Friday, August 29, 2003

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Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr's I have a dream speech. Firstly, lets take a look at that dream today. The black community today is in trouble. Broken homes, drug use, lack of education, crime: all of these have skyrocketed. Why? The reason is because of the sense of entitlement instilled in African Americans by the liberalistas. Liberals have injected self-loathing and hatred into the black community. They have been taught to think they cannot get ahead on their own, that they need big government programs to get ahead. They have been taught to dislike their different colored fellow Americans out there. Why? The reason is that the liberal left saw in the blacks in the 30s and on a community to be exploited and buy their dogma. The liberals promise prosperity if you vote for this program, and what happens? The community has fallen apart. Rap music has gone from being a legitimate form of expression to nothing more than salacious content. It is a shame that liberals are not taken to task for destroying the black community. No, instead many african americans of power follow the liberal propaganda. Even the son of Martin Luther King, MLK III, have lost sight of the dream. King wanted Americans to come together. He wanted blacks to earn their spot. He did not want blacks and white separated by government programs that do nothing but inspire discord between groups. He wanted blacks and whites to be able to hold hands and sing together. However, we live in a very racially charged society brought about by programs like affirmative action, which encourages stagnation, not achievement. Also, liberals encourage minorities to indulge in self-destructive behavior, like unprotected sex, drugs and the like. This keeps them under the liberal yoke. All the while, liberals treat blacks and others like children with: its not your fault, its society, let us make it better for you. That is the liberal lie. They cannot make it better. They only perpetuate the system. They only seek to keep people under the yoke. What is needed is for Americans to come together and abandon these programs that are insults to someone's pride and intelligence, to get rid of the sense of entitlement.

In other topics:

The liberal press attempted to further assault Arnold's chances in California by alluding to more of their right wing conspiracy stuff. They claimed that California Taco Bells were engaging in an election promotion to ruin Grey Davis. The promotion worked like this: if you bought one item, you voted for Grey Davis. If you bought another, you voted for Arnold. Well, of course, the overwhelming majority of items sold were those in support of Arnold. Well, the liberal press said, Taco Bell is acting under orders from their parent company Pepsico, where Arnold owns shares. NEWSFLASH: Arnold sold his stock in Pepsico years ago! This correction did not appear in the articles saying it was conspiracy, but on FoxNews Channel.

I like baseball, and I like my hometown Reds. However, I am growing disgusted with the running of the team. The ownership and administration have lied to us. They stated we would contend once the new stadium was built. What happened? Nothing, still same old losing. Then, they trade our best hitter, some good pitchers, for mostly minor leaguers years away from developing. And they claim it was no salary dump. Then, over the past two weeks they gut the team further in dumping manuevers. They did not need a new stadium to better the team. Uncle Carl Lindner needed the stadium to improve his coffers. Carl Lindner has done a lot for Cincinnati, such as bringing leading heart surgeons to the area and great charity work; however, he needs to do us a bigger favor and either pony up to the table or fold and let someone else have the team who wants to win.

Friday's Freakin' Idiots: Harrison Ford, for blasting US foreign policy over in Spain.
At a safe distance from his homeland, veteran Hollywood actor Harrison Ford launched a broadside at US policy on Iraq, his country's gun laws - and the film industry for producing "video games" for teenagers.
"I'm very disturbed about the direction American foreign policy is going," said Ford, with US post-war casualties having exceeded those during the actual conflict.
This story from the Age linked to the Drudge report

Let's analyze Mr. Ford's statements. He talks about America needing to do something for the disenfranchised in Iraq and other places. WE ARE!!! ITS CALLED THE WAR ON TERRORISM. Liberating them from a mass murderer sounds like good policy to me. Sounds like doing the right thing, but of course, it is better to simply bomb a factory and claim a victory while you are pulling your pants up from a sex scandal (Clinton).

Mr. Ford, who destroyed his own family by taking on relations with anorexic actress Callista Flockhart, who is half his age, also discusses how movies are more like video games and about unnecessary gun violence. I guess getting that stupid earring in his ear made him a thinker now. Mr. Ford, who has consistently starred in movies with a sidearm at your side, and a shoot first ask questions later approach (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Jack Ryan films, Witness, Blade Runner). You are a hypocrite, sir. You are typical of your peers in that you say one thing while your actions go against what you say. I guess in Indiana Jones you are going to talk your adversaries to death. I would actually suggest this because Mr. Ford is older now, and I fear he might break a hip or pull a muscle reaching for his bullwhip.

Mr. Ford, whom I used to admire, has finally crossed over into the typical Hollywood whacko. He thinks simply because people pay to see his movies and he has played foreign policy experts, then he should comment. And, of course, he follows the gutless actions of Jessica Lange, the Dixie Chicks, and others who do this on foreign soil. Shameful! Harrison Ford, you are pathetic. You have proven yourself to be presidential--at least in the Clinton mold. You are carrying on with some toothpick who tells you gray hair and viagra are sexy, you get an earring which makes you look stupid, AND you bash the country that has been so good for you that you never have to work again. Of course, there will be little media backlash because Mr. Ford is a media darling, especially since selling out his kids to go whoring around with binge and purge girl. Mr. Ford, why dont you live in Spain, get out of our country, and never play a patriot again. Why don't you have the guts to say what you feel in America, sir? I think you are typical liberal: say what you will for the audience you have. Also, you showed your true colors. I am disgusted with your actions and attitude. For that, you are the Freakin' Idiot of the Week. Honorable mention goes to Grey Davis, Cruz Bustamonte, and Allen Colmes for being the black eye on the fox news channel.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

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Friends, I hope you had the chance to see or hear Arnold Schwarzenegger's interview with Sean Hannity yesterday. It was a real eye opener. Though I disagree with much of Arnold's social agenda, he was forthright and honest in his answers and showed he had integrity. He appears to have the goals and charisma to make California great again, and I believe that currently he is the best hope for that state. However, his liberal social agenda (pro-choice, anti-gun) is a little distressing. However, in the area that matters to Californa, fiscal policy, he is wholly conservative.

This story from Patti Davis, daughter of President Reagan.

It is an outrage that people are thinking of turning Hinckley loose. Have you seen pictures of the man lately or interviews? He is still wholly insane. And turning him loose in DC? Maybe he still wants to impress Jodie Foster and will try to take out someone else! I thought he should have been imprisoned for life for his crime anyway. Now, the bleeding hearts in charge of his case are asking that he be given UNSUPERVISED visits. It is an insult to the Reagan family that the attempted assassin of a man who ended the Cold War be set free. This animal, Hinckley, should never be allowed to roam free. If this continues, he will be allowed unsupervised visits home and to malls. Do you want an assassin at your mall? This animal has been communicating with Manson, but the hospital did not know it til recently because they did not want to invade his privacy? Give me a break!

Hinckley is an animal. The man has no remorse, no concept of right. He would kill again. He stalked many before focusing on Reagan. Who cares if visits are a component of his treatment. His kind should be put down like the animals they are. The victims' families, the people Hinckley killed and maimed to get to Reagan, like Jim Brady, only recently found out about the Sept. 2nd hearing to get him unsupervised visits. Write to the US district court in DC, write to the US attorneys and tell them you support keeping Hinckley in the nuthouse where he belongs. It will be an outrage and injustice for this commiserator of manson and bundy to walk the streets again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

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August 27, 2003

First, let me apologize for not finishing Tuesday's thoughts. Had a last minute change in schedule that provided for no chance to write. Therefore, we will first be discussing the new Hollywood Blacklist.

One of Us! One of Us!
One of the big myths about the Hollywood blacklists is that Joe McCarthy had something to do with them. That is false. It was the House UnAmerican Activities Committee; Joe McCarthy was a Senator. Another myth is the hardship that the people implicated had to endure, and that all of Hollywood stood up to defend them. Bogus! There is a famous picture of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart that is taken to be the Hollywood delegation coming to the defense of these leftist screenwriters and actors. It is actually the delegation LEAVING after hearing the drivel of one of the pro-Stalinist people they came to support, John Howard Lawson. The Hollywood Ten were sneering liberalistas who wanted to be able to promote communism and pro-Soviet views without being called before Congress. Their friends, Bogart and the like, came under the false pretense of supporting free speech. After a day of listening to Lawson, they left, regretting the whole thing. Lawson was a member of the Hollywood Ten of security risks and communist sympathizers. However, all we are told by the standard history is how these actors and writers suffered at the hands of nazi-like interrogations by the House committee. The Congressional Record tells a different story. Lawson ranted and frothed at the House, calling them Nazis and predicting American Concentration Camps; he even had to be physically restrained. Bacall and Bogart left, seeing these 'free thinkers' for what they really were: pro communists who hated America. They called coming to Washington to support those Hollywood Ten ill-advised, even foolish, and said they were very naive.

What happened to these Hollywood Ten? Well, to hear the liberal propaganda, they suffered mightily. The liberals try to pepper us with their sob stories about this, but what happens? They blurt out the truth by accident. To wit: So called Blacklist Survivor Norma Barzman described her life in 'exile' in Paris: "We had dinner with Picasso every Tuesday night when we were at our country house in Provence. yves Montand and Simone Signoret...were all friends. Plus, we got to work with all the amazing European Directors....It was hard, but it was also the time of my life." Meanwhile, in the country they supported and loved, the Soviet Union, people were dragged to death and off to gulags. All that really happened to the Hollywood Ten was that they weren't allowed to overly infest the already liberal airwaves with their pro-Stalin and Soviet propaganda. Boo-hoo, you could not sell that episode of the Twilight Zone. Darn! People were being slaughtered in a country you called forward thinking.

However, there is a new blacklist. The number of conservatives and actual people who love America in Hollywood is growing. See, predominantly, Hollywood hates America. They hate our strength, they hate our views, and think the citizenry is the vast unwashed. That is the liberal model. The so-called educated tell us what to do with our lives and money, Marx's and Lenin's dream of so-called utopia come true! Leave it in the hands of bureaucrats! Wow, that worked so well for Brook Farm, the Soviet Govt, and even China! Yeah, Cultural Revolutions and Great Leaps Forward for Everyone! That is what they want, and they try to twist our minds to it. See, they think because they are on moving pictures that they actually know what they are talking about. Some actors who have never farmed a day in their life have been called before Congress to talk about Farmers. Why? What the hell do they know? They played a farmer in a movie once? See Ann Coulter's brilliant book Treason for details on the actors' sense of self-importance.

Excuse the rambling. Back to the Hollywood blacklist of today. Right now, it is small. People who came out in support of the war are on it. Hollywood hates wars, because they (the actors) think they should be the only heroes, not real people defending our freedom. However, James Woods and some others have been denied roles now because of their pro-Soldier stance. Nothing Hollywood loves more than protesting. Yay, this is our chance to come up with some ribbon color schemes to go with my Versace! Yeeha! Give me a break. Woods was an honorable man in standing up. Among other celebs blacklisted or made to appear ignorant and unwashed are: Toby Keith, who lambasted the Commie Chicks (excuse me, the Dixie Chicks) when they disgraced our country and President with their talk overseas. Why do they do that overseas? Because they are nothing more than hucksters, appealing to the crowd. Also, Darryl Worley, who sang the song "Have you Forgotten?" has been denied opportunities, but he has ben successful because of us unwashed American regulars who still love our country. Now, the latest persons to be blacklisted are Hollywood Legends: Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mel Gibson, who has been a great action hero and appeared in many soft and cuddly liberal movies like Lethal Weapon 2, The Man Without a Face, Conspiracy Theory; has found Jesus. He has found religion and wants to make a movie on Christ based on the best primary source: The Holy Bible. He has had trouble finding a studio and has had to finance much of it on his own, because we cannot tell the truth about Jesus. No, lets portray the Son of God as a homoerotic character, or as someone who is secretly lecherous, as in the play Corpus Christi or in the film The Last Temptation of Christ. No, we cannot try to make a film that will spread the gospel. Actors are gods, not the Jewish Carpenter. Don't you know better Mel? Didn't ultimate liberal goat boy Danny Glover teach you anything? Take the Kool-Aid, Mel, really. Thankfully, Mel is a firm man and is making the film. Now that they have not stopped production, the liberals are trying to discredit Mel, talking about how his family is and how he treats his kids. Shameful!

The same is going on for Arnold's campaign for governor. Arnold supports Bush, has supported Republicans since he came over from Austria. Liberals hate Arnold because they could use him. An immigrant, he could be used as a poster boy for striking down illegal immigrant statutes. No, he believes in American Citizenship and earning your place, not having it freely given without effort. He is a true American Dream Story, coming over here with nothing but dedication and making it. Liberals hate his loyalty to family. Kennedys will kill each other to get ahead, or sell each other out, but Arnold, probably as a favor to his wife, gave money to the Kennedys' various campaigns over the years, yet his own family is selling him out. Typical. Now, cute and fuzzy liberal spitfire Katie Couric comes on the air the day after Arnold announces his candidacy and begins talking about his Dad's supposed Nazi support, Arnold's own past with women and how he raises his children. Yet, liberals found it shameful we would bring up a President's personal life as a means of judging him. Typical liberal double standard. Lets look at the Kennedys. Womanizing, drug abuse, even covering up a death of an innocent secretary (anyone say, much less spell, Chappaquitick?); yet they are trying to portray Arnold as a Nazi womanizer who is out to destroy California.

I disagree with some of Arnold's politics, and his ideas. But, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt to at least hear what he has to say. Yet, now he is on Hollywood's craplist. Tom Hanks, a man I used to respect, has been trying to destroy Arnold's candidacy, and has vowed to see it through. Washed up has-been hussy Cybill Shepard has spread dark hints of rumors about Arnold. They hate the fact he could actually help the state, and that one of them might succeed in actually making a difference, and that that one is conservative. They fear Arnold could be another Reagan. Heaven help us! Reagan only made california great again, and eventually went on the win the Cold War, which Liberals said would go on forever. Arnold, i want to hear from you. I will not listen to the propaganda.

That's it for now, my hands are tired from the typing. Tune in tomorrow for more truth medicine......

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

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August 26, 2003

There is a lot going on that I want to touch on today. Two subjects I have interests in. One is the Space Program. The other is Hollywood. And, there might be some other things as I type....

The report for the Columbia disaster came out this morning. NASA did a good job covering its tail with their opening salvo of "if we had to write in this report all the good NASA did, then it would be double to triple the size of this disaster report." The report lashed out at the fact that Mission Control went from NASA employees to outside contractors, and that NASA was too concerned with deadlines and budget outlays rather than safety. The report concluded that NASA's attitude was still dangerously close to the poor one revealed during the Challenger Investigation a decade ago. Too many things were ignored in the interests of getting the launch done. Also, the tiles are officially being identified as the culprit of the disaster. The official cause of death for the astronauts was listed as blunt trauma and lack of oxygen.

I think NASA should get an independent commission to refine and oversee its runnings. I also think we should focus on getting back to the moon. The Chinese, the last Communist empire, has set its sights on the moon by the end of the decade. What is going to happen when the Chinese get there before we get back. We sent a man to the moon 34 years ago, and have not been back in 30 years. We could have possibly had a colony there, or been closer to MARS, but instead we went with the cheaper, but oh so limited, space shuttle. The shuttle was an interesting concept, but it is time to either get back to basics and rebuild the Saturn rockets, or it is time to find another way. The International Space Station is years away from serving as a way station for jumps to outer space, and there is still the question of escaping Earth's gravity well. The moon would be a much better staging area, and has materials there for construction, maintenance, and fuel for the ships. We do not want to lose what we won from the Communists, the Moon, to China. We need to get back to space. Think about it. Lots of the things we enjoy today came from space research during the Space Race. Also, in closing on this issue of should we go back, I am going to repeat what I heard from an expert today: We need to get back to space. The society that no longer asks the big questions or seeks out new knowledge and frontiers is doomed not only to stagnation, but to death. Think about that.

that is all for now, later today, I will discuss the New Hollywood blacklist, and the truth about the Hollywood Ten.

Monday, August 25, 2003

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August 25, 2003

I want to discuss some religion today, and why atheism is a religion in and of itself. More and more, in this great land of ours, we are bombarded with talk of how we must cleanse God from our collective consciousness. In Ohio, 10 Commandments displays are torn down because of 1 out of 30,000 people, in Alabama, the whole State Supreme Court thing is going on. Christians, who pretty much founded this country, are being persecuted for their beliefs. It is unconstitutional to set up displays, but it is perfectly ok to light menorahs and set up this Muslim display. I do not think so. The Liberalistas and Feminazi and Clintonistas have misinterpreted our Constitution, and the Liberals have been doing it for decades. In their attempt to set themselves up as the be all, they need to remove God from the position of Almighty. You see, folks, Liberals want to run the show, so God should not be anywhere around, especially the Christian God. You see, they do not want you to think struggling pays off in the afterlife, rather, they would have you believe that you are not building up treasures in Heaven, but that you are being exploited. Liberals do not like having a Supreme Being because it deprives them of authority to tell you what to do with your money, property, even your lives. See, the term liberal is a misnomer. They do not want to liberate. They want to dominate. They want to replace organized religions with the worship of the State. They want us to believe in Government, not God, as the answerer of our needs and prayers.

Does this sound familiar? It should. It reeks of totalitarian communism that we have seen in the old USSR and that still dominates in China. Despite the persecutions in China, Christianity continues to grow. See, liberals don't want to believe in a God that will sit in judgement of their pernicious acts, such as abortion/murder, fraternizing with interns, quickie divorces, and the denial of God. When the liberals wipe out Christianity, who is next? Jews? Muslims? Right now, these folks seem to have allied with Liberals...But I wonder, what will happen when the liberals go after their gods?

Why is atheism a religion? Well, to me, it takes a tremendous leap of faith to believe that God does not exist. There are too many unexplainable things, too many miracles, to say that there is not a Supreme Being. Science cannot unravel all the mysteries. Also, if there is absolute evil in the world, ala Adolf Hitler, then there must be absolute Good, i.e. God. Atheism says cold turkey there is no God. It says we die and that is it. However, to use the traditional atheist argument: do we have proof? Has anyone come back and said, hey, there is no afterlife? Nope! In fact, there are more stories of near death experiences involving an afterlife than simply dying. Therefore, it is a belief system, and religion, in layman's terms, is a belief system. Therefore, it is a religion. However, atheism in this country seems to be protected, while even having a Bible out signifies you as some raving lunatic. Why is that? It is ok for Marilyn Manson and other artists to use the name of God in vain, but I cannot get out there and preach if I want to? I cannot share in my joy of knowing God without being persecuted, but idiots in Hollywood and musicians can denigrate and blaspheme and be protected? Why is that? I thought the Constitution protected all free speech, not just those of liberals. However, you turn the issue on a liberal, and what happens? You get called a fascist. For shame.

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August 25, 2003

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