctrination, I still thought for myself. A conservative voice needs to be in the classroom, and at the very least, a voice that encourages students to take pride in America and learn her ways, rather than making things boring and a "Reasons to hate the govt. and country 101" which is what I see alot today.

Well, I went to finish my bachelor's and did so. I subbed for a while from graduation until june 2001. Then I got my break. Or so I thought. I got my first teaching job at a rural school where I would be the whole social studies department. However, i only had three days to get ready. That is how late they hired me. I felt i was playing catchup all year, but the students and I learned a lot. Then, the man who hired me retired, and we got a new principal, more concerned about politics and cutting off dissent than anything else. He refused to see me during the summer, and rarely came by my classroom. He was all about athletics, and wanted to start a football program at our school eventually. When the student of one of his fans got into trouble, and that parent came after me, he didnt back me up. He allowed people to take potshots at me because I was doing my job. So, needless to say, when a very special student of mine was killed, and I was the only teacher not notified, I was very upset. Tht was it. I resigned, missing my kids, who still protest for me, and the vast majority of parents in that district. I hope the weasel superintendent there and the principal pay for the hell they put me through.

I have preached in my church for about 10 years now, since I was 17. Now I am the regular preacher, but that does not make me perfect or a paragon. I still have many issues, such as problems with profanity, lust, etc. I pray God helps me each and every day, and I rest in the knowledge Jesus died for me, and that we all fall short. Liberals would say I am a hypocrite, I just say I am forgiven.

I am a conservative because I have seen what happens when the liberal pandering is in control. I have served in inner-city schools, where the liberal agenda of broken homes and such and free rides has led to a culture in disrepair. I have seen the crisis of values where unwed teens are becoming mothers at an astonishing rate. I have seen where the liberal ideas of taxing and spending only lead to inpropserity. I have seen all this and judged it with my own mind. I thought of going liberal my first year in college, but after careful examination, came to realize it was a big lie.

I believe in self-reliance, but I think some people do need help. I think there should be limits however. I believe that we have made more progress in America than any other country, and need to move past the labels of afro, latino, etc. We are Americans. We have the most free society, where even hate America folks out there can speak their venom. I do believe in equal opportunity. I think that the right to PURSUE HAPPINESS exists, but we cannot make you happy, and you have the right to pursue it. Government should not do it for you, that is where liberals and I disagree. Also, I think we should take pride in our country, and not poo poo people who do as zealots, etc. I think we should work with other countries, but not at the cost of doing what is right (i.e., the iraqi situation). I think that we are a nation founded under God, and that the First Amendment does not give us freedom from God. I think courts should interpret the law, and not make the law, as some have done. I think America works, and instead of trying to tear it down, we need to build it up, and spread our freedoms to others yearning to be free. I believe in rights of immigrants, but not extending privileges to people who didnt respect our laws by coming here illegally. I believe in defending the integrity and honor of America. I believe that we are the greatest country, but we risk it all with trying to pander to all interests, by trying to kick God out. God bless America, and I pray our country will come back to Him.

Feel free to ask me anything else...

Oh, wait....My fraternal grandma recently moved up to the neighborhood. I love her dearly. She was wronged by my grandfather, who cheated on her and womanized. I respect my grandfather as my dad's dad, but I cannot respect him as a person. He has continued this lifestyle of his, and it saddens me. Grandma is wonderful, and has been a godsend to me and to our church, as she has come to lead BibleStudy and play piano. Life gets in the way sometimes, but I wish I could visit more. HOwever, she has her own life to live, and I have to make my way. Job 1, aside from finding a permanent one, is getting out of my current conditions. I love my family, but we have been around each other almost 30 years, and we are both wanting change. i am thankful that I am employed now, and pray for better conditions. I know God is good and all things work to the good for those who believe and are called according to His purpose. I believe I have been called to teach and preach, that through helping others, I can help myself to improve and better myself.

God bless you all, take care....


Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Posted by Mark at 1:15 PM


1. I wish for peace on the earth, knowing it can only come through Christ.

2. I wish for knowledge, but know it comes at a price.

3. I wish for love, but know it must be earned.

4. I wish for joy, the type that cannot be turned.

5. I wish for faith, to get me through the mud.

6. I have salvation, better cleansing than any soap sud.

7. However, you know what else I wish? That liberals would get a clue, and make clear exactly what they would have Bush do. He goes out and makes concessions to the UN, it is pandering. He goes out and meets with Schroeder, it is not enough. What do you want him to do? I know, and they really don't want to admit it. They want America to fail. They are so rooting against our military and forces that they don't care how many terrorists they inspire, they don't care how many troops morale they crush, how many innocents die, they merely want Bush to fail. And it does not matter if that failure drags our country down. All it matters is that the liberals get their way. Conservatives are considered selfish, but I know of none that would subjugate the safety of our soldiers for political gain. I know of no conservative that would seek to throw out anyone's expression of faith, which liberals have done.

I wish liberals would wake up from the fairy tales. It would be so much better for them, and for the country. Remember, we are supposed to be the United States of America, not liberals and the "vast right wing conspiracy." Give me a break.

Gentle Readers, take care. God bless you all, and may He continue to bless the United States of America! Keep your head up and stick on the ice....

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Posted by Mark at 11:43 AM

sorry, was starting new job yesterday and had not time to get involved here....forgive me, gentle readers.....

My friend D lost his grandma recently. That hits close to home for me... My maternal grandma was taken by the Lord in 1997, in August. She was the most gentle soul I ever knew, despite her Irish temper. She practically raised me along with my mother, and my dad, who often was away working, to support our family. My grandmother was very special, and I would like to dedicate todays posting to her, as I think it will be cathartic for me, and may be revealing to others. My paternal grandma, if you read this, please do not take offense, as I love you very much, also.

Miss Ellie, as I called her ( I used to have a Dallas/JR Ewing fixation as a toddler), was one of the most giving people I know. She was also one of the strongest. She married young, even though she probably could have gone to college if her parents could have afforded it (no scholarships for women back then) as she was very smart. Her grandparents had come over from Ireland and had worked hard despite being discriminated against. That is why I do not buy special rights for certain people. If my grandma's family can do it, so can anyone else and beat the odds.

Grandma loved her husband, my grandpa, but he was at this time in his life a mean drunk. He later reformed and showed the good side, but when he drank, he was horrible in his youth. He was abusive, was absentee much of the time. However, he still was active in his kids' lives, which says a lot about the times. He wasnt there to support financially, like he should have been, but he did stay active. That played a big role in how his kids turned out. Later, despite his mistakes as a father, he became a fantastic grandfather, whom I admired for his changing of his life and priorities. However, Miss Ellie went much of it alone, and managed to feed and clothe 7 kids, and to give them all she could. She did not get welfare, due to political situations, but she managed to raise 7 healthy kids, and keep them fed. They did not have a lot, but they survived. They had no sense of entitlement, they took what was given and appreciated. How times have changed.

Grandma raised them up, 6 girls and a son. She always set the bar, working several jobs to keep the kids fed and clothed, and never complaining. She was a role model, and much of the reason I do not buy into the need for a MASSIVE welfare state. She was able to rise, despite being discriminated against and such. She did not receive very much if any federal or even state assistance, despite living in the poverty level of income much of the time. She simply worked harder, better, stronger, and longer. She was amazing.

She took me everywhere. She always let me stay with her, and she spoiled me rotten. She gave me anything she could. She loved me even though at times I was rude, crude, and mean to her, far more than I should have been. Yet she loved me anyway. She led me back to church, and helped me grow there. She helped me through my failures in Columbus, and encouraged me to do what was needed and what was right.

Even though I hated it at the time, some of the best and most fun times were when she took me to the race track or to bingo halls. She always let me play with her and we often won together. She was great, and lucky, at horses and bingo. Sometimes, esp. as I grew older, it seemed a drag. However, now, I would give all my Trek conventions and all my hockey games for just one more chance to take her to bingo in her 1972 cadillac. She was very special to me, and I miss her. She brought me up on the American dream, and said people could make it if they tried and overcame. She was living proof. She loved Ronald Reagan, and would explain issues to me as I grew up. She was a special woman, and through her, I wanted to be a teacher and a better person. I miss you, Miss Ellie...but I know you are watching over me.....Thank you so much, I love you...

Sorry for that mushiness....I promise tomorrow, more hate and liberals see it. I call it truth medicine..... Also, check out wmd for political thought.

D, I feel your loss....God bless.

Gentle readers, see you later. I have to get ready for work now. No matter your political affiliation or views, God bless you, even if you don't believe in Him. Father, I ask your forgiveness for my faults, and for my other issues. I am trying to grow each over me and my friends and family....and thank you for special people in my life.....Amen..

Sorry, guess I was superimposing my beliefs and religion on you innocent folks out there. Sure the liberalistas will try to shut me down....

Keep your head up and stick on the ice....

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Posted by Mark at 6:13 PM


On my friend Eric's page, he says I attack him and blame everything on President Clinton. Not true....He says I am following a herd instinct. I beg to differ.

When I see people calling the President a Nazi and a gang leader, and calling him incompetent, I get upset. Why didn't they call other presidents such? Carter was inept in foreign policy, and Eisenhower spent a lot of time playing golf. However, these two, who created foreign policy quagmires (and note, Mr. P, one is R and one is D) are revered, and Carter, who became a symbol of the apathy of the 70s, was given a Nobel Peace Prize...For what? Boycotting the 1980 summer games? For not responding to soviets moving into Afghanistan on his watch, and basically setting into motion the processes that gave rise to the Taliban and got Osama started on his mad quest in the first place. For those of you who are ignorant of history, Osama went to Afghanistan to fight off the soviets, where he met up with other foreign arabs who were extremist as well......Or was it when carter did nothing but vacillate when Americans were held hostage for 444 days in Iran? Wow, great strategy.

Eric says people are foolish to visit this blog, that people should not visit my site...why, is it only meant for Bush bashing, this amazing tool of the internet? Is it only meant for his lambasting and libelous comments? I do not appreciate his bringing my profession into the matter. IF anything, this proves that I am not part of the herd mentality that he talks about. IF I were, I would be a Kool-Aid drinker of the NEA and so crazy into liberalism.

HOwever, I have seen the folly of liberalism. It has led to America falling behind in the 1980s, then again becoming complacent and caring for for world opinion than doing what is right. I personally dont give a damn what the French think, or the Germans. We kept up the UN's end of the bargain. There were 17 resolutions calling for the use of force. WE finally said 17 res and 12 years was enough. That is besides the point.

Rather than attacking the issues, and presenting cogent arguments, he instead makes broad generalizations about me and about the views I express. I had thought better of him, especially after recent conversations with him. All I really said was I find it difficult to stomach an obviously doctored picture of Bush ("i just posted it, i didnt say anything about it) and also the ridiculous idea that Bush cares so little for soldiers that he fabricated a war. He has been reading one too many robert ludlum books.

This whole site, and this is the last time I will refer to it, EVER, and it will NOT BE LINKED HERE, is a testament to the absence of candor in the liberal agenda. They only assert their superiority, with mentions of sheep/herd mentality, and they denigrate those who disagree with them. I just found it rather tasteless and inflammatory that you would put a picture of the President doctored to have him promoting Nazi-ism. That was the intent, it was not an innocent gesture.

Mr. Bush is not perfect, but I tell you what. I sleep alot better at night knowing that if terrorists attack there will be hell to pay, that we are no longer on the sidelines, and that we have a president who has a moral compass, who doesnt follow his genitalia. If that offends eric, well dude, I am offended that you constantly bring up my job and act like that being a conservative makes me a bad teacher. I am offended that because I disagree with you, you make it sound like I am a follower. IF I really cared what you think, I would have drank the kool-aid with you by now. I am happy we have a president who can take a crap without waiting for the poll numbers to have him do it. Sometimes leaders have to do what is right, not what is necessarily popular. Don't worry, Mr. P, I will never again reference your blog, and I am not going to insult it any further. I dont want to ruin its 'integrity' by linking to it here. Since you find me so repulsive and foolish, I wouldnt want anyone to think we actually hang or anything.

Sorry, folks, for that lambasting and vitriol. It won't happen again, because I see now that for some, friendship doesn't get in the way of sniping and insulting others intelligence.....That is fine, I have been burned...burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice...well...that is another story.

To all those recovering from the hurricane, you are in my prayers. To all those struggling in the fight for freedom around the world, my thoughts are with you. God bless everyone, and God bless America!

Friday, September 19, 2003

Posted by Mark at 1:49 PM


New Blog, Look at it and see the Venom of Liberals--My liberal friend Eric has sunk to new lows with his blog Right to be Left. In it, he gives credence to the obscene and ludicrous charges by Ted "Party Boy/Homicidal Drunk Driver" Kennedy that George W. Bush preplanned the war for Iraq for poll numbers. I think Eric and Mr. Kennedy have Mr. Bush confused with Bubba Clinton. That was the person who could not make a decision without pollsters. I have no doubt that the Defense department had a plan for invading Iraq before Sept. 11, but I do not think the President, especially this President, who actually had military experience and respect for the military, would put lives on the line for the sake of poll numbers. However, Mr. Clinton would and did. To appeal to the African American vote, he sent troops to Somalia without a clear plan, and placed them in the hands of an inept NATO commander, Wes Clark, who is now announcing his candidacy for presidency. Clinton and Clark allowed the bodies of our soldiers to be dragged through the streets of Mogadishu without a response, allowed families to see their loved ones tortured, with no response. Do you want these cowards back in the White House?

Also, Eric proceeds to outline Bush's failures as President. Eric, the failed economy you see is the growth economy in action. Most experts say the economy is expanding. AS far as the secrecy issue, do most people know that Clinton signed away our security to China by making us dependent on China for coal? Clinton signed the most executive orders in Presidential history. I suggest you check the facts of your little expose. More than half are inaccurate or outright lies. And, to top it off, he puts a picture of Bush that has obviously been doctored into Bush putting forth a Nazi style salute. Ridiculous. Since Eric provides for no responding to the charges, as Maestro and I do on WMD, I felt compelled to write this. Eric is not examining the Bush admin, he is seeking to spread hate about it. The only totally truthful and accurate line in his whole posting is "Boy, do I hate Bush." It simply shows this is all the liberals have. They have no ideas, they have no clue, they just hate. I like Eric, he is a good guy, but he has fallen prey to the Goebbelsizing of Bush. The liberals are taking a page out of Nazi propagandist Joe Goebbels: "Say a lie long and loud enough, and people will believe it."

Jane Wyatt Update: Had lunch with Girl today. Lightened my sour mood extremely. Talked about some of her exploits and such. Even in a sweater and jeans, on her way to work, she is so beautiful. Wish we could have spent more time together. The big question: did I make a move? Answer, no, said the wimp. Sorry, I just couldnt turn on the romance, but it sounds like I have a chance. When she mentioned she was set up on a blind date with a 30 year old and that 30 year olds dating people her age was bad, I said, well, that doesnt speak well for guys my age (27). Upon that, she said, no, you still hve 3 years left...LOL....Love that sense of humor and wit, even if she is a band geek. :)

Take care this weekend, and to all those hit by the hurricane, you are in my thoughts and prayers......God bless, and keep your head up and stick on the ice......

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:02 PM


You know what makes me ill? The liberal mindset today. It is all about victimization. They want to paint themselves as victims, even as they lambast and harass a President. They railed against Republicans attacking Bubba with venom, yet that is all they are doing in this campaign, and some of my liberal friends are enjoying it and not seeing the blatant hypocrisy and arrogance.

It would honestly be different if the D candidates had any ideas with their venom. Yet, all I am hearing is that Bush is a gang leader, that Bush is a miserable failure, that Bush is a misleader., a supposedly non-partisan organization that is really a hate bush campaign, called Bush a misleader. The head of this group is the same idiot who during campaign 2000 created and had phony images of George W. Bush shooting coke, engaging in orgies, etc. Yet, this same person is now the head of a supposedly non-partisan organization? Come on.

Also, the liberal newspapers. In the Boston Globe, there have been no less than 35 anti-Bush op/eds. No pro-Bush out there? No, the Globe is selectively instilling the anti-Bush message, even printing a piece that called Bush "the ultimate suicide bomber." WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? Where is the responsibility? Where is the ethics?

Liberals think the vast majority of Americans are stupid. Really, even the best intentioned liberals have that mind set, that Americans are too dumb to vote the right way or check their ballots (read florida and california), that they are too dumb to spend their money properly (higher taxes), and generally too stupid to hear their empty diatribe. Where is the outrage? Are we in America so jaded now that we do not see empty, power hungry politics? Come on, people, wake up. Or will we be Goebbel-zied by the Democrats: if you lie long and loud enough, people will believe it. Let's not fall prey to that propaganda!!!

I am sick and tired of the double standard of being able to attack the Republicans and they are just supposed to take it, otherwise if they strike back they are labelled mean spirited and petty. Well, I am tired of it. To use the oft quoted Network: I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore!!!!! The liberal bias in the media and in the popular culture is as plain as the big pudgy nose on Bubba Clinton's face! WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!(sorry gary burbank, had to use that from Mr. Earl Pitts)

Jane Wyatt Update: We are scheduled for lunch tomorrow....she called and left a message and i called her back...woohoo!! I hope I can turn on the charm, ala Anthony Hopkins in Zorro!!!!

Job Search Update: Going for visit to Sylvan this afternoon, start training this saturday. Wish me luck, even you liberal devils out there!! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:54 PM


Well, this morning I woke up empty. No, not from hunger. No, not from lack of female companionship, though that does hurt, let me tell ya. No, I was empty in that I miss my teaching. As much as it could be a hassle and I hated lesson planning, and as much as I went through with the administrators, I miss it. I miss being able to instruct students, not just on history, but on life as well, and to watch them develop into young adults, and to feel part of that process. I miss it terribly, even though I freely admit I was not the greatest teacher in the world.

Saw My cousin Darren last night. He is still in the pumped to be going to college stage. I am sure that will be replaced on Saturday by the "my god, i am here alone" stage. He is a good kid, really. He created this character on this wwe wrestling game of himself. With my help, it looked dead on. He is a hulkamaniac coming out to Hulks music. Priceless...

E's birthday is this week. As much as i am tempted to get him a GW Bush talking action figure, just to gag him, I will resist. Trying to figure out what to get him. HE would like a pass to the local strip club, I am sure. Or, to be able to timewarp to the future when mary kate and ashley olsen are legal. Of course, with THAT gift would be some plastic surgery and some Sy Sperling material (JUST KIDDING, E!!!!) Really, though, even if we had a disagreement last week, E is a good guy, more than he knows, and I will come up with something....

Well, look at that...a whole entry and very little if any politicking....I must be gettin soft. Check out WMD for political madness and truth serum

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Posted by Mark at 1:51 PM


Another day, another lost dollar for me....c'est la vie...

Vendetta Dept.- Received call from former student at FHS who said the letter writing and complaints from parents about my dismissal continue, so much so that the district superintendent had to make an announcement demanding an end to the letters, saying it is over and done with. It is nice to know that some still want to fight the good it....Scotty Boy, enjoy your impending doom...

Going it Alone?--Washington DC--Sec Def. Rumsfeld gave an update on Iraq today. In it, he was hit with the notion of us going it alone, and he put the kibosh on it. There are over 21 countries with troops on the ground in Iraq. There are 210,000 total troops in iraq, not to mention the 56,000 iraqi security force in place, and the other 14,000 in training. This shows me that we already have a national force and that we are doing the right thing in training iraqis. We are not going it alone, and we have some good allies. I say we move our bases from france and germany and into poland. They deserve our assistance and help, the french and germans do not.

SO MUCH FOR OBJECTIVITY AND HONEST REPORTING--In a new book, several sources allege and confirm that CNN reporters, among many others, ignored the human rights abuses of Saddam Hussein and turned a blind eye to stay in country and court the favor of Saddam Hussein. In the Book, Embedded, a source discusses the turning of the blind eye and even bribes to the regime to stay in country so as to continue reporting. It is impossible, then to trust the media reports of alot of resistance and the sensationalisation....they have shown with this new evidence that they are in bed with terrorists and those who support, how can we trust them when they have ignored a veritable Holocaust going on in Iraq for 12 years. Better to suck up to stay in country and show his messages of defiance than to tell the truth. Shame on the jounalists who did this. More will follow. Read also about the outrageous charges of intimidation by terrorist sympathizer Christianne Armanpour over on WMD.

Well, until tomorrow, keep your head up and stick on the ice.....

Monday, September 15, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:36 PM


Greetings and salutations....had a long weekend, betweening getting back in the saddle on sunday and a LOOOONNNNGGG!!! meeting with friends saturday....

JANE WYATT UPDATE Those of you wondering why I call the girl I really care for Jane Wyatt are not trying hard enough. Think of one of Jane's big roles and what the name of her character was.....think, long and prosper.....That character's name is the same as the girl I really wish to hang out with....well, anyway, she dropped me a line saying she would be working in my area and wanted to get together for lunch....well, that pleases me just fine, but we havent been able to actually talk together to figure out place, etc. I dont know if this is intentional or not, but I tend not to think so. Maybe that is my problem, I am too non-conniving, if that makes sense. Well, I hope it works out and that I can summon up some courage....And no, it is not even sex related, E, you pervert....It is just related to the Blues Brothers:

Everybody...needs somebody.....Everybody...needs love....Someone to love...Sweetheart to miss, sugar to kiss...

That is what I want. I just want to hold someone and have that mean something again.....Not even thinking about carnal relations, but just the notion of giving yourself to someone and them giving themselves back to you.....would be nice.....
Enough of the romantic banter, I am getting ill....

OTHER MISC. BUSINESS: Got turned down for another job....and no, E, I do not blame the Bush administration, as the associated press and other outlets report the economy is growing again, and jobs will go up soon. NO, I am blaming the profiteering going on, where people are becoming overworked and others are losing jobs to improve an already great bottom line.....

Oh, someone tell this guy to buy a clue: spike tv has come out with this reality show called THE JOE SCHMO SHOW. It takes someone and puts them into a fake reality show, where all the other "contestants" are phony, and are merely creating a world for him. This is so hokey. Dude is an idiot, just some of the statements made and challenges enacted should tell this moron that it is too over the top, even for TV. Besides, if I wanted fake reality shows with predetermined outcomes, I would watch Survivor.

Saw the Antonio Banderas Flick "Once Upon a Time in New Mexico", the third installment of the El Mariachi saga, and by far the weakest. This film is nothing more than same crap, different day. It reusues the girlfriend got killed and seeking revenge motif of desperado, and who really wants to see salma hayek get axed? Not me!!!! The plot is very convoluted, but the action sequences are great. It reminds me of the early Connery Bond films with the rough cuts in action. The Johnny Depp character is confusing in his motives, and there are a bunch of convoluted middle characters around, and the casting of Willem DaFoe is questionable for such a smallish role, really......Disappointing, when expecting better from Rob Rodriguez.

My cousin Darren is going off to college this coming weekend. I have mixed feelings. I was very close with Darren's older bro Dave, but that relationship has been strained by geography lately. I mostly grew up with Dave, and Darren was the annoying little brother who craved attention and was known as Mr. Push Button (ask me about that story sometime). Well, in the last few years, Darren has grown to be a very gracious and mature young man, despite his Hulk Hogan hero worship and roleplay. I wish I could have spent more time with Darren, and I hope he seeks me out for counsel sometime or maybe we can get together. He and Dave are two of the few of my 10 or so cousins I really care about. Most of them are either too snooty with no reason to be or total basket cases. Darren and Dave, though, along with Bill, and even the CFH, still have some hope and treat me well and understand where I am coming from. I hope darren and dave will grow closer as they will be in the same town, and can mature their sometimes complex relationship. I wish I could hang with dave more, too, but his schedule and mine don't always mesh. Well, enough of that. Good Luck, Darren......

Well, that is all for now...Keep your head up and stick on the ice..

Friday, September 12, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:58 PM


These last few days seem consumed by death and remembering and memorializing. Of course, there was 9/11 yesterday, and I still stand behind what I wrote here and on WMD, despite some critics who did the usual game of accusing me of being merely a political wonk. Am not going to address that.

Then, out of celebrity news, Johnny Cash died at the age of 71 after prolonged illness. What a legend! I grew up listening to his stuff. What a tremendous range of ability he had. He did rock, country, soul, and comedy. Boy named Sue is always a fave, and that gravelly voice was just hypnotic. I loved his Outlaw stuff with Waylon and the boys. He will be greatly missed, and can now rest in peace with his June, who died a little while ago. He influenced all modern rock, as well as the outlaw basis of country, and was just such a giant. The music is a little less melodic now that he is gone.....We miss you, Man in Black....

Then, John Ritter dies suddenly in his 50s from a heart defect. He grew ill while working on his 8 Simple Rules show and was taken to the hospital. Mr. Ritter had enjoyed a comeback, after having ups and downs as an actor since his days on 3's Company. I grew up watching Jack Tripper, and will miss seeing him on TV. He was very funny and goofy, but yet endearing and believeable. His family, as well as Mr. Cash's are in my prayers and thoughts. Tinseltown is less shiny without you, Mr. Ritter.

And, this morning, the mother of the student who was killed when I was teaching at FHS called me. She said she needed to talk to me. Never has a conversation been so poignant and moving for me, not in a long time. We talked about dealing with Jake's loss, and how much people have been changed by his way of life and being taken so young. I was feeling really down, questioning a lot, and God provided this phone call. She lifted me up, and I hope I did the same for her. Jake was very special, he was like a Mini-Me, with some of the same problems I had as a high schooler. He developed so much though, and was taken at the height of his transformation. I dont know why exactly, but I believe that God called him home. Jake did so much with his life, he was a Scout just short of Eagle (rewarded posthumously), and he was friendly with everyone. He had a smile and laugh that were contagious, and even when he was being a pain in class he was just too damn happy to stay mad at. I loved that kid. But, I know he is in a better place, and that it is because of the small role I played in his life that I have to teach again. Seeing how I possibly helped him come out of his shell makes me want to do that for others. He inspired me, and I hope that his fellow students out there remember and honor his memory by being more forthcoming and tolerant of each other, that they treat each other nicer in the halls. I wish I could be there, as Jake's mom says many are still struggling. However, administrators with self-interest and elitists in the community did not want a teacher who lifted people up who werent succeeding. They wanted someone to maintain the status quo. I wish the students could know that I think of them daily, and miss being there for them. God bless you all...

I am not an animal, really. I bleed, I cry, I hurt. I think some people out there think of me as some unfeeling animal because I support the war on terror, that I support Mr. Bush. I see, in Mr. Bush, someone who cares about people and about our future. I see someone more concerned with results than with legacies. I dunno....some people think being a Republican means not caring. Not true....

During the conversation, I mentioned my grandma, and how I felt that when I dropped out of school for a time (college), that God was manuevering me to being with her all I could, as she died less than a year or so after I came home. We went everywhere together. She was and is my rock. I miss her everyday and wish I could still take her to those damned smoky bingo halls. She was deeply special.

Well, you are probably all depressed now, so I will close....but, I know I must find a teaching position again. I want to make a difference like I did with Jake. Hearing his mom talk to me again and tell me how much Jake thought of me helps me cope with the way I was treated and am treated. I know that I have a purpose, and I know that God has a plan.....Sometimes it is rough, and sometimes we dont get it all, but we must trust that God is out there and has a plan, and that all is redeemed through Him. Sorry for preaching, but that is how I feel. I know expressions of faith and such are taboo in public, but I do not care. God bless you all, and keep your head up and stick on the ice...


Thursday, September 11, 2003

Posted by Mark at 11:47 AM


Here is a copy of what I wrote for Weapons of Mass Discussion

I can still remember where I was on that day two years ago. I was in my first year of full-time teaching. It was second block, and I had a crew of Govt. Seniors who had just gotten back from their summer trip. Their trip was to New York and the Twin Towers.

At first, I thought it was a joke when a student came running into the trailer where I was teaching and said to turn on the TV. I thought it was a setup from the office assistants to help their senior friends. However, I turned on the TV, and my world and the world of my students was laid waste before our eyes. It was after both planes had hit the Towers, but before the Pentagon attack.

We watched in horror as they replayed the two impacts over and over. I could feel the anger of my students and my own rising. However, being conditioned to be 'fair minded' I told students to reserve judgement. However, when the Pentagon was hit, and the more we studied the video from the Towers together, it was clear: America was in a war. We quickly found out about Osama bin Laden. These seniors who I were teaching cried openly, and I did my best to comfort them.

Over the next few weeks, they resumed their routines. But all of them, and myself included, would never forget. We had seen the most dastardly attack in history and were waiting to do something about it.

Since then, I have lost my job for being, among other things; too patriotic, too pro-Bush, and for being too concerned for my students (some crime, eh?). That senior class is now in its second year of post high school life. America has had the two greatest victories in warfare in its history, outflanking even the Gulf War of 1991. We have gone farther, faster, than any military in history, with fewer casualties in history. We have liberated two countries under the heel of brutal rulers. We have eliminated many terrorist threats and thwarted hundreds. However, more and more, I feel America is forgetting today's significance.

How are we forgetting? For one, I see fewer and fewere symbols of patriotism, and more efforts at silencing voices of patriotism. I see America falling back into isolation, falling back into self-interest, and falling back into apathy. Today, several people did not even mark the significance, and I actually had to remind them what today was. What a shame!

Sept. 11, 2001 is a date that should be marked. It should be emblazoned on the heart of every American. Are we so stunned we would rather forget than remember and let the battle cry of "Let's Roll!" from Flight 93 go unheeded? I fear that is what is happening, as more people of influence come out against efforts at fighting the war on terror.

Why did we go to Afghanistan? We went because Osama was there, but also to free the Afghans, many of whom fought against Soviet oppression, from the Fundamentalist oppression of the Taliban. We fought to remove that threat from hurting us. And we succeeded. The Taliban was toppled and Osama is on the run. If we had more assistance from France and Germany and the world, perhaps bin Laden would be dead by now. However, we have had to pretty much go it alone in the search, with help from some of our allies.

Why did we go to Iraq? We went to Iraq because with 9/11, the time for idle threats was over. We could no longer simply tell the evil ones that if they did not comply we would threaten to use force. We needed to show the world our resolve in the fight for freedom and democracy. We needed to root out another great ally of terror, the Hussein family. And you know what? Despite the doomsayers who said it would be Vietnam (they said the same about Afghanistan), we have lost so few soldiers, and we have destroyed Iraq's ability to hurt us as a nation. Today, Iraqis have the same freedom of speech that we do, as evidence by over 100 free newspapers being started in Iraq. We have set free millions from the brutal rule of tyrants.

Why mention these things on 9/11? The reason is that we fought these battles in the War on Terrorism to avenge and honor those lost to the attacks. This war on terrorism is the vindication of those deaths, and I can think of few better memorials than a free Iraq and Afghanistan. However, it is more than that. 9/11 changed the rules of the world. It is no longer a battle of nation vs. nation or capitalism vs. communism, or even liberalism vs. conservatism; it is now a battle of civilization vs. evil and chaos. It is no less than a battle for our way of life and the cause of freedom around the world we are talking about. If we turn tail and run now, we are practically spitting on the graves of the victims of 9/11 and also the men and women who have died already in helping to secure the blessings of liberty not only to ourselves and our posterity, but also to the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan. We cannot turn tail and run from terror.

We have been attacked. The sleeping giant has been awakened. We cannot allow ourselves to fall asleep again. Civilization hangs in the balance. Hearing the children of the victims reading their names brought this home: if we want them to grow up more secure and free, then we have to keep on fighting. We have to keep on flying our flags and showing the evil ones that we do not run away under adversity. We do not cower. We strike back, and for those people oppressed we bring food, mercy, and freedom.

Our nation was tested on Sept. 11, 2001. We passed that test. We passed with flying colors as people who had no reason to work together did so. We flew our flags and we said our prayers and we pledged allegiance. Now, two years later, we face a test no less great. We face the test of remembering our duty and pledges to honor the victims and bring justice to the evildoers. We face a test of falling back into taking America for granted, of flaunting our freedoms rather than protecting them, of rolling back instead of "Let's Roll." We must pass this test. Civilization and our duty and honor hang in the balance. We owe no less to the victims and the brave men and women who fought to rescue them. We owe no less to the brave souls killed in fighting for freedom already. We must make sure the final chapter is written with vindication, freedom, and glory; we do not want it written with more terrorism and backing down.

God bless each and everyone out there, God bless our soldiers, defending us here and abroad. God bless the firefighters and police officers and their families, both living and sacrificed. God bless our leaders, and may God always bless the United States of America.


Here is a letter I submitted to be published by my local paper (will update if actually published)

Dear Editor,

As I write this, it is the eve of the 2nd Anniversary of the most tragic attack on America since Pearl Harbor, that being September 11, 2001. I hope everyone can remember where they were and how they felt on that day, and how we all wanted to get at those who did this to our country.
However, I believe many of us have forgotten the feelings of that day. I think lack of reminders and time have lulled many of us into amnesia. I say this because I am shocked at what I read and see and hear from the media about the War on Terrorism. Many people are questioning our President’s ability and resolve in this endeavor. Many of those people point to Iraq and mouth the word ‘Vietnam.’ They complain about the deaths of so many soldiers in Iraq in the last few months and the expense of rebuilding the country. People are turning on our President, in spite of the fact that he has done so much to thwart terrorism.
I believe much of the criticism is not anything but politics. Mr. Bush is a Republican, and the liberal leftists and Democrats are upset because he has followed through on all he has promised, including an improving economy. They are upset that Mr. Bush has remained popular, so they continue to bash him, even though he has delivered on all promises. What saddens me is that so many Americans are falling prey to the dogma put out by those who seek political gain.
What many people do not realize is that this is a different kind of war from any other we have fought. It is a war that will not end on Mr. Bush’s watch as President. It is no less as great a conflict as the fight against communism that we fought in the Cold War from the 1940s until the late 1980s. It was another Republican who made that war winnable, Mr. Ronald Reagan. That President, also, was much maligned as spending too much money and such. However, his tactics worked. The economy improved despite a brief recession, and for a time the world knew that America was vigilant and on guard. The same thing is happening now. Despite the improvement in the economy we can see, and despite the FACT that we have liberated two nations, enemies of the President are trying to undermine national defense for the sake of politics. We cannot let that happen.
Then, however, the US gained a black eye. That, friends, was Bill Clinton. Mr. Clinton was more concerned with hiding scandal and public perception than defending our country. As early as 1993, Osama bin Laden attacked US interests, with the first World Trade Center bombing. Mr. Clinton did not even visit the site where many died and thousands were injured. He did not see the devastation in the garage of the center. Instead, he worried and fretted over the economy and meanwhile, Osama grew stronger. Mr. Clinton was warned time and again, and what happened? Nothing. Osama grew stronger, and we continued to view him as a criminal, not a threat to national security. Mr. Clinton was offered many times bin Laden on a silver platter by the country of Sudan and the country of Qatar. He did nothing. He could have captured the mastermind of 9/11 years before the plan. Yet, he did nothing. However, he still remains a popular, if maligned President. The reason is that the media loved him, and did nothing to show his inadequacies and lack of concern about the threat of terrorism.
Now, some of Clinton’s allies are seeking to get rid of another President. This President actually went to the disaster site, and he vowed to get the animals who struck at us. Mr. Bush met with the survivors of the disaster. He took the time to see the devastation, he felt the loss. He vowed that we would take the battle to the terrorists, and we are doing so. It is tragic that American soldiers die, but they believe in the Commander-in-Chief for the first time since Reagan. These soldiers are committed to the mission and know that we are liberating people who were subjected to rape, torture, and murder. Yes, there are pockets of resistance in ISOLATED areas, but the media and the enemies of national security act as if it is widespread. We are going to have to lose people, and this war will cost money. However, is it not worth it to protect the men, women, and children of America, and the instruments which keep us free? Some have said the war takes money away from other programs. Which is more important, programs or the very security and well being of our citizens? There have been hundreds of terrorist plots thwarted since 9/11 and hundreds of terrorists have been captured. We are winning. However, we must not back away now. We have to support national security, because this is a war we are fighting for no less than civilization and our way of life.
We cannot simply forget the fervor and patriotism we felt in the immediate days after 9/11. We cannot let celebrities who know nothing shape our opinions in that we are doing wrong. We cannot let others tell us that our patriotism is bad and we must now shy away from defending America. We cannot forget that thousands of people’s lives were lost or changed forever. We cannot become so lost again that we will be caught unawares. We must never forget; and we must honor the memories of the victims. The best way to do that is by fighting evil and terrorism wherever it may be across the world. We must tell the world that it is now a time of either being for civilization and progress, or it is a time of being for terror and chaos and evil. The lines are being drawn. Do not let America be caught on the sidelines again. We owe it to the victims never to let down those who gave their lives in pursuit of the American dream.
Now, we are engaged in a war to see which ideas will be advanced: those of peace through strength, democracy, and freedom; or the ideas of chaos and terror. If we let our guards down now, we will let down those brave men and women who have given their all over our long history. We cannot go back. We must go forward and see this through. May God bless our President, our soldiers, and may He Always Bless the United States of America!



"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me....." Psalm 23

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:20 PM


Just got back from Cleveland this past Sunday evening. Wow, talk about working vacation. First of all, let me be clear. I am a normal person, relatively. I went this weekend to my 6th Sci-Fi related convention with the Star Trek Fan club I am part of, the Starfleet Officers Club. We are geeks, to be sure, but not like the stereotypical ones you see in the Saturday Night Live Sketches or such. We work security for the conventions and get some perks like meeting the stars, etc. Well, this weekend was special. Scotty from the original Trek, Mr. James Doohan, was there and it is probably going to be one of his last conventions. He is 85 or so years old and is in failing health. It was an honor to get to meet him, and despite his physical limitations, you could see he still was full of life.

I am the designated water/food/flowerboy at the conventions. Since I usually drive up from the Nati to Cleveland, I have a vehicle ready to go. I have been asked to go get water, to get food, and to drive stars to the airport. Usually no problem. However, this weekend was a mess. No sooner would I be done getting back from ordering food than I would have to go on another run. However, the cool part was that I got a personal thank you from Mr. Doohan, and Ms. Julie Caitlin Brown, a hot and spicy babylon 5 number, gave me a hug. Woohoo!! But, it was nervewracking, and at times I lost my temper.

Back at home now and ready to resume looking for jobs and such. Geez, it royally sucks, but that is what is out there. You have to have political connections to get good teaching jobs anymore. You have to practically be a Clinton Kool Aid drinker to get anywhere in education. However, with recent scholarship about Clinton's foreign policy failures and culpability in 9/11, I am hoping that will change.

On the 'Jane Wyatt" front, she will actually be working in my area for the next couple of weeks and wants to do some lunch during her time in the area. I am sure this is mostly a pity thing, or a I need to vent on my friend thing, and not what I wish it were, that she feels as I do about her. Oh well, we will take what attention we can get from such an amazingly beautiful young lady. I hope I can pull my stuff together and make a move that will win her over; but when you are a total dork who has little experience in the romance dept., it is hard indeed. Maybe I should venture over to Meditiations of a Sweet Jezebel and get some advice......I dunno.

On the WMD front- look for more hardhitting commentary from me. Even though I get labelled as a right winger and a hater, I will not back down. It is about time someone stand up to the liberal establishment, and if it has to be me, then so be it.

Tomorrow will be special editions of both WMD and Mark's Remarks in reflection of 9/11....

Well, that is all for now....Keep your head up and your stick on the ice....

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Posted by Mark at 1:40 PM


Since I will be going out of town on Friday, will probably be my last posting this week.

Idiots of the Week
Johnny Depp- for saying America was stupid while living in France, and saying he wanted to teach his children to dislike America and find it to be a toy. This shows his true colors, how he truly views his adoring fans in America who made him. Of course, supplying the drugs at a club he owned that killed River Phoenix makes him a great role model anyway. He fits in well with the French, considering most of the roles he plays, the snivelling whining complainer/conniver who backstabs for his own profit.

Ed Asner- he called Americans pigs while in Canada. Have you looked at your own wasteline, lately? You are such a hypocrite, and you are so brainwashed by your liberal friends you have no clue what to say. It is sad to see someone who had a career try to get back in business by simply popping off at the mouth. HEY ED, I havent seen Mike Farrell's name anywhere lately either. Grow up, the both of you.

Now, of course, I am sure my liberal buddies will accuse me of being fascist for castigating these idiots. But of course, they have the right to desecrate America and insult it, because even though they claim they don't want to be, they use their rights as American citizens. However, it does not just say liberals and haters have the right to free speech. It is about time that those of us who are pissed off about this hating of America speak up and get our voices out there. But of course, we are not actors or hoity toity types who gripe and moan about everything. We are the vast unwashed who love America and work our butts off. These users simply take our money and then complain about the country and people who made them. It is about time the playing field was levelled. Therefore, if you consider this venomous, too bad. I am sick of people claiming that I am un-American because I call someone who panders to foreign nationals and hates the very country that provides their freedoms un-American. They can spout off all they want, but do not get offended when people call them for what they are: self-loathing, idiotic, ill-speaking, gloryseeking synchopants who are so wrapped up in themselves that they think they know a thing or to. Ed Asner makes no sense when he speaks, and cannot defend his position. Johnny Depp probably could not name the capital of Iraq if you spotted him Baghda_. He is so fried. Grow up, Hollywood! You disgrace us with your hatred of all that makes America great! Renounce your citizenship if you hate us so much! No, because you know America is the best and brightest, and that we are forgiving. However, some of us will not forget.

On a better note, Britney Spears wins our Citizen of the Week. She said that what we should be doing is supporting our President, and trust he and his team know what is going on, since we dont have all the facts for the situation. Check out Weapons of Mass Discussion for the Depp and Spears quotes. Say what you will about her sexuality and presentation of herself, but unlike her peer Madonna, Britney knows what is right. You go, girl!

that is all for now....have a great day and keep your stick on the ice...and your head up.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:18 PM


In order to better get across my point to the readership (probably just me), I am going to create a glossary of terms I might use and have used already, so as to allay any suspicion or apprehension about me or articles.

Liberalista- leftist who would rather hug a tree and caribou than let America become self-sufficient in oil production, or someone who believes in choice for abortion but not in gun ownership, school choice, or religious choice.

Kool-Aid Drinker- someone so indoctrinated that they believe anything from their chosen person or group in spite of incontrovertible proof to the contrary position or argument, i.e.- Clinton is a great president even though he pretty much turned a blind eye to terrorism and taxed the hell out of us. Or, Clinton did not have sexual relations with Monica even though she testified thus and that material on her dress does not necessarily denote sex. Or, Communism can work, dont pay attention to the Soviet disaster.

Clintonista - somone who has drunk the Kool-Aid of the most convenient marriage this side of a QwikiMart. They believe Bill and Hillary can do no wrong, and work to rewrite history to make Clinton out to be more than simply a big liar and adulterer who decimated our defenses and let Osama slip away.

Liberal Elite- the hollywood types, the people who went to Harvard who think that liberalism is the be-all and most inclusive philosophy, but who attack anyone who has a different point of view by calling them bigots, racists, etc. They want control of your money and resources. Also could be called the New Left, who are Anti-American, pro communist, pro taxes, and anti-defense. members of this group include Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, Tom Daschle, Dick Gephardt, John Kerry. These folks pander to their audience and change their values based on polls. That is the dogma of the new left. What do the polls say. The prophets of this new faith are Bill and Hill.

Hollywood Whackjobs- people who have bought into the liberal mentality in Hollywood who actually think they know something about real life. People so hypocritical to call a senator unfeeling and then say that they wish we were in a country where we could kill not only that senator but his family (Alec Baldwin). Someone who says they despise America and are thankful to be out of the country (Ed Norton).

That is all for now...As time goes by, we will discuss more....Have a nice day, and as Red Green says, we're all in this together.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:32 PM


Right now, as I go about surviving this strange realm of unemployment, I find myself philosophising and such. For some background, I was a social studies teacher for the past two years at a rural high school. I was the ENTIRE department. I loved my kids and enjoyed my work. However, last year we got a new administrator. Things went steadily downhill. I tried to meet with the guy all summer, but never around. Never came around my classroom to observe. Told me one thing and did another. Well, after some situations, including one in which a student of mine died and I was not notified, the fit hit the shan, so to speak. In spite of the fact that I was respected by most parents and most students, the elite in the community decided I should be sent packing. So, here I find myself without a job because I cared about my kids. I put them before the establishment. I even got in trouble for giving the kids from the wrong side of the tracks a chance. I was told to give up because they were nothing anyway. Now, I may be a conservative, but I do have enough of the crusader in me to think that teachers should not give up on kids without a fight. But, I was punished for it.

Well, the philosophizing part. I do not know what is in store for me, but I do know that more than ever I need to turn to God. I might not be fully convinced of it yet, but even this whole situation has already been redeemed through God. I may not know how, but it has. I have to keep on with that thought.

Also, I find myself getting toward the end of my 20s and deeply desiring romantic companionship. So, gentle reader, you say, go get it. Therein lies the problem. I have never been one for derring-do, though I speak on bravado. I am, at heart, a total geek and romantic. However, this writer is not Brad Pitt. I, also, thankfully, am not Howard Stern. I am extremely shy when it comes to dealing with females. So, I am in a quandry. There is this girl I have known for a few years, a most Amazing girl. Let's call her Jane Wyatt. Well, Jane is attractive, intelligent, and has great family values and makes me feel like the man I want to be. Well, Jane and I have been friends, and me with an infinite inferiority complex, well, it makes it hard to make the move. Also, I do not want to jeopardize what has been a fun friendship. She is very special to me, though I am sure she does not know how much. I do not know all there is to know about her, but when I am around her, everything seems right. Pretty sad, eh? An unemployed school teacher who is a hopeless romantic and a total social case.

Well, that's me. I do have my church work, where I serve as pastor on a severely part time salary, and I have some of the greatest friends you can imagine, even my 'token' liberal friend (just kidding, E). I know these two guys who have literally saved me from the abyss of my own depression many times, who have told me that I am more than a fat, glasses-wearing, trekgeek, right wing goofass who has no clue; but that I am their friend whom they care about. They are great guys, and I hope that we all get what we want out of life, even that italian rest. waitress D is so fond of. And, no Maestro, I have not forgotten you. You friggin jerkweed, promoting me, sniping me at every turn....thanks man, for all your kind words and for hearing what I am saying behind the bravado and fronts I put up. And on that note, we cue the music.....

Then there is E, my liberal friend. He probably thinks that I have voodoo dolls of him all around, and that I hate his very presence. Well, E is wrong, as liberals typically are (sorry, couldn't resist). I enjoy E, because he sharpens my ideas, he brings a freshness to our dialogues, and even though he can be a nitpicking pain in the ass, he has a tremendous heart and is very concerned about our mutual interests and my two friends mentioned above. If only I could convert him to the right side of the force....He is a great guy, with a good wit and tremendous intellect, and hopefully he will wise up one day and start a family. He doesnt know it, but i think he would do great with kids, as long as he lets me teach them....LOL

Well, here you all out there in internet land thought i was merely one of those psycho radio talk callers who only talked about crazy issues....Well, you were wrong. I can get mushy as well......

From time to time I will post comments/questions and reply.....engage me in dialogue...if you dare....

Posted by Mark at 11:14 AM


Reading and hearing some comments, it seems some people out there think of me as some Buchanan-esque mongerer of hate who wears a white sheet in his spare time. Nothing could be further from the truth, folks. In fact, to be sure, I deeply understand the afflictions and impediments in the way of some people.

However, I have been a little bit too general in my attacking the liberal agenda. Not all liberals hate America, just Tom Daschele, Maxine Waters, Billary Clinton, and most of the ones in Congress. Most liberals besides these New Leftists are really decent, compassionate people. The problem is, they are misguided. They believe in social programming which does nothing but legitimize victimization of people, and start a cycle of dependence. Their hearts are in the right place, I think, most of the time, but they are just wrong. It is ok. I have been wrong from time to time and so have other conservatives. I really do respect the basic ideals non-New Left Liberals have out there, I just disagree in the programs that go with them.

For example, once upon a time Affirmative Action was a necessary evil. Minorites were being held out of jobs across the board. However, nowadays, I like to think we have made tremendous progress, and I believe that we are long past due phasing out hiring quotas and most of the affirmative action idea. Same goes for other programs. Such as illegal immigration. My great grandparents were immigrants. They came here and struggled. I am all for people coming to this country legally, or seeking legitimate political/social asylum. However, those who come here illegally are some of the biggest drains on our economy with their neediness for social programs. We should not give these people drivers licences, we should not give these people id cards, or let them overstay their visas years and years. That is what the 9/11 hijackers did. We need to get tougher on ILLEGAL immigration. I am all for people coming here and carving out their own ways in America. But, we do not need people to come over here illegally, not contribute, and get all sorts of social programming, etc.

The main thing to know about me is that I love this country, I love what we were founded on, and I am not going to sit idly by and watch New Leftists like Daschele and Billary try to tear down what our forebears have spent two centuries or so building up. I believe that right now, we cannot go about bashing our Commander-in-Chief unabashedly and seeking to undermine our defenses when we are in a war where no less than civilization and our way of life is at stake.