Thursday, October 30, 2003

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Thursday's TubThumping

Another Day in Paradise....

Subbed at ol high school again and tutored at sylvan last night...very busy day....just had enough time between sub gig and sylvan to post at wmd and a little here.....Hope all is well with you all...

Ducks on Winning Streak, me so happy

The Cincy Ducks came from behind against Chicago last night, beating them in Chicago 3-2. It was the first road win for the Ducks, and their third unbeaten game in a row....(A tie and two wins). I hope this speaks well for the season...Looking forward to games Friday

California Wild Fires

I am sickened and distraught at all the devastation I am seeing...600,000 acres and at least 17 lives lost, not to mention all the property, the memories, etc. To think that all this may have been arson disgusts me....or that even a bit of it is arson.....

But, it brings the environmental issue into focus again....which is more important, the lives of Americans or the lives of EVERY tree? We are facing a crisis in our national parks, where the risk of wild fires, especially out west, is growing exponentially, especially since just in the last 8 years, our government changed its cut policy in light of environmentalists and "treehuggers" as it were....they made it so that there is little cutback going on...Since this action by the government, under the former administration, the devastation and frequency of wild fires has increased.

Even Sen. Tom Daschle, a democrat and Senate Minority/majority leader (depending on who is in control at the moment, and what time period), saw the value of cutting away some of the forest underbrush and some of the trees.....of course, he did not advocate that, it would ruin his standing with Greenpeace, etc. Instead, he negotiated a special codicle that allowed South Dakota to cut back in the Black Hills, in spite of the legislation. He had this added late in a session to an appropriations bill, so as not to foment the environmentalists. It has worked in South Dakota....However, the federal policy has not worked further west.

President Bush wants to change some of the forestry regulations...He wants to allow some cutting back. However, the Dems in Congress hold it and block it, even as this wild fire provides mounting evidence that cutting is the way to go. We are not talking about raping our national forests clean, as some extreme fundamentalist environmentalists have charged, we are talking about cutting back the massive kindling and underbrush that have accumulated because we could never touch a single tree or cut it back. That is plainly stated in the legislation. We are not talking about deforestation, but pruning nature's garden. Of course, even as the West Coast burns, the environmentalists and the D congresspeople allow political special interests to get in the way.....

Well, that is all I am going to write here today, check out WMD more...and check out our WMD store...The link is over at WMD. We are going to be doing some revamping of products....WE GET NO MONEY FROM THIS....all we get is your support by sporting a T-shirt or coffee mug. And the satisfaction of possibly gaining more readers. The Mark's Remarks store is undergoing a snag, but will be up soon...Take care all, and keep your head up and stick on the ice.....God bless you all, and God Bless America....

P.S. Thanks to you Canadian viewers out there...I love Canada, the birthplace of hockey....and thanks for sending troops to Operation Iraqi are our closest and best ally...let's keep it that way, eh? :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

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Sorry, Been Busy Working.....So I will Be Brief on This Wednesday

Not P**sed, just Disappointed

Someone said they had ***** me off, and used a case for being able to make Conservatives angry, to use a more polite phrase than what the liberal used....
I am not angry...I am disappointed...I am disappointed in this person because they have turned a disagreement into a personal crusade, against me...and at times have caused me to say things I would not say...I am disappointed in that, at times, they have been to the point where they did make me angry...I am disappointed that this person continues to take quotes out of context, to continue to demean my position, to demean me personally (big fat idiot) all the while claiming to take the high road...Oh wait, I supposedly don't deserve the high road because I disagree with his position......I wasn't *****, I was disappointed.....

In addition, this person claims I make ignorant arguments, and he is welcome to that opinion...however, I do believe that there is evidence in what I say, as the latest wave of attacks has come after a media blitz of protesting....that is anecdotal, and I have said that. I was just encouraging people to think about how things would be portrayed to our enemies by such actions.... You know, exercising my First Amendment Rights, even my own right to Protest, but I guess if you are conservative you do not have that right.....

Also, this person talks about the light of truth and the country being behind liberals...if that is the case, then why is the President's job approval up in the 50s, why is it that around half the people believe he is reelectable? Why is it that Fox News, that bastion of supposed conservatism, outrates the more liberal CNN? Why is it that talk radio sees more conservative shows than liberals in the top 10 in ratings? Why is it that there are no liberal hosts in the top 10? Why is it that Cuomo, carville, among others have failed, while more people listen to Savage, Hannity, etc.? Just some questions.

This person talks about conservative media domination....if conservatives dominated the media and spun as this liberal says, would we be hearing about things like soldiers charged for brutality, or the daily body counts? Would we be seeing the protestors? I would think that conservatives would shy away from that, but even they present both sides of a story more than liberal television. Again, this comes down to good and bad news, but I have seen only Fox News Channel show as many of the positives coming out of Iraq as negatives.....CNN does not, nor do the other networks. If they were dominated by conservatives, wouldn't they be showing more of the good news? Just another thought....

Overall, I am disappointed because this person takes delight in making people, namely conservatives, angry, and more delight in attacking me....I thought liberals were the open and caring ones....I guess in this case, I was wrong...Oh well...

Hockey This Weekend

Looking forward to hockey this weekend, two games...Friday vs. Grand Rapids and Saturday vs. Syracuse. Syracuse is the farm team of the Columbus Blue Jackets of the NHL, and Grand Rapids is the AAA team of Detroit Red Wings...should be some good games...Hope we do well....Go Ducks!!!!

JW Update....heh..long time since last one

Asked JW to the games...waiting for her reply..probably a negative...but she has said she wanted to go....I have extra tix for this figured I would ask.....

Well, I have to get ready for my other job, tutoring...So, keep your heads up and sticks on the ice....GOD BLESS AMERICA....take care....

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

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More Attacks on Me from Leftists

Well, friends, it happens again. It seems the resident irritant in my vicinity decides to do a hatchet job on what I write again...He conveniently cuts and pastes to his heart's content, and offers little more than equating conservatives with sad...

Friends, you have the right to protest this have the right to hate the president because he does not write as pretty sentences as you, or you think you and your MBA would do a better job, even if you have no vision yourself. You have the right to protest, my question was that people really think about what they are doing....are they really helping the troops they are claiming to want to help?

I do not think so. The liberal slant is that me speaking out against what someone else has to say is censorship. I never said they did not have the right to say it...I was saying that perhaps the forum, the coverage, did not need to be so extravagant or negative. It is a known fact that the North Vietnamese loved to hear about protests against the war....and it indeed emboldened them to run the Tet Offensive, which created the watershed of protesting, which only emboldened them further. Osama Bin Laden himself has used media buzzwords to talk about how weak we are, and how we will run....and all I am saying is that please think about what you are doing...that is all...


I never said it makes you unpatriotic to protest, that it makes you evil...all I said was to think about how others will look at these manuevers and the ramifications it will have on our soldiers in Iraq.....if you think it will not embolden terrorists and not cause harm, feel free...It is my opinion that betweent he sensationalism by the media and the vitriol coming out that gets massive play in the media, that we are emboldening the terrorists, and this can be seen as some of the most recent and most devastating action came after the recent round of organized protests. Anectodal evidence, to be sure, but I think it at least merits consideration.

See, liberals are the ones who use fear, friends. They want you to fear your conservative neighbors, thinking we are all warmongering zealots, that we are heartless, and want to take away rights. Who are the ones who have taken prayer, even voluntary, out of schools? Who are the ones who refuse to acknowledge the rights of babies growing in mothers' wombs? Who are the ones who want to only let criminals have arms? It is not me, nor is it the bulk of conservatives. It is the liberals who seek to control all that is heard and said, as if they do not already with most of the media outlets.

According to some liberal who has nothing better to do than hatchet job my blogs, argue and moan, who supports people with no vision, and who has failed the mutual respect test of friendship, that is all he can do...for some reason he has a personal vendetta against me, and I grow weary of it. I have quit talking to him, have quit communicating, but yet here he comes again....ready for a fight, taking words out of context and putting words in my mouth......

Of course, what do you expect from a liberal? The media makes these protests, which were not that many in numbers, out to be some massive undertaking, which does provide aid and comfort to the enemy....They know they are winning when we want to turn tail and run. It is not about following Dubya or Clinton or anyone else...It is about following our principles of protecting freedom and justice around the world.....of course, you cannot do this if you don't think like a liberal, to them, or bow at the UN.....It is a shame that this person seeks to say shame on you, shame on you, but refuses to see how ridiculous THEY sound when they rant against merely another opinion.

So again, I urge all Americans, unlike this idiot, who wanted to boycott ME, a conservative, I urge all Americans to write to the soldiers and show your support of them, if not the war......

Thanks, and have a great day......

Monday, October 27, 2003

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Yes, It IS Your Right...BUT....

You should use a little bit of common sense, and think these things out. Protesters gathered in Washington DC and in other areas in the country this weekend to protest our involvement in Iraq, and to call for the immediate withdrawal of troops. These people are not thinking, or have been totally swayed by the dogma of pandering is why....

1. Folks, you may be exercising your First Amendment rights, but you are also providing Aid and Comfort to the Enemy....Do you not realize your pictures of you so vehemently protesting are seen by the enemy, that they think all America feels the way you do, even if polls show otherwise.....They look at the sound bites, and they see people like Matt cited over at WMD (check it out) and they see America as being disjointed and weak. You, gentle liberal protestors, are strengthening the enemy, by providing them with positive feedback. Their attacks are working, they think....they can get their way by attacking more. If you chart out the escalation of attacks, you will see it coincides with the more vocal Bush Bashing and protesting, especially of the liberal hollywood elite. Folks, I am not saying you do not have the right, YOU DO. What I am saying is that you need to realize the ramifications of your actions. You are giving the terrorists ammunition and determination. Think about that a bit, please, before you do what you do.

2. You are demoralizing the troops. You are taking their mission and demoralizing them. You are being totally negative, why don't you take that energy and support our troops, try to lift their spirits.....You are going to vietnamize this war to a point where the soldiers will be getting totally negative......I do not understand why our voices have become so shrill, with simple lip service being paid to supporting the troops.....why not write the troops and show your support for them, why not instead of protesting and providing those negative images, you write your representatives in Congress and otherwise.....No, instead you are presenting an image to these troops of Americans hating them and their mission, of forgetting the people behind the mission.....Think about that a bit...won't you?

3. I AM CALLING ON ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS, PLEASE WRITE OUR TROOPS AND EXPRESS YOUR SUPPORT OF THEM, if nothing else...even if you do not like Bush or anything else....look up addresses and such, and mail things them in the fullest, even if you dont like the war or bush...because they are our brothers and sisters and friends and loved ones, and we dont want them losing focus......

Please, I urge you, write to our soldiers and voice support....Do not take to the streets in protests to drum up terrorists....that is what you are doing...Al-Queda loves to see these young, ignorant college pups say "hey hey hey ho...we gotta go" or emboldens them...

Think about this....We have taken the fight to the terrorists. We have them so occupied with things over there, that they have not been able to get anything going over here.....think about that.....really.....We have taken the fight to them...Is that not better than waiting for the next attack, for allowing them to attack over here...???? Just think about that the next time you feel the urge to provide aid and comfort to the enemy....

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A Little Perspective on the "Massive Deficit"

$374 Billion Dollars!!! That is outrageous! That is intolerable! That is what you see the liberals spewing right now.....Of course, as with all things, they do not give you the full perspective......

Consider, when going into debt, your assets reflect on how deep "in it" you are. If I say I have a 10,000 dollar loan or deficit, you are going to be picking your jaw off the ground, in shock. However, when I say I am worth $300,000 dollars, it is not quite so bad, and that has to be factored in, the amount of assets and wealth the nation has...or as we call it, the GDP, or Gross Domestic Product. They claim this budget is the largest in history, and in pure amount of money, they are right...But as a percentage of GDP, the true measure of wealth, they are, as always, dead wrong. We are in a deficit that is less than 3% of our total wealth. This debt is only 3% of what we are worth....World War II, we were in a debt of well over that, as a percentage of our GDP, so therefore, we are not in as much trouble as we were during the Depression, or during WWII. Wow, we are fighting a war on two fronts, and pursuing prescription benefits, and it is only putting us in debt at 3% of our total wealth and assets? To me, that is some deal......Of course, liberals did not want you to have that information, and since I don't have an MBA, I am sure they will say that I am wrong....even if I did get my facts from the government itself.....oh well...decide for yourself.....

Posted by Mark at 10:00 AM

To Respond to Childish Namecalling in a Way they Can understand: It only reflects on you...or, I'm Rubber and You're Glue....

Here we go again

Someone out there, they have decided to namecall, calling me "a big fat idiot." (Of course, their lame defense for this transgression will be, 'I was only quoting Al Franken'.) I am not buying it. Call me fat, I am indeed overweight. Call me big, again, I guess I am. Call me an idiot, now that is just wrong. Why is it when you respond to liberals, even using their own format so they can understand it better, they resort to namecalling? And, I thought liberals were the inclusive and progressive party? Making fun of someone because of a weight problem? Doesn't seem inclusive to me.

I have been accused of namecalling, but this is a new low. I have never called this person names or been insulted by them as much as this latest attack...and for what? Because we disagree on politics? Because I used his "writing style"? How petty.....Further illustrates my point. I am not going to fire back, because I have more respect, even for past friends, than obviously this person had. I am not going to sink to that level, of petty name calling, much less quoting from a Book built on insults and lacking substance and ideals.

So, LE, feel free to call names, to be as shrill as little Al would tell really doesn't matter. Namecalling is always the last resort of fact, it seems today it is their only resort and tactic.

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Another Manic Monday

Had Great Weekend....

Had a great weekend, missed sitting in with the guys at OG on Friday, but I did watch an entertaining Ducks hockey game. The Ducks tied the Milwaukee Admirals, 3-3, with surprising steady goaltending from newcomer Eddy Ferhi. Also, aged Defenseman Todd Reirden has really stepped up his play, doing quite well....On Saturday, the Ducks unveiled their new 3rd jerseys (all the rage in the hockey world right now, these fashion statements)which looked quite good. The Ducks rocked the Grand Rapids Griffins, the farm team of the vaunted Detroit Red Wings, 4-1 behind excellent goaltending from the man, Ilja Bryzgalov. Also, Cory Pecker, of Peckerhead fame, scored a goal and played well. Things are going well....and hopefully the team can continue to do well....

Jeremy Stevenson Update: He Signs back with Predators!!!

My friend Jeremy Stevenson, late of the Minnesota Wild, was claimed off waivers by his former club, the Nashville Predators. Jeremy played there parts of two seasons, and was in their organization with the AHL Milwaukee Admirals. He has played in two games with Nashville, so far he is scoreless, but he does have a +1 rating, meaning he has been on the ice when goals are scored, etc. Good Luck, Jeremy!!!!

Sad News from Church

At church, we had many praises and prayer requests. There are two I want to share with you. One is for a little infant named Logan. I did not know it at first, but Logan's dad went to high school with me. Logan was born with a heart condition, and they had to put some type of shunt into his heart. Well, then the area acquired an infection and now his veins and arteries are collapsing. Please hold this little baby in your prayers, I ask. On the outside, he looks like a normal, healthy baby. However, the situation is grave, and specialists are being flown in from all over.

Another one deals with a child and Leukemia. Hayley is a youngster, around 3, who is undergoing chemo. She was holding up pretty well, but now the chemo is taking its toll. Please hold her up in your thoughts and prayers and ask for strength for her and the family in this difficult time.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Posted by Mark at 4:24 PM

Who Are the Real Whiners?

The liberal elite are so sanctimonious, and only care about power and their own agenda, not what is the best interests of the country. I hadn't said that in a while. It felt good.

Why are the liberal elite this way? They are bitter that most Americans still rate George Bush as trustworthy and his job approval rating is going up. (But wait, supposedly only conservatives ignore polls that don't agree with their positions, but most polls show most Americans think Bush has done enough to be re-elected, yet liberals out there refuse to acknowledge this, and come up with polls of their own.)

Why? Because it shows them for being the self-important, whiny, little haters of individuality that they are.

Why? Because I can, and I am right.

Liberals today are just angry people. No liberal has yet come up with the answer to the challenge of fighting terrorism. NO liberal today has come up with what their alternative to the current progress in Iraq would look like. None of them have a plan. They lack ideals. Why? It is becaue they are the true conformists. If you have a look at the new book, "a national party no more" by a democrat member of Congress, you will see how the Democrats are the true people who close doors to diversity. They are the ones blocking putting an African American woman on the federal bench because she has divergent views from them.

Speaking of diversity, that is another tact the liberals use to haunt conservatives. Liberals, you are the ones who consistently label people, one way or the other. You are the ones who want to cause racial divisions, and you instill personal apathy and self-loathing with your government agendas. When you say things are hopeless to people enough, they will believe them, especially if you are equally forthcoming with, "it is ok, let someone else do it for you." That is the liberal way, to make us all servants and beholden to the government.

Does that mean that all government programs are bad? Certainly not, but they are abused too much, and cause too many people to give up instead of find a better way. They cause people to divide themselves more, instead of bringing us together. Conservatives acknowledge we are different, that there are a myriad of different voices out there, different cultures, but conservatives choose to believe that first and foremost we are all people, and we are all Americans. Liberals want to place labels on you so they can create a struggle of the supposed haves vs. have nots. For the liberal power elite, it is all about dividing people, dividing so they cannot get together and find their own way. Better to have them dependent on the government dole, better to have them dependent on the beneficient masta of the liberal government. Hmm...I think we have been down this path before, and we didn't buy it then, we fought a war between ourselves over it.

Whine Whine Whine.

Get money to help pay off the war, they whine. Get UN support, they whine. Use their own intelligence, they whine. What is it, do you just like to be shrill and hostile, liberals?

Liberals refuse to see how it is them who are destroying the morale of our troops, with the bias in the media about how things are going. Many returning GIs I have visited with say they are sick of it, and many are feeling concerned about a Vietnam effect. Our media are destroying our soldiers, and that is unacceptable. OF course, some liberals out there would like to show you caskets of our soldiers, but if you bring up the caskets of the 3000 murdered on 9/11, or at the USS Cole, they will tell you you are dwelling in the past.

Whine Whine Whine.

Liberals out there blame poor intelligence, but when you explain it was their President who cut human intelligence and intelligence capabilities, they say you are dwelling in the past. They say that we should already have bin Laden, but when you say it was their President who could have had bin Laden on a silver platter several times, they say you are just complaining.....I call it giving the causes of our current situation, but spin and whine away they do.

Whine Whine Whine.

They call it dwelling in the past or censorship when you speak out against a program that tells blatant and admitted lies about an American President, yet they then turn around and try to censor people who disagree with them, by calling them ignorant, stupid, or uneducated...Well, maybe unindoctrinated, they mean....but hardly uneducated......Ronald Reagan brought us into sustained growth, and it was through lowering taxes that he did it.....not in taking giving us more to spend, it brought more to the government and more to prosperity, but liberals like to keep us dependent, because then they can pat themselves on the back more.....

Whine Whine Whine....

Liberals like to complain, but simply put: they have no ideas. They talk about economic depression, when there is recovery. They talk about quagmire, but it is of their own creation. They do a lot of talk, but all they want is power and your money. All they want is to create a place where their govt. is all powerful, and we just go along. They are the true quashers of dissent. Don't let anyone fool you. Of course, if you agree with them, protest away, if not, well, you are ignorant and misinformed. You need to wake up.

Whine Whine Whine....

Liberals talk about the environment, then they wont allow wind farms on their beautiful scenic overlook. They talk about free speech, but call people stupid who use it to disagree with them. They call people who disagree racist, they call them the rich, they call them ignorant. Who is intolerant now?

Whine Whine Whine.......

Well, liberal elitists are the ones who need to get a clue, the liberal elite and those who follow them blindly. I am not talking about those who are reformers, who are truly peaceful and progressive; not merely using progressive as a buzzword. Those who follow in shrill tones and have nothing on their plates but taking our money and hating Bush. What a shame that they would jeopardize national security and safety of our troops for their own gains.....

Whine Whine Whine.......heck, have the French pass you some cheese and truffles to go with that stuff....

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Hockey on the Horizon....

Well, this weekend exposes me to 2 ducks games. I was beginning to suffer from withdrawal. The team has not fared well since its great home opening win. Maybe the home cookin will get them going again.

Massive Research at WMD--UN is hopeless

Over at WMD, I have just completed an article on the UN, in observance of the lame holiday of United Nations Day, detailing its miserable failures in peacekeeping, and warning of them taking control over Iraq. Feel free to take a look see.

Wow...UN Day...Big Whup....

Yay, it's....UN Day? What, are we supposed to borrow our neighbors' children, send them into a combine, and declare it a victory for peace? Then blame others for our failures? Is that how to observe this day, because that is standard procedures for the UN. This place has fallen far from its lofty goals and ambition, especially with allowing Libya, Syria, and Cuba to be involved in Civil Rights Commissions. Come on, they violate them on a daily basis. And don't forget, you are allowed to be bribed, as long as no one is looking when you give the warlords food for the needy. Enjoy your day, UN nobodies.

Baseball...Go Fish!!!!

The World Series took a dramatic turn, with the upstart Florida Marlins taking a 3-2 edge in the series...Could this team of youngsters beat the much ballyhooed Yankees? I hope so, not becaue of a raging hatred of the Yankees (I like Clemens, Jeter, Bernie, Mussina, Posada, and Petitte), but mostly out of love for Jack McKeon, who should still be managing the Reds, but he wasn't enough of a yes man for former GM Jim Bowden, who should be pelted with rocks and insults. If you see Jim Bowden, ask him where the contention was this year that was promised? Ask him where the big free agents he promised are? Ask him where our world series rings are? Well, one answer might be...they're in Florida. Under Jack McKeon the Reds went through a renaissance. Under Bob Buffoone, they returned to the Dark Ages, and even now are in a malaise. Thanks for those genius moves, Jimmy Boy! Go Jack Mak, Go Jack Mak!

TV Stuff

Watched Treat Matrix last night with friends. Interesting show, good story, about a stolen jet being used as a weapon, but the resolution amounted to a contrived Scooby Doo ending....Instead of "I would have succeeded if it wasn't for you kids and your dog" it was "that's Africa, baby." Cheesy. Kind of dampened what was a compelling and riveting story.

Also, I continue to urge people to write, email CBS and complain about this mini-series about the Reagans. Matt Drudge is on top of this one, as he has obtained the video of the series and called it basically a bunch of lies and the most hateful assault on a conservative he has ever seen. Do not let Mr. Streisand (Jim Brolin) and his husband barbra get away with purveying this crap. Write to advertisers to put pressure on CBS not to air this drivel. They only want to do this because it is an election year, and because finally, Reagan is finally getting some of the due he deserved, and liberals hate to be shown wrong. So, they go after a man who cannot now defend himself. Ronald Reagan stood up for America, now is America's time to stand up for Ronald Reagan!!!!! Remember, this man was responsible for the greatest peacetime recovery in history, by lowering taxes; remember he won the Cold War by taking a winning attitude, not an appeasing one. Remember, he brought pride back to America. He created more jobs than Bill Clinton, and under him, we actually had a manufacturing sector!!!!

Write, call, or email CBS immediately!!!!!!!!And get their advertisers as well!!!!!

Well, enough for today...take care all, God bless....Keep your head up and Stick on the ice!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

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Just noticed I got a hit from the Russian Federation...Wow, thanks for stopping by.....hope all is well in your homeland....


Posted by Mark at 12:15 PM

Business Picking Up.....

Less Time to Blog.....

Sorry ladies and gents, if anyone still comes here, for lack of consistent blogs lately, as I have been working more and more. This is a good thing, as I now can have more MONEY to do the things I want to do, and to get repairs and upgrades I need taken care of done. As a result, you may not see this updated as frequently as it once was. But take heart, (if anyone still there), that I will continue posting when I can, AND, I will focus, (as My friend Matt has had to do at times) on WMD. WMD will take priority in blogging, so feel free to check out my thoughts over there.

The Assault on Conservatism

Friends, Conservatives, even moderates like my friend Matt, are under attack in this country. Now, I am not talking about some of the whackos like Pat Buchanan or Pat Robertson. No, I am talking about mainstream conservatives and our beliefs.

More and more, we are being portrayed as vengeful, evil people. Look at all portrayals on the West Wing, for instance. The Republican who briefly held power there (played by John Goodman), was written as not a good person. More and more, conservatives are under attack. Here are some examples.

We are not allowed the same religious rights as others. While others can put up menorahs or kwanzaa candles or such, Christians cannot seem to be allowed to put up religious displays. More and more, this freedom is being denied us. Why? Could it be that liberals are afraid of a religion that emphasizes personal responsibility for actions? Could it be they do not want us worshipping God but government?

If we even identify ourselves as conservatives, our views are ignored. Liberals are supposedly the open minded people. Why is it they refuse to listen to or even think about conservative positions, except to attack? If liberals are so open minded, why is it they are holding out a highly respected and qualified black woman to the federal courts? Of course, she is a conservative, so she must be a sellout to her people. They ruined the chances of Miguel Estrada, even though he was the highest qualified person the Bar association had screened.

Liberals are allowed to trash our country, our leader all they want. They can burn flags, they can call our President a gang leader, they can call America shameful or say they hate what America is doing. However, when conservatives quit buying these people's products, we are labelled as close-minded, as racist, ignorant, or misinformed. Why is it liberals are free from the responsibility of their statements? When a conservative makes a mistake, people are encouraged to ridicule them, to quit listening to them, or quit buying their products. However, do that to a liberal and you are labelled as hateful, spiteful, etc. It could never be that you actually do not like the comments, and it has changed your views about the celebrity/person who is selling the product, that you do not care to support such views. NO, it can never be that. It is just because you are ignorant, according to liberals.

See, that is the ultimate insult of the liberal mindset. They claim to be all about helping those less fortunate than them, etc. However, what do they do to help? They call those who disagree with them the vast unwashed, make people dependent on government programs, like a junkie to a dealer, and instill cycles of poverty and dependence in neighborhoods.....Are their policies truly helping, or is it maintaining the status quo of poverty in neighborhoods? Yet, if someone rose out of poverty and made something of themselves, they are called sellouts because they did not need liberal help. Is that really helping?

It just makes me ill the sanctimony of the liberals, who think they are smarter than you and me, the vast public, that we have no clue, that we want to be junkies taking their addictive programs. They are killing our country by instilling apathy and instilling an attitude of no responsibility. Say something stupid, as long as it is pro-liberal, and you are protected. Make someone be held accountable, and you are close minded and petty, unless you are attacking a conservative.

Who are the truly close-minded people now, I wonder? The liberal elite, and those who think like them, who use their own wealth and prosperity to hold themselves up, while sniping at others for being well off...etc.

I am not saying that we cannot be friends with liberals or democrats. One of the young people I treasure in my life as a friend of my sister is a democrat. She at least is not as far left as the whackjob 9 running for President. You can be friends with liberals, you can be neighbors, you can take them to dinner. A lot of them are truly caring people. HOwever, they have failed to take charge of the movement, and now all that is in charge is a group of hate filled, angry folks who have no vision. Liberalism has lost its vision, and that is what saddens me. They have no vision for Iraq, no vision for fighting this fight against terror, and yet they claim they know conservatives have it wrong, that George W. has it wrong. The liberal leaders are all about power: folks like Terry McAullife, Daschole, Hillary, Bill, and the Nincompoop 9. They care not for anything but being in power and taking more of your money. They hide behind that equal distribution, etc., but it is a farce. Be friends with liberals, maybe we can then work together for America, but right now their leaders have it wrong, their ideas right now just are not in America's best interests, and they have no vision. I would not recommend dating them, as they could corrupt you (thanks to Sean Hannity for that line).

Just some thoughts.....

May have to OG tonight....

As Friday will be very busy, I think I am tempted to do my Friday ritual with friends on Thursday, so we can at least fellowship together for a while. I spend a lot of time with these guys, not because they are my only friends, but mostly because they are always there, when I need a lift. We all understand each other, and we all share some common ideas and pains.

Listen, people

...Stand up to the destruction of America. Do not let yourself become apathetic and dulled to the attacks on our values by the liberal media and elite. Stand up and be counted. Do not let the sensationalist negatives outweigh the positives. Think about one of the past Century's truly Great Presidents, Ronald Reagan. During his admin, the marginal tax rates were lowered, and the economy went up and we had the longest peacetime sustained growth in history. And, government revenues actually went up, because even though the tax rates were lower, people were making more money, and thus were getting more to the government, even if taxes were lowered. Also, Reagan destroyed the Soviet Union, when he came to office, most Americans were used to the idea of it being around forever. Reagan changed all that.....he planned for victory, because he had a vision for the future, with a free Russian people and EAstern European people. And he did not let things deter him from the vision.

We have a similar president now. He is staking everything on winning this war, just as Reagan staked everything on the tax cuts and fighting the Soviets. We need to stand behind him as we did with Reagan. The reason the whole Reagan series is coming out now is an attack on Conservatism, to present it as not having a heart, to present it as not being the ideals of prosperity, but that is what we are. We need to remember our accomplishments, and defend them, and see the vision through. Just as American pride and prosperity was at stake then, it is at stake now.

Well, enough soapboxing for today.....Keep your head up and stick on the ice....God bless you all, and May God Bless America!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Posted by Mark at 10:40 AM

If it's Tuesday, it means I survived another Monday

In Memory......

One of my childhood staples died this past Sunday. For those of you who may not know, I watch pro (read fake) wrestling, though I do not enjoy it as much as I used to. All the ubersex and violence have gotten out of control. Well, one of the staples from the good ol days died of an apparent heart attack at age 46. I am speaking of Road Warrior Hawk, of the most legendary tag team, the Legion of Doom, the Road Warriors. Along with his partner the Animal, these guys blazed a trail of intimidation and success wherever they went. Hawk had struggled with drug problems in recent years, endemic of the wrestling profession. It is sad to see, because he left behind many friends, family, and fans. Godspeed, won't quite be the same without you.

Another Liberal Hatchet Job

Over at the Drudge Report, you can read a story about the new CBS movie about the Reagans. I urge people to boycott this film. It is a liberal hatchet job on the Great Communicator. They mention next to nothing about his accomplishments as President, and instead play to the misconceptions of him napping and forgetting, and play the usual Nancy as psychowife stereotype. It should have been clear to me when they cast Jim Brolin, wife, er, husband of uberliberal Barbra Streisand, to play Reagan. This whole story is told from a liberal slant, as the directors and producers are known contributors and friends of Bill Clinton and the DNC.

Why are they doing this? Well, with the publishing of Reagan's letters, and with the realization of all he stood for and believed, the liberals feel they need to hatchet away at the man's character, especially since he can no longer defend himself. It is a typical liberal tact, to make a movie making up dogma and garbage about someone, and claim it to be gospel truth (Oliver Stone's JFK and Nixon are prime examples). It is a shame that liberals feel so insecure about themselves that they have to try to revise history. These producers and directors, and the stars should be ashamed of themselves, but alas, liberals are never ashamed of anything, whether it be encouraging terrorists, partying with Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, or getting caught obstructing justice and cheating on your wife for the billionth time. They are shameless, and they seek to tear down a good and honorable man who helped us win the Cold War and brought us out of the Carter malaise of the 1970s. It is shameful what they are doing with this hatchetjob.

Barely Surviving

Man, this head cold is killer....Sylvan had the great idea of giving me a girl fresh into the program, and also having me teach math last night for the first time solo, so my head was spinning. It was horrible, I could hardly think....but I made it, through the grace of God. Prayer is a wonderful thing. Shame we can't do it in schools without lawsuits or anything. Today I am getting through, taking it a little easy, as I have a meeting with some folks later this afternoon...Have to be ready and mildly coherent.

Hockey Uniform Madness

It seems that the NHL is wanting to be a marketing mogul. Pretty much all teams have unveiled alternate jerseys, ala baseball's alternate hats or throwback attire. This year, a few teams have debuted their new looks. Here is a rundown, for those who care :
Minnesota Wild: one word....UGLY!!! They tried to go with the throwback, traditional look of say the early Chicago Blackhawks, but that weird red, and the other colors just say BLEAGH!!!!
Columbus Blue Jackets: Wow, great logo. The center crest is cool, the colors are all great, and it looks very star spangled, so I have to like it. Excellent choice. I say they make it a regular uniform and get rid of one of their others. It is fantastic, and a great patriotic feel to it
Dallas Stars: This jersey has red on it, even though the Stars colors has no red. OK, I can get past that, because the Bull logo on the chest looks cool. The Jersey is black, with a green bull, with a star for an eye, and red stripe on the arms. It is a really nice looking jersey, and seems relatively original.

By far Dallas and especially Columbus did good jobs, Minnesota, try again! Later this year Anaheim will be unveiling new jerseys, but they better unveil some wins before that!!!

Well, folks, that is all for today...I have bored you enough....Please do not watch the Reagan hatchet piece, and I urge everyone out there to write their stations in protest of this obvious liberal propaganda piece. Shameful!!!!

Until next time, keep your head up and stick on the ice.....God Bless you all, and God Bless America!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:39 PM

The Ant and the Grasshopper, Modern Style

Read this morality tale, sad part is it probably would be that way with the ignorant liberals out there......Here is the link.

Of course, the liberals think the Grasshopper is oppressed because as we all know, it is to their advantage to set up class struggles and mutual hatred in America. This works great for the hate mongerers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and most of the Liberal Elites.

Posted by Mark at 12:36 PM

More Humor

More humor from that conservaphobic site...of course, it is humorous because a lot of liberals believe this crap....

How to be a Good Democrat...

1. You have to believe the AIDS virus is spread by a lack of
federal funding.

2. You have to believe that the same teacher who can't teach 4th
graders how to read is somehow qualified to teach those same
kids about sex.

3. You have to believe that guns in the hands of law-abiding
Americans are more of a threat than US nuclear weapons
technology in the hands of Chinese communists.

4. You have to believe that there was no art before Federal

5. You have to believe that global temperatures are less
affected by cyclical, documented changes in the earth's
climate, and more affected by yuppies driving SUVs.

6. You have to believe that gender roles are artificial but
being homosexual is natural.

7. You have to be against capital punishment but support
abortion on demand.

8. You have to believe that businesses create oppression and
governments create prosperity.

9. You have to believe that hunters don't care about nature, but
loony activists who've never been outside of Seattle do.

10. You have to believe that self-esteem is more important than
actually doing something to earn it.

11. You have to believe the military, not corrupt politicians,
start wars.

12. You have to believe the NRA is bad because it supports
certain parts of the Constitution, while the ACLU is good
because it supports certain parts of the Constitution.

13. You have to believe that taxes are too low, but ATM fees are
too high.

14. You have to believe that Margaret Sanger and Gloria Steinem
are more important to American history than Thomas Jefferson,
General Robert E. Lee or Thomas Edison.

15. You have to believe that standardized tests are racist, but
racial quotas and set-asides aren't.

16. You have to believe Hillary Clinton really stands for

17. You have to believe that the only reason communism hasn't
worked anywhere it's been tried is because the right people
haven't been in charge.

18. You have to believe conservatives telling the truth belong
in jail, but a liar and sex offender belongs in the White House.

19. You have to believe that homosexual parades displaying drag,
transvestites and bestiality should be constitutionally
protected and manger scenes at Christmas should be illegal.

20. You have to believe that illegal Democratic Party funding by
the Chinese is somehow in the best interest of the United

Posted by Mark at 12:32 PM

Are You Conservaphobic?

Found this great piece at a humor it is

Conservaphobia: noun. The fear of the American conservative
political movement; often based on unfounded stereotypes and

Are YOU Conservaphobic???

1.You've never really listened to Rush Limbaugh because you're
already sure that you disagree with practically everything he's
ever said.

2.You refer to liberal Catholics, Protestants and Jews
as "people of faith" but conservative Catholics, Protestants
and Jews as the "religious right" or "radical religious right".
(Maybe you have a thing for alliteration too.)

3.You think all white Republicans are racists and all black
Republicans are sellouts.

4.You are a champion of first amendment rights except in public
school classrooms and in front of abortion clinics.

5.You're glad you're not a Republican because after all, they
want to starve school children and senior citizens.

6.You actually think that "liberal" and "progressive" are

7.In your opinion, a government donation to the poor is somehow
more effective than yours would be.

8.You only listen to and respect the views of "open-minded"
people who think like you do.

9.You blame society's problems on "religious fanatics"
and "corporate greed", never on the irresponsible behavior of

Posted by Mark at 11:56 AM

This stinks....

My friend Jeremy Stevenson, who played for the Minnesota Wild, was waived yesterday by the team. That stinks. Jeremy was a big impact last year for the Wild, and was expected to be a force this year. However, since Minnesota's leading scorer from last year is holding out, the team decided to groom young rookies to take over, and Jeremy has been squeezed out. If no other team claims him by Wednesday, at 11 a.m., he will be sent to the Wild's AHL (triple A level, to all you baseball types out there) team, the Houston Aeros.

I am really sad for Jeremy. Just when he is making himself a role, it is taken out from under him. However, Jeremy has a great family, great fans, and a great attitude. He will be fine.....Good Luck, Jeremy, hope Minnesota sucks without you, and hope they have to call you back up soon, or at least, you catch on with another team in the NHL and you play well there, and stay up in the bigs!!!! You da man!!!!

Posted by Mark at 11:10 AM

Monday, yeeuck!

Well friends, another "indian summer" in Ohio, and yet another cold for me.....yuck! Sneezy, coughy throat, stuffed head.....oh well, it could be worse....

Church Feast

Had a great time after church this sunday at our chili supper. The chili spaghetti was outstanding, and the fellowship was great. Got to talk to some folks who hadn't been coming due to work constraints. Isn't it amazing that in a country that is supposedly SO conservative and Christian, more and more, people are being forced to work on Sunday and miss worship time? I wonder how liberals will explain that.

SubWork, Sylvan, picking up

There may be gaps in my posts here, as I may at any time be called away to sub at a school, or i might have to work at sylvan. I will be devoting the bulk of my blogging time at those occaisions to WMD, working with my friend Matt.

Great Time at OG....a godsend

After a long time of missing, Tom has come to OG two weeks in a row, and my past post OG indigestion continues to be a memory. There is a great deal of comfort in just sitting around a table with friends and talking....not having to do this and that, or go here, or buy that. It is fun, though I did want to get out and buy that PBS Ronald Reagan DVD, and the new Mandy Moore album of cover tunes. What can I say, the girl has a voice, and who can pass up 263 minutes of the Great Communicator?

Tom, all jokes about him aside, and his sarcasm aside, knows when to hit on deep truths. We talked about some issues, that I have been dealing with, and he helped me immensely. It is nice to know what a true friend can do.....You know, all of us og regulars seem to be less stressful lately and more apt to communicate freely. It must be the influence of Sly Sam, the new waitress at OG....she is hilarious, and seems like a great foil to our usual waitress, Dana, the best waitress in the world. Just ask another OG regular about that.

Well, all I am gonna post for now...For the usual political discourse and my own witty and wry commentary, check out WMD. Until I ramble again, keep your head up and stick on the ice....God bless, and God bless America!

Friday, October 17, 2003

Posted by Mark at 3:34 PM

Friday, thank goodness it is Friday

Well, sorry that I have not been blogging as has picked up in the subbing arena, and I just get tired of defending my honor from the vicious attacks of one who I thought was my friend, and then someone I thought just wanted to live in peace. Oh well, enough of things related to that useless prattle.

Enterprise this week

This was the long awaited Hoshi episode. They should have called it Hoshi and the Beast. It was ridiculous. It was such a Beauty and the Beast riff that I was waiting for the tea kettle character to appear, or the candelabra guy, or the teacup kid, or the clock guy. It was terrible. This season is not getting any better, contrary to what the promos on UPN said. It seems they have to rip fairy tales now for material...The really bad part is that Roxanne Dawson had to direct this crap. It don't look good for the franchise....

Yanks, Fish in World Series

Thanks to the much Maligned former Red Aaron Boone, the Yankees are in the World Series to meet the Marlins, who won in their own game seven. Goodbye Pedro! Take some anger management and class courses, you headhunting buffoon...And speaking of buffoons, is it just me or does Grady Little, the Red Sox Manager, look like Bob Boone, sound like Sling Blade, and manage like an amoeba? And even though I wish Cub fans the best, you all need to grow up and realize that guy did not cause 8 runs to materialize, or the Cubbies to wilt in game 7. It was poor managing by your savior, Dusty "I'm a Racist" Baker. Remember what he said about black players and heat? Well, Dusty, I guess your team couldn't take the heat of the Marlins. Go Jack McKeon!!!! and thank goodness neither team is from Cleveland.....

Dinner at O.G.

Dinner with the boys at O.G. this evening...woohoo, I am sure I am gonna get reamed for something...well, as long as that long recurring case of indigestion I have had for two years doesn't return, I think I will be was good to really laugh again last week with Tom back in the fold. Maybe he will come up more often.

More to Come next week....

Well, gentle readers, see you next week, though I might pop by over the weekend. Take care, wish your sweeties well and give them kisses over this weekend's Sweetest Day, and give them true love, not just lip service. God bless.....Keep your head up and stick on the ice......GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Posted by Mark at 8:26 PM

Where is the High Road now?

I thought he wanted to be left in peace...I thought he wanted to be left alone...however, he brings out information involved in my site, trying to attack my integrity, my honesty, and that is just wrong. I did not clarify his issue because there is indeed a 30 plus minute visit on one of the blogs I contribute to with his ISP on it. Now, it might not be him, but then that would not fit his obsessive compulsive M.O. This person has nothing better to do than attack the President, attack me, and attack people he disagrees with. I attack the issues, the issues of character and honesty, and the issues of the day. He just wants to play word games and tap dance around people. He needs to grow up and mature, quite frankly, especially for someone of his age, he acts very immaturely. I thought he had found out some deep meanings about himself: I won't even hazard to guess what they were about. I put him and his nonsense behind me, and he continues to attack me. Why am I so important, I am just a close minded conservative? I am just a harmless little history teacher?

Yes, I did add to the site meter...No, it was not because of the leftists' little counter, but based on what the averages said. Not knowing what the visitor stuff meant and the totals, I thought the meter was not counting correctly. As I have stated before, I am no expert when it comes to computers. Of course my liberal agitator is an expert on everything, just ask him. He likes to insult people's furniture, their stereos, their computers, their TV equipment, all under the guise of "well, this is what you could have." In reality, it is all about "look at me, I got expensive toys." Well, dude, toys aint everything. Maybe if you spent a little of that time on relationships instead of toys, you would have more people to at least put up with you.

He still hasnt answered my question. He called me closeminded, said he didn't want to hang, said many other hurtful things about me, called me a terrible friend on the friggin Internet, so why even come to this blog? He claims it is to see what the "enemy" is doing? When did I become an enemy? Why does it have to be that extreme? He does the same to WMD? We are the enemy? We, Matt and I, are people who have gone out of our way to be friendly to him, to listen to him, to put up with his nonsense....I cannot help it if we as individuals can't afford hi fi systems, if we don't want to go to another restaurant, or if we don't want to see your movies. It is not because we are racist, classist, etc. We just don't want to do it. However, so you can try to guilt people into things (typical liberal) you keep up with the attacks and victimization of yourself. It makes me heave, quite frankly.
Why is he on a crusade to tear me down? Maybe it is, if I can't be right, neither can you? I just don't know. I used to think this person would come around, that we could be friends again, or even merely neutral acquaintances. I see that he merely wants to continue to snipe away....well, mr. liberal, have at it.....I really no longer care....nuff said.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Posted by Mark at 1:05 PM

Harangues on 'Hump' Day

Well, here we are.....middle of the week...and we made it so far....great!!!!

GI Letter Writing Campaign, True, But Not a Conspiracy....

Read the full stories here.

It turns out the Liberals have turned this into a big conspiracy theory. Before it was revealed who circulated the letter, and even after, SOME liberals wanted to blame it on a Bush directive to make the troops speak against their will.

In fact, it was written and initiated on his own accord by the Batallion commander, who like many of the GIs I exchange emails with are sick and tired of having their SUCCESSFUL MISSION portrayed in such a negative light. The commander wanted to do something, and wanted his men to be part of it....So he had them read and choose to sign a form letter telling the greatness of the mission and all they are accomplishing. He wanted to express a united front. Soldiers had the choice to sign or not sign. Even those who did not supported the ideas therein.

Folks, the liberals want to turn this into Vietnam. They say they love our troops but they try to make us hate their mission, which most of them (the soldiers) support. Of course, the liberals will then say our young men and women's minds are being clouded by 'notions of patriotism and love of country.' If that is the case, I wish more of us would be so clouded. They want us to turn on our troops...They want our troops to feel the betrayal that Vietnam veterans felt. They want morale to suffer, they do. They guise it as telling the 'truth' as they see it...well, who better to hear the truth than from the GIs? Yet, lots of liberal papers refused to run the form letter, even though they do it in op/ed pieces all the time from the bash bush crowd. Shameful double standard, but what do you expect from liberals, who waffle on the issues, present no clear solutions or alternatives, just pound forward with a message of hate and vitriol?

I stand with the Batallion Commander, and hope more soldiers take their own accords and write home to their papers to express the good work going on there. Of course, the papers will probably not publish them unless they say I hate bush. Sad that liberals have to resort to creating nonstories to try to win, but they are all about power. They only want hte power, at the cost of the country.

No Hockey this Week, OG it may be...

Ducks are out of town....will have to go to OG and hang with the boys, not that doing so is bad....Just love to watch hockey....Hopefully we will have as much fun as we did this past Friday when Tom was our fourth and provided long-lacking humor and entertainment.

Joe Schmo Wrapping Up

The guilty pleasure over on Spike TV is wrapping up. I love how this has become such a parody of the shamelessly overly Self-Important show, Survivor. Matt still has no clue about the falsity of the game, as it was whittled down to the final three contestants. They are Matt, the guy who thinks it is all real; Brian, the buddy guy who is pretty funny in his takes on Matt; and The Hutch, the designated rebel who is uncouth and backstabbing and raucous. Hutch was thrown off the show for threatening a member but brought back because he called his lawyers. The last member to be evicted before the final round was Ashleigh, the rich backstabber character. She played it very well. To me, this show is so much fun because it shows the shamelessness and self-importance of these reality shows and reveals them for what they are: falsehoods and smoke and mirrors. It is like Night Stand was for TV talk shows, the mirror of parody and satire.

More Liberal WordGames....Today, Imminent Threat talk

Some liberals out there like to say that Bush lied about Iraq being an imminent threat. That they were not an imminent threat. However, the only reference I can find to those words in Bush's addresses were that we should strike before Iraq became an imminent threat. Hmm....then Bush did NOT lie as the liberals claim....Hmm.....guess they are trying to take words out of context AGAIN???? Hmm....At no time did Bush say Iraq was an imminent threat. He said they were a threat, and we should get them before they became an imminent threat. And, looking at the world through REALITY, as opposed to liberal fantasy, that is exactly what we did. OF course, the words have been rewritten and redigitized, because after all, in spite of the smear jobs daily by the LA Times, dont you know there is a vast conservative bias in hte media, part of the vast right wing conspiracy? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! What a weak argument, but what do you expect from a party and group that does not present any ideas for changing, other than "we hate Bush"? Terrible. Bankrupt, both morally and idealistically......

Maybe this will Help Liberals Buy a Clue, but I Doubt It

Here is a great commentary on the demonization of George W. Bush, at the cost of the Truth about going to war with Iraq. Of course, one of the liberal mantras is never let the truth get in the way of powergrabbing, or hating conservatives. Maybe this will help people see through the crap the liberals are spewing, and see the truth. Read it here.

Well, gentle audience, that is all I have time for today...Tune in tomorrow when liberals will say that the reason why people are mortal is all Bush's fault....or that Bush is really an alien....

Until then, keep your head up and stick on the ice...And, as always, God Bless all of you, and God Bless America!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Posted by Mark at 10:28 AM

Tuesday's Titanic Trances

Guess Someone Wants to Fight Again...Sneaky Like..

It seems Eric is back to blogging. Good for him. However, What I do not understand is why he took down links to Matt's page, when Matt has done nothing to him. He claims he is going to take the high road (for about 15 minutes) then he goes on to cite my writings with so much spin I was dizzy after reading them. I went back because a mutual friends said, "what did you think about Eric's blog?" I said, "yeah, sad it ended...." the friend said, "no, he is back..." Wow, I said.......Friend said, doing same crap....except now he is wanting to be ignored so he can snipe away......AND GUESS WHAT FOLKS, HE IS DOING JUST THAT!!!!! Dude comes after me, calls me an enemy, and then expects things to be peaceful. Well, he wants to see high it is....Welcome back Eric, enjoy yourself....and those inflated site meters.....

Sylvan Follies

Last night had our review from corporate. Wow, talk about whirling dervish. Everyone flying everywhere, felt the room spinning.....did some math tutoring for the first time, which was scary...totally different back to comfort zone of reading for hour 2...and observed for hour three.....Dana, our center director, said prelim report says we got around a 96-98 out of 100...WAY TO GO!!!

Office Space...Loved it

Finally saw Office Space for the first time over the weekend....What a great details the lives of people who work in the cubicle environment, and really how all of us feel from time to time in our jobs. Of course, then it goes off into the whacky with embezzling plots and killing copiers, which is great....I liked it, and I highly recommend it. Very funny movie.....

I might post some later today, but I believe in quality, not quantity....Until then, keep your head up and stick on the ice.....God Bless


Monday, October 13, 2003

Posted by Mark at 1:03 PM

Monday's Meanderings

Ducks Win!!! Ducks Win!!!

Wow! What a game Saturday night vs. the Toronto Roadrunners, affiliates of the Edmonton Oilers. Ilja Bryzgalov was awesome in net, stopping between 21 and 25 shots, en route to a 3-0 shutout of the Runners. Our new Captain, Casey Hankinson, was named first star of the game, after contributing physical play and an assist on one of the goals.

The Ducks, prematurely, look like they could have a real good team this year. I hope Hankinson and the Gang lead the ducks to more victories.

Talked to Cory Pecker after the game. Loved the Peckerhead shop. Good to hear. Hopefully I can get some stuff for him from the store, but so far it seems like I cannot get samples, just must pay, so we will see. Go Ducks!!!

Wow, Pedro, You so Tough....NOT!!!!

Pedro Martinez engaged in ridiculous and deplorable behavior this past Saturday, and needs more than the fine he received. Pedro, who is a known headhunter, and takes pride and relishes that role, for the Red Sox, beaned Karim Garcia of the Yankees, because the Yankees were pounding him. Well, Karim asked what was up, and Pedro launched into a profanity laced tirade, pointing at his head and telling Garcia and the Yankees they were lucky he wasn't aiming there. Now, that sounds like a threat to me, but the umps let it go. Well, Roger Clemens, the next inning, comes out and is warned not to retaliate before throwing a pitch. Of course, this game was in Boston.

Clemens throws an inside pitch to Manny Ramirez, who goes out of control and wants to charge the mound, even though the pitch was nowhere close to hitting him. The benches clear, and Pedro Martinez the athlete in physical conditioning, allows Don Zimmer Yankees 72 year old coach, to charge him. Martinez then reaches for his head, ducks out of the way, and throws Zimmer to the ground on his head, all in one motion. Pedro claimed it was him just trying to get out of the way, but there were better ways. Zimmer had to leave on a stretcher after the game, but was released from the hospital.

Pedro continued jawing with the bench, even after this incident, threatening and attempting to intimidate. It did not work, because the Yankees won the game, and hold a 2-1 series lead.

Pedro showed his low class. One, he threatened hitting someone in the head, and he incited terrible behavior all around. Zimmer, who issues a sob and tear filled apology, was publicly embarrassed and maligned, even though he should not have benn on the field. Pedro is classless, seeks to injure people, and is a blotch on the Red Sox. It is a shame he was not carted off the field in cuffs, but it was Boston, and I guess they don't mind if old folks get assaulted.

This week in Mark's life

Week is shaping up to be boring, as no new sub jobs have come in, and I am working at Sylvan every night from Mon to Thurs. No lunches scheduled with JW, nothing going on, Ducks out of town this week. Will probably write some things, and of course, keep up with things here.

Sorry, more delay...

Sorry for not posting lessons from Ronnie, but I just haven't felt the spirit moving me lately in that respect. Will get to it soon.....

Closet Fans?

Despite the fact that blogging was called immature and petty and shows insecurity by some out there, these same people are reading my blog and others, even though they feel the opinions expressed herein are petty, show insecurity, and are closeminded and such. Do I sense some hypocrisy? Why care if you are so secure in your beliefs? I mean, spending upwards of 10 minutes, or even over 30 minutes on blogs you totally despise and disagree with? Hmm...Just wondering......

More Liberal/Democrat Hypocrisy Exposed

Please go over to WMD and read my In the Crosshairs segment today about the flipflopping and B.S. from the Nincompoop Dem 9 and also about Clinton's own economic advisor blaming him for the bust of the late 90s. Go here NOW!!!

Well, folks, even you hidden liberal stalker types out there, have a great week....we will talk more tomorrow....Keep your head up and stick on the ice....
God Bless, and God Bless America!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2003

Posted by Mark at 1:19 PM

Friday's Fantastic Follies

It's that Magical Time of Year

Cincy Duck hockey season begins this saturday, at the cincinnati gardens. I will be there, even though I should not be. You see, I had a prior commitment to go to the Star Trek Club's national meeting. However, I will not be there, as my sis has a commitment related to school that I have to take her to. Then, we will arrive late for the Ducks game, as her commitment is in the Cincy area, and I am not going to trek all the way to the location of the meeting with my sis in tow. I have to take her because the 'rents both are working. However, my friends and others on the NCA staff need not be worried...I will be teleconferencing with them via cell phone. Those who are angry at this turn of events can frankly kiss it, because my family comes first, above everything except God, and my Sis needed me to take her. If some are petty enough to use this as ammo to have me removed from the club or brought up on charges, have at shows your ignorance....ANYWAY, I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR...GAME ON!!!!

Sylvan stuff continues

Last night was my first time with 3 kids, and they gave me a total newbie who had to be coached and taught through everything, no indiv. activities. ARGH!!!! I think I did OK, but I know I was not the best, or as good as I could be. I train Saturday morning for math tutoring, but I think I am going to ask that Sylvan use me predominantly as a reading tutor, as Math has been one of my least subjects, though I always got A's and B's in it.

Wanna See Kill Bill by Tarantino? Go rent Game of Death, by Bruce Lee

The most overhyped director/producer is back, stealing ideas and stories from others again. Quentin Tarantino, who made such guns and ammo fests as Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, is back, stealing from a new genre this time: the Kung Fu Movie. And, he is stealing from a legend, the amazing Bruce Lee.

Game of Death was about a protagonist in a yellow jumpsuit having to get past numerous assassins to get to the Big Boss. In Game of Death, the protagonist had to go up levels of a pagoda, where he faced experts in different forms of combat, until he got to the master of all, the Boss (played by Kareem Abdul Jabbar, a student of Lee's). Well, Mr. Lee never finished the film, as he died during the filming. The film was released with stand ins and a different plot from the first. In the original, the protagonist (played by Lee) was forced by a triad to go after treasure that the Big boss had. In the release after Mr. Lee's death, the title was changed to "The True Game of Death" where Mr. Lee's character became a man who was supposedly killed but did not die, and came back to get revenge on the big boss. Sound familiar?

It should. This is basically the plot to Kill Bill. Tarantino did not even change the wardrobe of the protagonist, leaving the yellow jumpsuit, in what I am sure he will call a homage to Mr. Lee. However, his use of the plot of True Game of Death and his use of the Pagoda style experts simply is exacerbated by his leaving Ms. Thurman in the yellow jumpsuit. This typifies Mr. Tarantino...He is a sham of an artist, and has very few ideas of his own....must be a liberal....

JW Update

Had my final lunch with JW today....she was harried..those jerks who scheduled her have her seeing 20 people today...and at lunchtime she had only seen three. They are running her rampant, but her attitude is great. "This too shall pass," she said. Unfortunately, I think things are hopeless between us. I wish I had the guts to say something or make her see how I feel, or to woo her in some way. However, typical nerdy shy me, I just listen and we chitchat about her day and our plans for the weekend. I think I am just destined to remain alone... Though I will not give up...maybe if/when we go to a hockey game together I will get up the courage.....I really like her, and would like to explore the possibility of hooking up, to use modern vernacular. However, no confidence.....c'est la vie..

Well friends, hope everyone has a great weekend....I will be adding some more shops to the links section, as I am going to be unveiling new products for Mark's Remarks and the Stevenson Stunner Club, to go with the already wildly successful Peckerhead shop!!!
Take care, God Bless, and keep your head up and stick on the ice...


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Sounds like Clinton Tactics to Me....

The gloves are off in the Kobe Bryant rape case. Read about the abuse of the alleged victim by Kobe's attorney here...

I bet this woman was part of the Gray Davis campaign, this person representing Kobe Bryant. Her whole shpeel yesterday was nothing more than attacking the victim, making her appear to be a slut or unbalanced. You know, lawyers I know tell me that if you don't have a chance of winning on the facts of the case, you attack the victim. Remember this tactic from Mr. Clinton? Rather than try to defend himself, he attacked Paula Jones, Linda Tripp...and even Monica. She went from playing cigars with him to being "that woman" (I did not have sexual Relations with that woman).

Which brings me to another point. Both Clinton and Kobe have issues with the truth. Clinton at first denied sexual relations with Monica, then he swerved by trying to quibble over what sexual relations means, claiming it was all her, that she practically attacked him while he stood or sat and accepted her advances. Kobe lies, too. "You guys know me....I would never do something like that..." (paraphrase) was what he told reporters when the charges of rape surfaced. He denied having any relations with her. However, when it became obvious he did, he did his cry and apologize bit, and the whole thing of "i committed adultery, please forgive me."(As a pastor, I am all for forgiveness and reconciliation, but one has to wonder at the geniuneness of such a statement in the middle of a rape trial, etc.) Right out of the Clinton model. Now, he is attacking the victims, just like Clinton did with Kathleen Willey, with Paula Jones, and with Monica. And, Kobe has a wife who enables him by "standing by her meal ticket, er...I mean man." To attack the victim of this crime is disgusting, and to me it adds doubt on Kobe's sexual consent argument. Maybe next he will have his attorney clarify the meaning of 'is'? Which is it Kobe? You didn't have sex? You had sex? You didn't rape her? You did? Which is it? All you are doing is making yourself look more like someone who can only attack, and has no case to stand on...Hopefully, Justice will be served. HOpefully, the judge will muzzle this hatchetwoman and we can honestly get to the truth of this matter, for all interested, but especially this poor maligned woman.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

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More Wednesday Stuff....

JW Update...How We Lookin?

Not so good. Seems her weekend get together with her crush went well....they got to chitchat a bit, and she got to ride a four wheeler for the first was fun, she said.....Few times have these words stung as they did today....Thing is, I cannot bring myself to step up to the plate and say anything...I am absolutely hopeless....There was so much I wanted to say, wanting to complement her on her different hairdo, her nice outfit...those beautiful, innocent eyes....egads, what a wuss.....instead we engaged in small talk, her talking about her future november plans with crushboy and about these things...I have squandered these four weeks....I think we are stuck as friends....but she is a wonderful one....I will just have to deal...c'est la vie....It is tough being a hopeless romantic who is hopelessly shy....I just freeze when I am around women, what can I say, I am a geek.....

Jesse Jackson is an Idiot

Listened to Jesse Jackson last night on Hannity and Colmes on the Fox News Channel. This man should be done with his and every other Americans' alotted 15 minutes of fame. He is nothing more than a hypocrite, and I am sure somewhere both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jackie Robinson are hanging their heads in shame that they nurtured this man, who has perverted Dr. King's dream into self-profiteering and corporate blackmail. Jesse Jackson uses his stature to enrich himself from blackmailing corporations, either give to his organizations or he will label them as racists. Fox News as well as other outlets have done research on this. He has done it to Toyota, among others. Also, he blames everything in California on Bush. And, I loved his argument about the vote last night in California. He said thousands were disenfrancised, but that is funny, considering voter turnout was the highest for a race since I believe 1982. The man is a charlatan, a phony, and nothing more than the typical person who practices double standards. He called Rush a racist, but this from a person who referred to an entire city (new york) as HYMIETOWN, a slur against the Jewish population. He is a total hypocrite and uses the cause of Civil Rights to hide his racist agenda. He is one of the most divisive people, and one of the biggest stumbling blocks to relations between people of different ethnicities today. He is a true hate mongerer, and a true proponent of the welfare state. He seeks to empower himself at the cost of denigrating the empowerment of his people. He would rather have them die and stagnate in their gang ridden neighborhoods with services, rather than encourage them to strive and achieve. The man is a huckster, and I wish more people would see that.


Congrats to Arnold Schwarzeneggar, for winning the recall in California. While I probably would have voted for McLintock, I am glad Davis is gone. In the highest turnout since 1982 or so, Californians repudiated Davis, and endorsed Arnold, who despite vicious and unproven and widely discredited rumors from the L.A. Times, achieved a great victory over "Cruz into Bob's Big Boy" Bustamante. Of course, Ariana Huffington got 1% of the vote, far more than she deserved. While I do not agree with Arnold's social politics, I am hoping that he will act as a bridge to both parties and get California back on track...Afterall, it is part of our economy, and on its own is the world's fifth largest. Good Luck, Arnold, and way to run a quality campaign. Shame on the liberals for their last minute smear tactics, but it is typical M.O.-if you can't beat em in ideas; smear them-call them racists, call them closeminded, call them insecure, call them anything, but do not deal in ideas. That is the liberal political way.


Tonight is season tix pickup party for Ducks. I have some other business to attend to, but will make it there a little late....Can't wait... Hockey season is upon us.... Heck Yeah, let the checks and goals roll!!!!!!

Another Friend's Personal Ad

This is for my friend Doug, who joked a little too much and is getting paid back.....Just kidding...

Extremely Quiet, nonconfrontational, listening white male, early 30s, seeks lovely woman to share his goals and dreams with. Waitressing experience a plus, especially at Italian restaurants. Should be a good conversationalist, as she will be doing most of the talking. Must also be willing to be cared for by a caring guy, and willing to be pampered with lovin...Must be able to stand cheesy lines like "is there a Mr. Roadhouse?" and also "how's about dockin up at my moonbase?" Should like quiet evenings at home, and quiet in general. Should not mind tribbles, either.

Remember Ladies, send those emails to Matt over at WMD. We are waiting for you!!!

That is all for not feel like posting Lessons From Ronnie Today, but will soon. Still a bit down about my failure with JW. Wish I knew what to say, wish I could afford lipo...oh well.....God will see me through....He has before...

Until next time, God bless...and keep your head up and stick on the ice......

God bless America!!!

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An End, and a New Beginning...

Friends, you have witnessed, over the past couple of weeks....a hate fest between friends...which is always a bad idea unless you are masochist, which I am not....I have tried to turn it into a humorous romp, but I appear to have underestimated the sensitivity of some. I stand behind my beliefs, and I am secure in them.....that is why I defend them so vigorously. Sometimes I lose my temper, and that is something I have to work on. It seems I have lost a friend over trifles in politics. Well, then, one has to wonder, was the friendship that strong in the firstplace? I thought so...But, I guess I was wrong. That is sad to me, because 1)it denigrates the debate, and 2) it shows that the friendship was not what I thought it was.....and there is no one person responsible for that.....but all involved...What I hate is that it has been spread into our other mutual friendships, with some taking the view that if they are my friend, then the other party wont talk to them.....I dont get that... I dont see the need to punish others for disagreements between two individuals, especially when they neither added nor subtracted from the argument. That is one thing I pride myself on, is my focus....I do not hold families responsible for the acts of individuals, just as I do not hold entire religions responsible for the acts of terrorists....I do not see why it should be any different with friends. I leave this bit a little hurt, but we learn from our hurts and mistakes....So, this is the end of one venture, adventure, whatever...and the beginning of a new day....

I am going to be having some fun here, as you have seen, I have laid off of hte political diatribe since I do that at WMD....However, I will still be using this forum for comments on the national scene in current events, in addition to my great partnership with matt at WMD. I will be telling things in my life, insights, what i am doing, etc....IN OTHER WORDS, continuing to bore you to tears.....Stay tuned....cause now we are gonna roll!!!! God Bless, and I will post more later today.....

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

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The Boston Red Sox advanced to the ALCS to face the Yankees....Both the Cubs and the Sox one step away from the World Series....Maybe Armageddon is not so far off......Isn't this one of the signs of the end times??? Of course, the Yankees have Babe Ruth on their side......and I would take the Babe over Pedro any day of the week....

Peckerheads Unite!!!

I have begun a shop at to sell out some Cory Pecker Merchandise, as the Mark's Remarks merchandise is not ready to go yet...but coming soon. The link is down in the fun links section. The logo and descriptions are funny, feel free to buy...By the way, I get NO MONEY from this, just the thrill of having people wear my I am amongst yourselves....


As promised, since we have been getting some interesting letters at WMD and here at Mark's Remarks....Here are some thoughts on the kind of women My Friend Matt and I are looking for....and the personal ads we might place...feel free to respond to them, ladies only, over at WMD, by emailing Matt.
31 year old centrist Conservative, looking for a leggy, attractive female for companionship. Endurance is important. Must have knowledge of Reds baseball, and NOT be a Yankee fan. Must be able to discuss politics, and must have a nice, big foopy hair-do from the 80s. Big hair rules.......Must be willing to paint herself green for Orion Slave Girl fantasy....Basic of knowledge of Star Trek and love of SciFi is a plus(this would be matt's)

Conservative Looking for Love and Fun (this would be me)
Hefty Conservative Male, 27, looking for female 23-30, medium height to tall, ( I am 6'4) who loves hockey, star trek, and is a conservative. She should be attractive, but still have the most important value of loving someone for their soul not their looks (this means I am an ugly dog). Looking for woman who loves to be treated as a lady, who enjoys both nights out and nights in, and who has a love for literature, history, and film. Please help me!!! I am friggin Desperate!!! WAIT, scratch that last part.... Please apply today.....

Really, Matt and I are good guys, and it is tough to have morals and work the dating scene today, with all the rampant casual sex...It is tough to be conservative and meet people. So while these were tongue in cheek, please feel free to email us....sincerely, Desperate mark....Just kidding, but if you wouldnt mind, email us....heh!

Lessons from Ronnie

Book is finished, but want to flesh things out some more. Will probably post at the end of the week, or even over the weekend.

JW Update

waiting to hear how the bbq went with her crush, hoping it did not go well, but I know that is selfish.....I just wish I had the ability, looks, and guts to pull this off....She is a wonderful woman, full of beauty, grace, and humor, but I think she is too good for me....I feel I deserve to be alone, because I am not Brad Pitt, I am not perfect. But I long for that companionship, of even just holding hands over dinner. Wow, sappy, huh? But true....I really would like to have that feeling again....But I am losing heart it will be with her.....


Today is the big day. Hopefully the negative tactics of the Grey Davis Los Angeles Times will not work, and DAvis will be sent packing like the little rat he is....The man abused a 63 year old secretary, which is on the record....yet the only thing I hear is ANONYMOUS attacks on Arnold from 30 years ago or people whose careers are floundering attacking him. Shameful, really. Of course, that is liberal politics today for you.....


Hockey season starts soon here in Cincinnati...Cannot wait...Will be looking forward to seeing Ilja, Cory (PECKER!!!), and some of the other guys, along with the new talent, playing for the Cincy Mighty Ducks this year. If only the coach would wake up, I think we might have a decent team. However coaching is the big question mark. i cannot wait for the start...GAME FRIGGIN ON!!!

Well, I have probably bored you to tears....for some reason I just don't feel like attacking politics here as I used to, especially since I usually do WMD first. Well, until next time, when Drew the Crazy Shrew says, WHERE THE HECK DID I PUT THAT PIPEWRENCH?-----God bless, and keep your head up and stick on the ice.....
God Bless America!!!

Monday, October 06, 2003

Posted by Mark at 10:00 AM


Cubs Win!!! Cubs Win!!!

The Chicago Cubs stopped their almost a century long curse of not winning a playoff series last night, beating the Atlanta Braves....Loved it....I hate Atlanta....Felt bad for Mike Hampton, Greg Maddux, Marcus Giles, and Javy Lopez...The rest of the players and staff can take a flyin leap...Bobby Cox is so overrated, and Leo Mazzone needs some Ridalin...STAT!!!


Thanks mostly in part to my friend Matt, my cohort at WMD, the blog has undergone a facelift, to bring it more to the glory of being part of the wonderful TIB Network, where we type at our golden keyboards with one hand and 3/4 of our brains tied behind our back just to make it fair.... :) Also, there will be a Mark's Remarks Store...Selling the latest in some products I am creating for this site as well as some merchandise for my other interests...stay tuned...

Do You Smell What the Rock is Cookin?

Went with the usual gang (minus 1) to go see the Rundown on Friday. I am very impressed with the maturation of the Rock as an actor. If he continues this development, he could eventually have an Arnold like career as an action star. Of course, he will have to dump Vince McMahon first, however.....

JW Update

She stood me up for lunch on friday, because she had to work late at her morning job before coming in the area for her afternoon one. I was disappointed, but not in her.....We are set for a get together Wednesday....

Watch out for Personal Ads

In my never ending search for fun and even romance, I am going to be posting some personal ads here online....some might be tongue in cheek, but I am going to post some on wmd as well, especially in response to the overwhelming popularity of WMD and as I was shocked to see, this site with almost 250 people logged in to both since Sept 26. Wow!!!!! So, enjoy the craziness....Thanks for visiting....

Ronald Reagan Lessons

Those will be coming out later this week...for more political and madcap madness, check here and over at WMD....And visit my friend MaestroMatt's blog as well.....Tune in tomorrow, when Jerry the Whacked out monkey says, "where can I get a WMD shirt or coffee Mug?"

Friday, October 03, 2003

Posted by Mark at 10:34 AM

You might have noticed that I re-edited the last two postings..It seems my mental calendar was wrong, and I posted on Wednesday with the title Tuesday, and Thursday with the title Wednesday....sorry.....

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Posted by Mark at 11:09 AM

Thursday's ThrashingWhat an Idiot, I messed up the days, earlier!

Tutoring going.....

Things are going well with the tutoring, though last night was harried, as they had me with two students at the same time for the first was a senior and the other was a 2nd grader...OY!!!! That was rough....I am going to make a request to have kids relatively in an easier age range at the same time, as I think that would be more productive......Just a thought...

MIA dept.

I really guess Eric hates me now. No contact with him despite a few emails. Sorry to hear. See he hasn't updated his blog either. Hope he is OK. Moving on....

Lessons from Ronnie

Reading a book by Peter Robinson called How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life..... It is a primer of 10 lessons Robinson learned from the President while working in the speechwriting dept. Once I am finished, I will share what I have gleaned and the lifelessons therein. I find that I am inspired to change myself, based in part on this book.....I did not think it would prove as inspiring and meaningful as it has. Stay tuned....

As Promised, TV Pleasures

The main guilty pleasure I feel myself indulging in is The Joe Schmo Show. I really panned it earlier here, but it is addictive. I love the way it satirizes the reality shows. And, it is so addictive because you keep waiting for Matt, the subject of the experiment, to get a clue. Several times, the actors have messed up character details, and have had to backpedal. Matt must not have done very well at law school, or he would have deduced that something weird is going on. It is terribly funny, and intriguing, trying to figure out what plot twists will come next and what the actors will do, and how Matt will respond. It is on Spike TV, formerly TNN, and it is the only thing on there I watch besides Star Trek: TNG on a regular basis.

Another show that I continue to watch despite my mounting disappointment is Star Trek: Enterprise. This show continues to depress and get worse by the minute. The themes are retreads of other series, even Babylon 5, to some extent. The characters have no immutable traits, as the Vulcan is too emotional, the Captain appears to be manic depressive, and the engineer seems to have completely forgotten about the murder by aliens of his sister. Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, the keepers of the Star Trek flame, seem intent on snuffing it out with such poor storytelling, such dark characterizations, and having no overall clear arc or plot beyond throwing the franchise to the dogs. A shame that my grandchildren (if I have any) will probably not have a star trek as a model for positive futures or simply as a good program. It will be destroyed by two people, Berman and Braga.

Lastly, I love watching Fox News, especially Special Report with Brit Hume, Hannity & Colmes, and the O'Reilly Factor. They are fair and balanced, which is more than I can say for Greta van Sustern's lips, or the Clinton News Network (even if they have James Earl Jones's dulcet tones saying THIS IS CNN).

Well, I have bored you enough. God bless...take care.....Keep your head up and stick on the ice....AND MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA, HER PRESIDENT, AND THOSE WHO SERVE HER!!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Posted by Mark at 1:11 PM

Wednesday's Wackiness Again, I missed one day of posting and I skip a day in writing....geez...

WMD Update

- Feel free to take a look over at WMD. We have been upgrading it (mostly Matt does that work, as I am mostly HTML dumb, but I do submit creative ideas, he just executes them, while adding verve of his own). We are getting recognized more and more for our hard hitting commentary, and the hits keep comin......Check it is funny, insightful, and filled with truth serum against the liberal indoctrination police. :)

Jane Wyatt Update

-- Had lunch with her today. She let down the latest guy easy, but churchboy is making a comeback. They are going to have a bbq at her parents. Man, I wish I was better looking, or more suave. Not that I am looking for physical lovin', she just makes me feel like someone I want to be and aspire to. She makes me be the man I want to be when I am with her. How hokey, eh? We talked about some of our weekend issues, and will be getting together again friday...hope that is a good sign, right?????


Sorry for not posting yesterday, but actually had a subbing gig at my old high school alma mater. Reaffirms that even though they have a nice new building, it does not necessarily improve the education. Students and their manners and behavior are worse than ever.....That is why I will not mention the school by name........Started actually teaching at the Tutoring Place, rather than observing...Working 1 on 1 the rest of the week.....then next week will take on 2 at a time, then the max of 3 the week after......None of these endeavors make a lot of money, but they get me back in the teaching mindset, which I have to be to do my SOC Academy work for the Trek Geek club I belong to. I use that as a term of endearment, like JW is my cute little "band geek." Speaking of JW, she was looking fine in her sweater and pants today, and her face was just so pretty.....SORRY, EXCUSE MY SWOONING!!!! Don't mean to sound obsessive, because I am not, but she is so amazing.....Anyway, better close as things are rambling on. Tomorrow I think I might share some of my guilty TV pleasures, especially one I commented on earlier, which really aggravates me but which I cannot stop watching.

He Shoots, he Scores!!!

My friend Jeremy Stevenson, who finally made a solid impact with an NHL team after being screwed over by Anaheim and Nashville, last year with Minnesota, is working hard in camp. In last night's preseason 2-1 win, Stevenson was the player of the game, getting a goal and assisting on the other one. Keep up the excellent work, Jeremy, you make me proud to be your friend, and your fan club Exec!!!!! Great work, dude!!!!
See you later. God bless, keep your head up and stick on the ice......AND GOD BLESS AMERICA, HER PRESIDENT, AND THOSE WHO DEFEND HER!!!!!