Saturday, November 29, 2003

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The Rundown of Bush's Visit from a Pool Reporter

Thanks to for this story, from a Washington Post Reporter. Read the story here.

The Washington Post is not the most friendly of papers to Mr. Bush. You would think that the pool reporter's notes would show how terrible it was. However, this reporter seems bent on reporting, not spinning, as so many journalists are doing. Maybe that is why CBS is going to get rid of Dan Rather? (See Drudge Report) Anyway, look at the soldiers. Note how they say they are proud to have Mr. Bush as CnC. Do you read that liberals? They were SURPRISED, and they are PROUD to have Mr. Bush as President!!!! Can the same be said for Hillary's visit?

Note that Mr. Bush went right in with the soldiers, did not pose and such. Hmm....yeah, that is a media master there, huh? When will people realize the leftists in the media and those out there with such vitriol toward the President are nothing more than people who hate Bush, who do not care about the country or the will of the people, and merely want liberal, leftist, pro-Communist appeasers in power? I hope you can see it now with the spin by the mainstream press about Bush's trip, that it was expensive, that it was unnecessary. Yet, why aren't they attacking Hillary, who made a similar, though more media friendly and more blatantly phony, trip at the same time. bias there, eh?

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Bush Rained on Hillary's Parade, so Now He has to Pay, says Liberal Press and Liberals who simply Hate Bush.

In the two days since President Bush's Thanksgiving Day surprise to the troops, exactly what I have predicted would happen, has indeed happened. The liberals, stunned by Bush's courage and caring for the troops, would turn this back around on him. Looking around at some of the liberal writings, and articles in the press, I am dumbfounded.

If Mr. Bush is so wrong, how about Hillary Clinton? She paid a visit to the troops. Why isn't she foolhardy or why isn't she being castigated for a photo op with the troops? The reason: hers was blatantly phony, and the press does not even want to mention it because the images there are embarrassing. You can see it in the troops eyes in that photo: we don't want to be here. Do you honestly think anyone in the military forgets what her and her husband did to our military forces? Do you think they don't remember that the Clintons used to love to make soldiers on White House duty act like slaves? No, the reason Mrs. Clinton is not castigated is that she is a media darling, and because she lets the press know that she is doing photo ops. Mr. Bush wanted to surprise the troops....

And, honestly, if Mr. Bush really was just in it for a photo op, why did he take a bare minimum of reporters? If he really was into it for just publicitiy, why didn't he take a whole other plane of reporters? Hillary was taking hundreds of reporters, risking many lives, and she is not castigated the way Mr. Bush is. Why is that? What is this all about?

Friends, it is not about Mr. Bush wanting a photo op or Mr. Bush taking risks. The liberals would like nothing more than Mr. Bush to be killed. Why do you think the media types are griping about the secrecy? It does not take a genius to figure out that secrecy was needed to protect the flight. The media is griping because they could not leak it to al-Jazzeerra and then have terrorists be ready to shoot the President down. No, friends, this is not about politics or failures: it is simply about HATRED. Liberals hate Mr. Bush, so much they cannot see anything beyond the most base reasons for his movements. I wonder why they are so adept at doing so...could it be because they are the EXPERTS of photo ops? I think so. Mr. Clinton was a master at it, and Hillary tries. However, a sincere President who wanted to honor the troops and didn't care about the risk upstaged her. So now, her and her crying, whining, synchopantic disciples in the media and those people so singleminded in hatred of Bush are making it into something else. I tell you, living in their world of hidden agendas must be a sad thing. It reduced human kindness and love to nothing more than a game of power sad it must be, to be so full of hate to one man, you cannot acknowledge the good he accomplished.

Maybe what really tees them off is this: the soldiers werent coaxed to cheer and applaud for the President since they didn't know he was coming, and Hillary had to stage her "brave adventure." Could it all be such base jealousy, that it twists their souls into hatred? You decide.

Quite simply: Bush wanted to go and help the troops. Bush was a man who wore the uniform, albeit in the Guards, but who did fly advanced aircraft. Hillary is one who has been on the record with her husband discussing their loathing of the military. She had to force a photo op. The liberals and their little hamster supporters are upset because George's visit was sincere and Hillary's was contrived, and they have been caught in it. Why do you think there is no coverage of Hillary's visit now, that the pictures are not all over the liberal press? It is because they are phony, contrived, and staged. It would do more harm than good. Well, that doesn't stop the maniacal haters of Bush, who don't care for anything other than destroying this man. Even though most of their own electorate cannot name 3 of the Dim 9, and who cannot name what they want to do, they will try to defeat this man.

This, friends, should tell you who are the closeminded ones. Rather than seeing a goodwill move and a caring soul for what they are, instead they see what they like to come up with: contrived p.r. opportunities. Shameful, and really, quite ignorant and closeminded.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

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Thanksgiving in Baghdad

President George W. Bush surprised the troops and the world when in visited the 1st Armored Division and the 82nd Airborne in Baghdad. It was a courageous move that was hidden from the press. Read the stories here and here.

Thank God we have a President like George W. Bush. This man risked his life by flying into the warzone to be with the troops, and the sincere emotions expressed by both the Commander in Chief and the troops was evident. Of course, now that Bush did not "run away to the ranch" to spend Thanksgiving, now that he courageously came over to talk to the troops, and did not have it released publicly until well after he was in the air coming back home, now the liberals will crow about the cost of the visit.

Quite frankly, to hell with the cost of the visit. Our brave men and women needed a reassurance from the President, and he came through, as he has so many times before. Just like his visits with 9/11 families, and with families of troops, he did not want it overly publicized, and it was not until it was over. Unlike some Presidents who only engaged in Photo Ops, this man wants to be a man of substance. Thank God we have a man like him in office. Of course, I can see the headlines of the vastly liberal press: Bush wastes money and risks lives for photo op...however, these were the same liberals who chastised him for going to Texas to be with his families. I wish just once the liberals would give him some credit. Maybe now, in light of their coming hypocrisy, the American people will see them for what they are: mean spirited, arrogant, and lying folks bent on keeping power, no matter the costs. Let me amend that: the liberals who will do nothing but continually bash the President, like Ted Kennedy, Tom Dasshole, and Shrill Hill Clinton. These folks merely bash for political gain, and will never give credit to the President for this risky and unprecedented visit. This harkens back to the visits Abe Lincoln made to the front during the Civil War.

Mr. Bush did the courageous, and the right thing. God bless him, God bless our Troops, and God Bless America! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

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Terrible Pathetic Individual Asked to Sit on Community Board

Yep, that is right, yours truly has been asked by a pastor to sit on an advisory board for a local youth center. This board will be in charge of curricula at the youth center and for getting workers to help out. I told him that I did not feel up to the challenge, but he assured me that I would be an asset.

Friends, I am not perfect. Have never claimed to be and will never achieve that goal. However, what I am is a cracked pot, figuratively. I am not perfect, I fall short. I often fall short. However, I am forgiven. I know that there is One who loves me, and whom I can go to with my pains, and hurts, and everything else. I am convicted by Jesus, but he paid for my crimes with His Life, and He set me free. He has called me into serving youth, as in teaching, and in the Word, as in preaching.

Now, do I deserve His rich blessings? Heck no. I have been a lecherous pig, I overeat, I still fall prey to my Irish temper and let loose a few expletives. However, I know what I am doing is wrong, and I pray about it. I ask Jesus to help me to help myself...and you know what? It is working. More and more everyday, I can feel is a great feeling....And I am assured so much I do not care about political correctness or any of that other crap anymore, because I know now what is truly important.....Praise be to God.....

Now don't think I am going to change some of my witty reparte. Dont' think I have become one of those Holier than thou folks who sits in an ivory tower. I am fallen....But I want to get back up, you see. I know I aint perfect, but I want to get better. Oh well, enough of that...Back to your regular scheduled bashing of the liberal agenda and the stuff they spew....

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Tuesday's Triumphant Tantalizing....Stuff!

Medicare reform passed.....jury out

OK, this is going to come as a shock to those who think I merely drink from Bush Kool Aid or whatever, but you know, who really cares what they think, because they are so obsessed with me it is really sad, so moving on. I do not like this package very much. On the first case, it increases spending that I think is not necessary. On the other side, who is it really helping? In a recent survey in Newsweek, the polls showed that 87% of those seniors asked said they had no problems paying off medicare bills and getting drugs. Basically, the 400 billion dollars being dished out starting in '06 is for about 1.5 million people, or just 4%, according to figures. Well, gee, that is alot of money for these people....

I understand what Mr. Bush and the R's are doing. They are trying to triangulate: take an issue on the table of the opposition and use it against them, which Bill Clinton was a master of. Look at how it backfired. By the time he left office,his approval rating was nil on a personal level; and we were in the beginnings of recession.

So, while I do not want to see little old ladies having to choose between eating and getting life saving medicine, I am not sure this is the right course. However, the AARP is behind this, it seems, and they have been the advocacy group for seniors. I just don't know. Increasing entitlements is not something I really believe in. However, does this mean I will jump ship? NO! The reason being is that Mr. Bush is leading us through a difficult war where we need to stand firm, and none of the Dim 9 get that. They are all about doing the classic Clinton cut and run.

Zell Miller-Intellectually Honest Democrat, Man of Honor

I am sure he is cursed by liberals, but Senator Miller's book is an excellent read, and it makes many good points about the falling of the Democrat party. Senator Miller, who has been in the party for a half century, says it has lost its way from the days of Truman and Kennedy, and has become the basis for being a hodgepodge of special interest groups. Look at the candidates....depending on the audience, their ideas and votes change, and they engage in ruthless pandering. Look at Wes Clark- I would have voted for it, I could have voted for it, I wouldn't vote for it...Mary! Come tell me what to think....Look at Kerry: I was for the War, I was for the threatening of force, I wasn't really for it...What is howard dean saying? And look at the pandering that is backfiring on Dean: I want to be the candidate for those who drive pickup trucks and have confederate flags in their trucks....Great sales pitch, your audience in the South is only the 2nd fastest growing in population and job opportunities, with rapid growth in Georgia and Atlanta! Way to alienate your audience, Howard!

More Playing the Race Card

Jermaine Jackson said that the arrest of Michael Jackson amounted to a modern day lynching. Some NY DJ said that it was a case of the white media bringing down another black man celebrity. WHAT?!?!?!??!?!! Are you race baiters out there so blinded by your own agenda you cannot see what is going on? We are talking about Michael Jackson, not Ice Cube. Michael Jackson, who has had himself de-African Americanized by surgery, and whose appeal is across the board, not just with black youth. What are you people smoking? This is a person who admits to sleeping with children, in his bed, at the age of FORTY FIVE!!!! Come on! This is about charges of a heinous crime brought up by a cancer patient against Mr. Jackson. Now, there are credibility issues of the mother, etc....but do not try to turn this into a racial issue...Where is the shame of these people?!?

Take time to be thankful....

1. Be thankful you live in a country that protects you even when you say hateful things about it.
2. Be thankful that you live in a country where you can believe what you want.
3. Be thankful you live in a country where you can spit on its banner and burn it, and not be stoned or burned or shot to death.
4. Be thankful you live in a country where everyone has the opportunity to better themselves through hard work, and that offers the equal pursuit of happiness.
5. Be thankful for your family and friends, not those who pay you just lip service, then backstab you, then smear you...but your true friends.
6. Be thankful for anyone else you love.

God bless you all, and God bless America. Keep your heads up and sticks on the ice, ya hear?

Monday, November 24, 2003

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Should I be worried about a hamster obsessed with me?

It seems some rodent out there is obsessed with me, creating a blog especially for me, even though I did not create his identity of a hamster or the logo which I suppose he is protesting....Interesting....when liberals attack, their whole rationality goes out the window, I guess.....Really, my take on the whole thing is this: if a person is that bent on smearing you, then you must be doing something right....if a person is that obsessed with you, it is THEIR problem, not yours....But, just for some funzies:

You know Liberals are obsessed and deranged when they resort to...

1. Identity Theft, ie. using confidental email addresses to sign people up for deranged web letters

2. Using unapproved pictures of a private citizen online to further their own agenda and take mean spirited shots at people

3. Threaten people with voicemail and email attacks.

4. Create three or four blogs all saying the same thing, just attacking makes you wonder: when do they do their real day job? Hmmm.....

All of these have been done to me and people I care about by a certain liberal and a cohort. All that has been done in return is to limit him from intruding on our lives, and a little cartoon. You know, I wonder what other people in positions of governmental authority would think of identity theft and harassment? Hmm....Methinks a call to a local barrister is coming.....It is funny to see liberals, the so-called even minded, open minded, and all caring folks resort to such childish creating blogs simply to doing nothing but using indelicate, says a lot for tolerance and openmindedness, eh?

You know, I could be childish, but....

I prefer to stand on principle, and let others obsess. It is sad to see the single minded obsession of some people, really.

And, what a crummy picture....

Really, couldn't you have used one where I am beating up old women or stealing lunch money from children?????

Things are going really, they are...

I am at a time in my life here lately when the weight of the world, or a small hamster with an annoying bite, have been taken off my shoulders.....Work is picking up, and I am being talked to about publishing again. That is right, folks...some of you might not have known that about me. In addition to my graduation with a 4.0 from Northern Kentucky U., in addition to my National Dean's List selections, in addition to my membership in Golden Key, in addition to my membership in Phi Alpha Theta, the INTERNATIONAL History Honor Society; I am a published author. I had two articles published in NKU's nationally recognized Perspectives in History journal. By going to this link, you can download and read my articles. I am no Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.; but I try.....Not bad for a supposed expletive, eh? Not bad for a pathetic individual, eh?

Also, things are looking good all over the place...My church is going good, and my sister is following in my footsteps at the old high school by winning awards and having high marks..... time again....

Finally, the ducks are coming back to Cincy....this week they come back and I cannot has been torture not being in my usual comfy seat in sec 61, cheering on my boys.....Yeehah, lets get ready to quack again!!!!!

Busy week, may not be blogging much

As it is a holiday week, I will probably not be blogging much this week, and what I do, will be devoted to WMD. Please check out Matt and I's work, which may be inspiring a TV show....imagine that!

Well friends, take care...God bless ya....and God bless America...and Happy Thanksgiving....keep your head up and stick on the ice, ya hear?

Friday, November 21, 2003

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Thank God, It is fact, thank Him for every day!

Subbing today

For the first time at this middle school I have subbed frequently at, I had a bad experience. These kids were obnoxious, of course, in their defense the teacher did not leave a whole lot for them to do. But still, their behavior was terrible. I guess even this school has some bad bunches.....Such is life...

Possible Job Op?

Just received a message about a possible more regular job in the education is not teacher pay, but it could be regular work, to go with the Sylvan stuff.....Which could be good...I will call and mull it over.....

Tonight....OG, and who knows?

As usual, my friends Matt and Doug along with yours truly will be at our local Olive Garden...please feel free to stop by and get autographs, only 20 bucks a pop, a bargain! We will even throw in a smile from our favorite waitress Dana, or Sultry Sam may spank ya! Just kidding. It will be good to see the guys again, especially since this has been a rather long week, and there hasn't been much communication lately.

Check out WMD

Check out WMD, where we ask the tough questions about some of the PC issues of the day.....and we will be tackling more of those, because we do not want the bias of the liberalista elite media...we want to get the whole story out, and to defend truth and integrity.....See the links section for the Weapons of Mass Discussion Blog....

See you all next week....God bless ya, and may He bless our troops, our President, and America!!! Keep your head up and stick on the ice......

Thursday, November 20, 2003

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Busy, Oh So Busy!

I am sure, friends, that you are getting entertainment elsewhere, but I will try to live up to my responsibilities by some short postings here tonight....Things are busy on the work front, and on some other fronts, so blogging time is reduced.


OK, I admit it. I used to enjoy watching professional wrestling in the 1980s and 1990s. I guess the liberals will now call me white trash because of that, or call me trailer park trash. Oh well, I will let my honors from University speak for themselves. I just liked the good ol days of the good vs. evil lines....One of my favorite wrestlers has been Ric Flair, the Nature Boy. The WWE came out with a 3 disc set of the legend's career, and I have been watching it.

It is chock full of detailed insights from Flair, and has some of his best interviews and matches. There are a few "easter eggs" hidden in the menus, and I am not sure I have found all of them. It is a great entertaining stroll down sports entertainment memory lane, before all the ubersex and psychotic violence creeped in, before it did imitate Jerry Springer. Now I find out that Flair's book comes out in the Spring....can't wait to get it.

Having met and spoken with Flair, he is a really nice person and not the egomaniac his "in ring persona" makes him out to be. He really is quite humble, and was gracious to me in our brief encounter. This DVD set is a must have for fans of the Nature Boy, or of the good ol' days of wrestling, before Vince Mcmahon went insane.

No Enterprise this week...

Since my freeview on satellite is over, and since the UPN station only has about half a gigawatt of signal, I missed the episode. I will try to get to friends' to watch other episodes this season.

OG is upon us....

Tomorrow, I will again take up the tradition of visiting with my partner in crime Matt, and his roomate Doug, at the local Olive Garden restaurant. It is James' birthday, aka Alphabet, and he better show to be embarrassed. I wonder if Tom has made any headway with sultry Sam, the sexy and sassy waitress. Of course, we will be served by Dana, the greatest waitress in the world. And, I hear, Otto might show all around. Oh, speaking of OG news, we gained a new member of our crew, a potential new member to the Trek geek club. Isn't it amazing, get rid of a hamster and there is a person to replace them! Amazing how that works!!!!

Well, friends, take care....I will be speaking more in the future, (when I get time) on the Reagan Lessons (no, I havent forgotten) and some of the other issues that the media tries to silence debate on. God bless ya, God bless America, and God bless the troops fighting for our freedoms. Keep your head up and stick on the ice.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

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Some Big Thoughts on My Mind, so Listen up! You might get comedic Material from this!

Massachusetts Supreme Court: Who cares about the Will of the People!

In a surprisingly split 4-3 vote, The MSC overturned a ruling against gay marriages and therefore sanctioned gay marriages, with all the protections, etc. thereof.

Some people will call me a homophobe, some might call me a bigot, but quite frankly, they will do that anyway. I do not believe we should legislate what people do in the bedroom, if they want to do what they do, fine....But, I do not see the need to give this behavior legal protections when there is still a debate in our society going on.

Why can't we ask questions in the whole gay issue? Why can't those of us who are against gay marriage be allowed to stand firm in our values, especially when we are not limiting their practice of their lifestyle? Why can't we ask the difficult questions of should gays be given more protection and encouragement in adoption? And, who is this court to circumvent the will of the people? Most Americans do not favor gay marriage. Most Americans, in the eyes of some, are homophobes. I disagree. I think most Americans subscribe that marriage is about more than who you choose to have sex with regularly, that it is more than a contract. Therefore, this court decides, as many courts now are doing, to legislate from the bench.

No one has said that gays cannot practice their lifestyle. No one has said that they cannot date, go out in public, etc. So, where is the discrimination? Oh, so I guess if I wanted to say I was a bigamist, and I wanted to marry both the Olsen twins, that would be OK? I guess that means my rights are protected to engage in an "alternate lifestyle." Well, that is the dangerous precedent this court is setting. They are saying that alternate lifestyles are protected....So, if this is allowed to go through without the intervention of the legislature, then in a few years, we should be seeing more pedophile marriages protected, animal marriages protected, and the like.

I do not know the answer on the adoption question. I have read stories about gays adopting and their children growing up to make their own decisions about sexuality; and I have also seen that there is some subtle influence in one case of gay parents I had firsthand knowledge of, that is to say, I knew the couple. It was a co-worker at the school I used to teach at. This woman, if you wish to use stereotypes, was rather butch-looking, in fact she was often mistaken for a man by freshmen just coming to the high school. She adopted a child of a friend/relative in trouble. Upon first look, this girl acted typical, she was rambunctious, kind, and seemed to be doing well. As I examined the issue further, i noticed this girl heading more and more to frolicking with younger girls, and in some cases behaving questionably with them. This was written off as merely kids play, but the behavior grew consistent and more sensual. It caused me to wonder, were these parents influencing the child? When a young boy asked her to be boyfriend/girlfriend, she was encouraged by her parent to say no. However, she had no problem announcing another girl was her girlfriend. I do not know if there was manipulation, but it causes me to wonder....

On the adoption issue....I just do not know. However, I think we should honestly debate this issue without the typical liberal moves of labelling those who disagree with their position "bigots" or "homophobes."

There is more I want to say on this issue of the silencing and censorship by liberals, but I do not have time today. For now, speak out on your values...Do not think that if you disagree with liberals and their mad groupthink that you are bigoted or messed up. That is up to others to decide. Do not let the Thought Police of the media establishment rule what you say.....I encourage everyone to read Arrogance, by Bernard Goldberg. It tells just about the mad groupthink of the liberal mainstream media. It is a great read, and I am halfway through it. It will open your eyes to the manipulation we have let happen before our eyes.

In conclusion, it is not discrimination, friends, it is holding true to some values, values that do not hinder one's ability to function or practice your lifestyle. And, isn't divergent opinon and open debate supposedly what the liberals are all about? Isn't that was Star Trek was all about?

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Posted by Mark at 10:01 PM


Busy Week so far....

I am sure you all are missing me..NOT!!!! Things are very busy right now, between subbing in schools and tutoring at Sylvan....Have been very busy with little time to blog...Also, an organization I am involved in is expecting around 10-15 courses to be written by the end of November, and I only have 2 of them done...So, as you can see, I am behind el 8 ball.

When ExtraCurriculars Go out of control

When are kids going to do their homework? My sister here recently has had to stay after school from 3 pm to 8 pm every night...What is this for, you ask? Choir! For a performance of some dinner. And her choir teacher says that everyone must stay as long as she sees fit, even if she goes over. Well, last night my folks, who both work nights, went to pick her up at 8 pm. My sister asked her teacher, who said the event was going to go on til 8:30, if it was ok to leave...She practically griped out my sister for getting picked up by her parents: "no, it is not ok, but go anyway..." My sis explained it was because my parents worked but this did not deter the teacher. This is one of many episodes with this choir director, and one of many with the schools that I see now. When is time for homework? When is time for family time?

This teacher expects her parents to be flexible to her wishes...what about reality? What about people who work, who pay her salary? She is not in this for the kids! She is in it to hear the adoration of the crowd. She even gripes out colleagues who don't meet her immediate will, as the art department was late getting some artwork done, not overly late, but just a day. She blew her top. This woman is out of control, yet no one says anything....the reasoning? They are afraid their kids will be punished for it. Well, that is just great.....of course, in a school district where extracurriculars and sports are the be-all, who cares if some students are up til 1 am getting homework done, at such young ages of 15? Who really cares, since they have to get up and drive cars and may hit school buses? I mean, what really matters is that this "show" is perfect! At least, that is the way this ignorant teacher sees it. When it stops being about the kids, then it is time to stop.

Check out WMD

As I am getting busy, most of my blogging and research time will be devoted to WMD. Please check out my witting reparte over there. You can find a link over in the section marked TIB Network.

Well, that is all for now....God bless ya, and God bless America. Keep your head up and stick on the ice.....

Monday, November 17, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:16 AM

They have pinchers, but at least they aren't rodents

I have come to the conclusion that crustaceans are better to have around than rodents.....In fact, I like lobsters far more than I do hampsters. You know, lobsters are capable of finding their own food, and do more than rodents. Most rodents, especially hampsters, feed off of other creatures' work, for instance-the hampster feeds off of its owner. However, you know what you are getting when you deal with lobster...they are going to defend themselves...Rodents appear all cute and fuzzy, but they are very unpredictable and selfish....they eat their own young. They also like to bite, which does not hurt much, but there is the risk they carry disease........ Rodents are duplicit, meaning they will do their tricks and love you as long as you give them something....when it comes time to put up or shut up, they often will not be there. So, friends, I like lobster and crustaceans......I do not like rodents and hampsters......Take this for whatever you find meaningful

Speaking of Crustaceans.....

I just found this great other blog, which I will be getting a link to, called Dr. Lobster (Food for Thought). He has some great insights, and he too does not care for hampsters and rodents.....Check it out.

WMD, now with Comments?

Over at WMD, we now have installed comment codes so you can comment on our articles...Matt has done this because he is the HTML master of our partnership in the vast right wing conspiracy(even if he is a centrist, or was). Feel free to check them out and comment, but please read the terms of use....And, I disagree with my friend about is not censorship....Because the interpretation of the Constitution's rights has always been: your rights end where someone else's begin. Therefore, your right of free speech ends when you say something that I deem offensive or inappropriate for my uses, and I will delete it...So, not censorship, just practicing the working idea of the foundation of our country, which of course liberals hate....they just love to cry about conspiracies and silencing when there isn't any......

See you all later.....God bless ya, and God bless America...

Posted by Mark at 12:07 AM

Reflections on Kennedys, Past and Present

This week will mark the 40th anniversary of the Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who served in the office from 1961 to his death in 1963. Now, I could go down the road of most people on this subject and discuss the various theories of who really killed JFK, whether Oswald acted alone, and the alleged (and in large part, proven) cover-up. However, I think this has been done too much, and we avoid some other salient points. I am instead going to look at JFK, the man and statesman, and take a look at some other things, too.

JFK was first and foremost a very brave man. He was born with several defects which would limit his mobility and quality of life all his days. He developed Addison's Disease which hinders and destroys the adrenal glands ability to regulate the body. He had horrific back problems that resulted in premature osteoporosis of the back. During the course of his life he was adminstered the last rites 3 times, only to miraculously recover. Of course, there is also his service to the country in WWII with PT 109.

You all, by now, know that I am a conservative and tend to vote Republican. However, I have always respected JFK, even if I disagreed with the party to which he belonged, because I think the party and times were different then. JFK was something of an anomaly as a Democrat. He was in favor of the same tax cuts that Reagan and now Bush has used to jump start the economy. He also wanted to be a president respected as the commander in chief, not just as the head politician. For more information on that, see the dramatization of the Cuban Missile Crisis 13 Days, for you movie lovers, or read the book by his White House Chief of staff. It is an excellent film and an excellent book. Despite the fact that I think he could have been more resolute in pushing for an unconditional withdrawal from Cuba, I cannot fault the man's decision making. After all, he did save us from possible nuclear annhiliation. JFK really did care for the welfare of people.

Of course, we also hear about his personal life. He was dependent on painkillers and steroids and even amphetamines during his Presidency. He employed someone known as Dr. Feelgood for drugs to combat his conditions. However, this was a man who really most doctors thought would be dead by the time he became President. He knew he was living on borrowed time. He was terrible in his personal behavior of infidelity, but there is even new light on that. The drugs he was taking have been known to cause an almost insatiable increase in the sex desire of people who take them. I am not going to go here any further, as that is beyond decorum.

JFK was a man of vision, beyond party politics. I think he had a vision, a vision of a world of peace, where we no longer had to worry about communism. I think he saw a world of better opportunities. Do I think he was going to get us there? No, it would take time. Do I think it could have happened sooner? Perhaps. Much of what Kennedy envisioned was actually accomplished by someone from another party: Ronald Reagan. JFK wanted a world where Berliners were united, where Germany was united. Reagan's tough stance caused that to come to fruition, and I think Kennedy would be proud of that. I think George W. Bush shares a vision of peace, but it has been mired by partisanism.

That is another thing about JFK--He didn't care about party politics as long as it got the job done. He was even distrusted by some in his own party, and some of his legislation was trampled on, even as his party controlled the legislature. However, he persevered and stood firm. I think there is a lesson there for George W. Bush. JFK was also a man of honor when it came to feelings about the country and about discourse. He was a man of high ideals, but a man who failed to live up to them in his personal life, but still a man who tried his best to portray honor and dignity in government. He was a statesman and a visionary, and for that, he is to be admired.

Which brings me to the present Kenendy--Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. This man has tarnished the Kennedy name more than any affair of JFK or any allegations of illegal drug abuse. JFK and RFK spent years and much sacrifice forging idealism and bringing the Kennedy name to that. Teddy Kennedy has done little but savage the reputation and honor of the Kennedys. There is the Chappaquitick incident, the attempted coverup of rape by his relative William K. Smith, his own drunken carrousing and infidelity, and his shady deals in the Senate. Lately, this man has sunk to a new low by publicly saying a President lied and created a war for political gain. His brothers are looking down in shame. While JFK was a politician, to be sure, and would engage in rhetoric, this would be shameful even to him, a man who prized the writings about the great debates in the ancient Senate, etc. RFK was a dreamer who wanted real results, not rhetoric remember "people look at the world and say why...I dream worlds that never existed and say why not?" Does anything Teddy says come close to those words? Does anything Ted says come close to his older brother's exhortation: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. ? Sadly, no. Unfortunately, many Americans will grow up with the overall impression of the Kennedys as merely being sexual predators, drunken alcoholic carousers, and blowhards who call highly qualified judges neanderthals and who say Presidents cook up wars for Political gain......Sadly, Teddy invokes more of the shady dealings of Joe Kennedy than he does the idealism and courage of JFK or RFK. Ted Kennedy is a disgrace, and he should actually read his brothers' words and ideals, not pay them lip service and do all he can to destroy their honor and integrity with his own carrying on.

JFK, RFK, you were men who shaped the course of your time, and who had ideas that have been successful (tax cuts, etc.) and even if you were men with faults (infidelity, etc.) you both were honorable when it came to your duties as servants of the people. You both were men who could lift the spirits of Americans to do great things, and it is a shame that the party you helped sweep to modern prominence has fallen into liberal idealogues who no longer care about what is good for America or honor, but who care only for their own influence and spheres of power (read: the Clintons, the Dascholes, the Ted Kennedys). I would be ashamed of your brother, but I would take delight in the younger Kennedy in Congress, who seems to evoke a more pragmatic approach reminiscent of you two. Wherever you two men are, God bless you, and thank you for inspiring men and women of America.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Posted by Mark at 3:25 PM

Time is Precious, so I will be Brief

Happy Friday, everyone! TGIF

Well, is that time..had sub gig today so won't be able to engage so much in my usual deep thinking...Some quick hits so far...
Class at the HS was better this time, so I think the letter I gave the admin and teacher about the discipline issues worked..for now.....Rush Limbaugh comes back on Monday....I hope I have time to listen a bit to see if/how he has changed....Some out there are saying he should go to jail...but he has not even been charged yet...let's remember that......Also, meeting some folks at dinner tonight....hope we have the fun we usually do....Well, friends, until next time....Take care....God bless ya, and may God bless the USA...Keep your head up and stick on the ice....

Thursday, November 13, 2003

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Thursday's TubThumping

Star Trek: Enterprise

I missed last week's episode, as I was out watching the new Matrix movie. Also, my satellite no longer provides the local channels, and my antenna does not get the UPN station. Well, luckily, I was over at friends' last night, and got to see this week's episode. It was set on a planet that looked like Earth's Old West. Humans and Skaggs were the lifeforms. Archer and company find out some interesting information about the history of this planet, and I will leave the rest of the episode at that. I do not know how last week's episode tied to this or what, but: What happened to the mission to find the Xindi? Aren't we in the midst of war with the Xindi, as they try to create a doomsday weapon? Why are we monkeying around playing cowboys and indians on some planet? The episode was not terrible to watch, but really: What did it have to do with the story arc? I give it a negative view because it does not tell the story arc that has been about or referenced in near every episode since the attack on earth. It had good action and some mild humor, but this episode should have been shot when the Enterprise was not involved in trying to stop Armageddon.

Check out WMD for Deep thoughts....

My friend Matt and I are having fun and tackling some issues, as well as finding out more about ourselves and our views, over at WMD. Check it out. We have fun discussing issues, but even when we disagree, we are able to remain friends, because friendship is more important that talking points, or at least it should be.

Wrench in the Ole Social Life, such a it was

No more late nights for me...No gentle reader, I did not get married or discover a love child I must take care of....Due to a changing work schedule on the part of my father, as both he and mother now both work 3rd shift, I will need to watch over my teen sister at night. This throws a wrench into my social calendar, but since family is more important to me than anything except for God, then we will check in on sis at night, even if I was left home alone at a younger age and did fine.

I am not angry, because it is no one's fault, it is not part of some vast plot to hinder me, I am not the center of the universe, as some out there think they are. And, I am duty bound, and I will not shy away from my duties. Therefore, my nights are limited....Oh well, hopefully with the booming economy, things will change for my folks, and I can again be more independently minded.....Until then, I stay the course and do my duty.

What? No Hockey for two weeks?

The Ducks are on an extended road trip, so there will be no hockey for two weeks. To get my fix, I might even have to go see an infidel Cyclones game, or go watch peewee hockey. On the upside, though, is I get to renew my ritual with friends at the Olive Garden on Friday nights. I love this gathering of true friends. We all understand when we can't make it, because we know we have varied interests, but we don't try to change each other, or mold them to our ideals, though we might discuss at times. We don't try to make ourselves the center of the universe or to control the evening....We are good friends, and it is good to fellowship with them.

Well, friends...that is all for now...The weekend is almost here, don't you fear....God bless ya, and God bless America....Keep your heads up and sticks on the ice, ya hear?

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

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Wednesday....and all is well

Where is the outrage?

Over at WMD, check out my In the Crosshairs monologue on the lack of coverage on the Senate Intel Com Memo.

The French Looking Jean Kerry...or..what happens when you have no core values

Well, John Kerry continues to twist in the wind, going wherever the polls show he should go....He is not giving a message, he is pandering a different story by the hour. Instead of blaming his campaign manager for his lackluster performance, he needs to blame himself, and his lack of ideas and core values.

In protest, two other members of the campaign quit on Jean Kerry, saying it was unfair to fire the campaign manager, and they are right...When you look like you waffle on everything, and change daily to try to clone your rival, you are not going to do well, no matter the election or party.

Mr. Kerry, you could have been a contenda, really. You could have stuck to your guns in supporting the Iraq resolution, as you did...but instead, you succumb to the polls and waffle on it, saying you were only voting for the threat of force...well, that shows that either you didn't read the resolution, couldn't read the resolution, or that you are pandering....any of the three is intolerable. You try to claim you bring a firm vision,especially on defense; but if you visit Kerry's website, you will see that the line that says Jean Kerry has a plan for Iraq-when you click on it, it takes you back to the home page. Where is the plan? Where is the vision? Mr. Kerry, you are to blame for your lack of success. It is so bad for him now, that he is making up poll numbers.

Sylvan Follies

Working at Sylvan during the evenings has introduced me to some great folks, and has reintroduced me to someone I went to high school with. It has been great getting to know some of these teachers, especially the active ones who have regular teaching jobs; and sharing my story and them understanding my situation. Randy is the guru of math. The math area is the "inner Sanctum" if you will.....Bridgette, who focuses mostly on younger kids' reading, stays away from that area like it is the plague. Monica, my fellow high school alumni, she is a jackette of all trades, working on study skills as well as reading and math. She has been at Sylvan a bit longer than me, and has more training. Though, she does not like the math, which a majority of us at sylvan agree with, though I am trained to tutor and have, I prefer the reading and will love the writing and study skills, once I am trained. Right now, I focus on reading, with some math work....It is not what I would like to be doing, but God has a purpose for me there. Oh, and I forgot Brenda. Woah boy, Brenda is one of the most concerned and caring people I know. She sometimes comes off a bit like she is a bit off, but she has a lot on her plate. She has to travel many miles to work, and has four kids at home, and does a lot at the center. She is a great lady and has been a nice pillow of comfort for us tutors when we are down...she is a great listener and is becoming a good friend.

Well, that is enough for now....Take care, hang in there.....Keep your head up and stick on the ice...God bless ya, and God bless America.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:57 PM


I just wanted to take the time to thank all our veterans, past and present, living and passed, for doing what so many of us do not have to: defending our freedoms with their lives.....We appreciate all you have done for us, even if at times we take our freedoms and your sacrificies for granted....Please keep all veterans-past, present, living, deceased-in your thoughts and prayers today...Today is not a day for politicizing our military's heroes, but for honoring and celebrating these most noble souls who sacrifice so we as Joe Citizens do not have to....God bless you all....

This holiday is special to me because I have known many veterans....Both my grandfathers served, Grandpa Buggs in WWII; and my Dad's Dad in Korea. My church friend Art H., God rest his soul, was a veteran of Korea and told about the vicious actions of the Chinese fighting with the communists; John D., another church friend, is a marine veteran of the South Pacific during WWII, he was on Saipan, guadalcanal, among other places in the South Pacific, and went through many dangers. My granduncle, Gerald, he was one of the original Green Berets, and served in every military conflict from Korea to Grenada. He was a noble soul, not one to boast, and said he was not too special from anyone else, even if he had achieved the highest non-com rank. His son, Eddie, has followed in his footsteps and is an Army Ranger, special forces guy who has been on the hunt for these animal leaders Saddam and Usama.....There are many others, who have instilled in me great respect for the men and women in uniform...My own father was in the Air Force, but did not serve during war.....My friend Jack served in the Vietnam era and has been hailed as being key to saving men in an incident during the war that he cannot discuss....All of these men, regular citizens, putting it all on the line....God bless them all....They are our true heroes....

Posted by Mark at 12:54 PM

Further Extension on Thoughts on Education

After further consideration, I realized I failed to point out a key component of the whole "decay of education" argument....THE PARENTS. As a conservative, I firmly believe in the idea that first and foremost, it is the parents responsibility for raising their children by instilling values, morals, etc. That glaring omission does not indicate a change in my philosophy, but rather an inadvertent lapse in my original argument.

Where are the parents? More and more families have two working parents, due in large part to the taxes that they have to pay, the over-taxation of the American people. Also, it is due to the increased costs for education they must pay. Furthermore, parents are working due to increased senses of keeping up with expectations, instead of being worried about substance, they worry about perception. It takes so much more to “keep up with the Jones’” these days and our young parents are spending more time achieving “status” than they are with their children.

Where are the parents? Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce or separation of some sort. You have many children being raised by one parent, or used as a football by the parents for some sort of financial or emotional gain. You have a culture that has, through media manipulation, encouraged a lack of trying to work through differences, that has caused people not to want to work at relationships, because they can find someone else anyway...this creates a disconnect of families. Also, especially in inner cities and rural areas, there are a lot of single moms out there with multiple kids. These single moms are doing their best, but the dads are nowhere to be seen...again, due to a culture that glorifies promiscuity and objectifies women. And, contrary to the rosy picture of the “do it all” mom, most single moms do not have Murphy Brown jobs... Most single mothers really struggle, and the fathers do little...many times the divorce or separation is because the family ran from its problems, appeased the problems rather than trying to work through things and take responsibility.

Where are the parents? The parents continue to be caught up in the culture of “me first,” which is about fulfilling yourself before anyone else and loosening all responsibilities. They let Playstation or TV babysit their kids, again because they run from the responsibility. Why do most parents today do this? It is because they were not prepared by their parents, and/or they had kids at such a young age.....

We are seeing kids having kids, and while some polls say otherwise, it is still a problem. In the school I referred to before, this district teaches 3rd graders sex-ed and condom use, and discusses sex with them. Why do 3rd graders need to know this? Since the implementation of this program, this district has become the county capital of unwed teen pregnancy and delinquency. Also, these young mothers are encouraged to continue in school, to let others care for their baby, to bring the baby to school to show it off. It has become like a badge of honor, and I see this more and more.

Where are the parents? They are busy engaging in other behavior and have allowed their children to run wild. They have been told by the media that discipline is bad, that we must allow children to do whatever they want, that is how they learn. We have to not be so hard on them...We also have parents who care more about being liked than in doing what is right for their children. They so want to have it both ways, that they sacrifice discipline to hear their child say what great parents they are. I have seen it....I have seen robbery and sexual imposition excused as “kids being kids” or “Johnny really is a good boy”, or its “her fault” All because parents have bought into the idea that they should let others raise their children. Well, in some instances, they are right. We in the know should have been taking the initiative instead of propagating sexual exploring, we should be teaching abstinence. As, according to surveys, the best thing to avoid poverty comes down to three things, and this comes from articles referenced by respected African American EconomistWalter E. Williams: finish high school, don't get pregnant before you are 20, and do not get pregnant until you are married......90+% of people who did that never go through poverty. (See here and here for source material)

Where are the parents? Many are defending their children's deviant behavior in school to protect their own images. Rather than side with teachers and schools, parents are believing Little Johnny more, even with mountains of evidence to the contrary. Here is a story: I caught Johnny harassing a girl, with notes of what he wanted to do to her, the girl and I went to the principal; and the parents came in. They defended Johnny's behavior saying he just had a crush and didn’t know how to discuss his feelings, and that the girl "had led him on." Give me a break. Saying you want to rip a girl's clothes off and hear her scream for mercy while you engage in sex is not misstating a crush, it is threatened sexual assault! Luckily, the authorities were called as well, and despite threats of lawsuits, the school went ahead and pressed charges. I see this more and more....and the defense for the children is: “who are you to tell me how to raise my kid?” Well, obviously no one else told you how, and you better learn. I hear all the time, " I take care of my kids..." Well, caring for a child is more than outfitting them in Aeropostale and Abercrombie and is instilling values, one of which should be a value in betterment and education....What I am seeing more and more is the installation of us (kid and parent) against them (the school) instead of it being a partnership and team effort. The parents will use the schools as bad guys to enforce discipline until it conflicts with a golf schedule...

Where are the parents to teach their children that sex should not be about sinking to our animal instincts, and only about self-gratification, but a beautiful meeting of two people and mutual fulfillment? We have objectified sex to where it is merely something to do, and it has taken the mystery out of it. Why do you think there is more promiscuity among young people? Sex has been turned into something to do, the meaning of it has been taken out, and we have regressed to being just above dogs and animals in sexual self-control. No wonder relationships don't last, most are based on sex, and when that gets boring, there has been no other attempt to connect....

Unfortunately, many parents have accepted the cultural line of abdicating responsibility, for fear of being labeled a mean person. They have taken being liked as being better than doing what is best for your children. That is what the pop psychologists and the Oprah culture have done to our parents....that is what the folks who do the "more social" approach to learning have done...Instead of empowering parents, we have undercut them, through media presentation and through legislation and the whole "if you hit a kid, you are automatically bad." I have been spanked, I am not abused... and I have not engaged in sexual deviancy, drug abuse or illegal drug use (though I did drink some when underage, which I regret to this day), or being a troublemaker at school. I was taught to value achievement, that teachers were there to help, and that if I did wrong I would pay at school and worse at home...That is not being taught today, instead children are being taught how to shift blame for their behavior on others, and to self-victimize themselves to avoid any responsibility.

Some criticize the teaching of abstinence...Tell me another method of birth control that is 100% effective? Not one....Abstinence is the key, to quote Earvin Magic Johnson, HIV sufferer and advocate for Abstinence education. He realizes that some teens will still do the deed, as it were, but he encourages abstinence, because it is the only 100% effective method.

In conclusion, while there may be many reason why the parents aren’t involved in the development of their child, they are vital. We must find ways of engaging the parents if we ever hope to achieve success. So much of the fight against poverty begins with the values that are instilled in our children. It is imperative that our children receive a positive message about sex and education. Some argue that this is a problem that money can fix, I couldn’t disagree more. This is a problem that parents and teachers, together in a partnership for the betterment and development of our children, can handle. That can happen if the message becomes one of personal responsibility as we abandon the concept of shifting blame.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Posted by Mark at 7:37 PM

Monday, Manic Monday

Weekend fun fun...

Had a fantastic weekend...Saw two really great hockey games, Ducks won on Friday and on Saturday....Ilja Bryzgalov, the goaltender, was awesome in net for the Ducks....On Friday, the Ducks won 3-1, in a great contest against the Rochester was filled with great body checks, great shots, and great goaltending...Saturday's game was a hockey fan's dream if you know the intricacies of hockey.....Ilja made dazzling glove saves and seemed to swat the puck impossibly with his glove hand, while leading the Ducks to a 4-0 shutout....The Ducks faithful were very pleased, and the place was pretty decent....There were a lot of casual fans, who may not have understood the intricacies of the game, as it was a giveaway night; but it still shows the ducks hold promise this season, as they are on a 5 game unbeaten streak, winning 4 of their last 5. It was team photo night, and the guys were worthy of getting their pictures taken with excellent defense and good positioning....It was a great game, and I loved cheering for my boys, and chatting it up with Chris, Julie, and Jason, my crazy fellow fans who helped make the game even more exciting......GO DUCKS!!!! Keep up the sizzling hockey, and you will win over more fans!

Battlestar Galactica...missed the good stuff

Visited Doug and Matt on Sunday, got there in time to see the last four episodes of the Battlestar Galactica Boxed Set....Well, let me tell you, the deleted scenes were not spectacular or revealing, but at times were funny...At times, these last episodes were painful to watch and seemed a bit campy at times....Some might say that for the whole show's run; but I liked the Galactica days of the Sylons (sp?) and such.....And Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict ROCKED!!!!! Having met both of them, along with Lt. Boomer (Herb Jefferson Jr.), I naturally am a fan.....But, this series really hit bottom in its final few episodes.....Oh well, it was a good series overall.....

Busy day in the Life.....

Got a call 15 minutes before the start of high school to sub at said school....Love the advance notice, people...really! It shows both a lack of respect on the school's part, but even more of a lack of respect on the teacher's part for waiting to call in so late......and the behavior of the children confirmed, that at least, for some classes, not enough is being taught...So much for the great touchy feely liberal reforms of the late 90s.....All the liberal education elite establishment is doing is fostering an air where responsibility is absent, and everything is ok, which is sad....I was so sad to see so many young pregnant girls.....obviously products of the welfare society that has been created by the liberal agenda, where responsibility is no longer taught, but rather the abdicating of such...Good job, liberals...way to ensure the health and vitality of our future generations....NOT!!!!

Well, that is all for now....God bless America, God bless our troops, and keep your head up and stick on the ice.....

Friday, November 07, 2003

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Tackling the issues, with 3/4 of our brains and one hand tied behind our backs, just to make it fair...

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, TODAY, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO READ WMD: Weapons of Mass Discussion, the blog that matt and I have established as the flagship of the TIB (Truth in Blogging) Network. Today, we expose the Intel Com Memo, we talk about the Real Job Growth in the US, and we do our freak of the week....Check this stuff out, because we tell it like it is...After all, we are the BIG GUYS WITH BIG IDEAS....

Posted by Mark at 12:18 PM

I am not the only one who notes Liberals Refusal to Admit Bush Success

Aside from Zell Miller, democrat Senator from Georgia, and Aside from Andrew Cuomo, democrat and son of the famous Mario Cuomo, and aside from Ed Koch, former mayor of New York and Democrat; even average joes are starting to see that liberals are misrepresenting the successes of the Bush administration...Now, granted, there are problems, namely the deficit, and personally I do not care for the President's letting Ted Kennedy mutilate the education plan, but overall we are doing well.....Here is an op/ed piece from someone who was in the Armed forces, who visited Iraq...Just another Joe Average.

Read the editorial here.

Posted by Mark at 12:09 PM

More bonus blogging

Here is a poem I wrote in high school......I have found the answer to the question it asks:

People say I have so much
that I shouldn't be sad but full of mirth
But I ask you, without someone to share it with
what good is it worth?
i look at all the lovers in nature's slate
and I wonder;
who'll be my mate?
I wonder if forever I will be alone
because there's no one, no one.
no one to tell my pains,
no one to share my gains.
Ilook around and se the light of nature,
all beautiful and stark;
But lately, when I look within,
all I see is dark.
Only the dark, which is cold,
It chills my soul.
And on those bad times,
When I go to pick up the phone,
I realize....I've got no one.
And all I can do is sit back and muse:
In all nature, there are lovers where'er I see-
But who is there....for me?

Well friends, thankfully I have the answer. God is there for me....Jesus is there for me....and, my friends are there for me.....All of these people care for me far more than I could imagine, and I feel the same....I don't need to pick up a phone, all I need is to send up a prayer....It took me a while, but I thank God I found the answer to those questions, the answers which were always in front of me, but I was too blind to see...Thank you, Lord for your providence, and I trust that if it is Your will, then there will be a somegirl special for me....If not, I have you and I have my friends, that is more than blessing enough.....Take care all, and God bless ya.

Posted by Mark at 10:34 AM

TGIF--Let's Get Ready for the Weekend!!!

Dernell Stenson Killed

Reds rookie outfielder Dernell Stenson was killed in an apparent scuffle over his car. He was shot and run over by his own vehicle. Stenson was an up and coming rookie outfielder the Reds acquired this season. He played in several games for the Reds and some in the Reds organization were excited about his future, according to radio reports I heard the other night on 700WLW, the newsstation here in Cincy. According to those same sources, Stenson was well liked by his fellow players. One source said he got along with everyone, and he was well liked by his fellow young teammates....He was in the prime of his life...How sad.....I never got a chance to meet Stenson, but I liked his attitude....he hustled, and he seemed to work hard out on the diamond.....He will be missed....

Workplace Shooting In WestChester, Ohio

Yesterday, a gunman shot five people at Wilkins Trucking Company in West Chester. Apparently, the man was an employee of the firm two years ago. Schools were closed following the rampage, as the assailant was on the loose. He turned himself in a few hours later in Indiana, at a rest stop. Two people were killed, and three others critically injured, with serious catastrophic, life changing injuries.....Keep these folks in your prayers....

Now, some good news

Its hockey weekend again here in town, as the ducks are playing two games, and I, of course, will be at both...I love the chance to root on my fav team in a competitive sport, and to me, hockey is cool because so many things are going on at can watch it from different angles and get all sorts of different is great stuff.....If you are in the Cincy area, come out and watch the Ducks, they are hard working, nice guys who want to chase their NHL dreams.....and it is competitive hockey.....also, the gardens is an historical treasure, and has a museum, and is just a beautiful classic facility. AND, FREE PARKING!!!!!

I could rant and rave, but why bother?

You know, trolling around some blogs, I have seen some very harsh reviews of the poetry I put up yesterday....and some very hurtful comments and counter verses, as it were. I could rant and rave, but why bother? If you don't like it, don't read it.....What is troubling to me is that now innocents in this supposed war between another person and I are being drawn in, and that is not right.....Call me fat if you will, which I freely admit I am overweight; but please leave the people I break bread with out of it.....The allusions therein are insulting...Whoops, ranting and raving again...Sorry, it will be of no use.....They will continue....Oh well....

Hope Everyone Has a Great Weekend

I really hope everyone out there has a pleasant weekend, and that we all find a bit of happiness to carve out and have for ourselves.....Even those of you/us in dire circumstances, I pray you can find something to hold onto for happiness, because there is something...There is the love of Christ, which surpasses all comprehension....Sorry for preaching, but really, it is there....I pray for all those suffering with illness out there, those who may be in conflict, and those who need comfort.....God bless you all, God bless America! Keep your head up and stick on the ice.....

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:36 PM

Bonus Thursday Material

Some random thoughts....

When you hurt me
you expected me to cry
when it hit me
I wanted to die...

however, there is one
never to be outdone
who will stop the tears
and all my fears,
who is a friend
to the end
Jesus, me he freed;
he truly is all I need.

Be your friend?
sure I said.
How did it go?
You treated me as a schmo.

Friends don't hate,
but in that you participate,
Said we'd be friends,
yet now it is at an end.

No matter what i did
your hate became unhid
When you said you respected me
you lied, when really you detested me.

Why, why? it does not matter.
I know now, the truth behind your banter.

The scars are still healing,
Sometimes they bleed
from all the hate
which to me you feed
however, it is ok
I know what it is to pay
and i will not hate you
though that is what you do
i will instead take the pain
because no matter
you wont gain
instead i will forgive the hurt
even if i felt like dirt
it is my duty you see
cause Christ did the same for me
and if by some chance, you change your tune
by the light of the silvry moon
then there I will be
ready to be friends again, you see

Posted by Mark at 12:23 PM

Over the Hump Thursday! Only 1 More Day til Weekend!


Missed this episode, as I was out with friends watching the Matrix Revolutions for the 2nd time, as Doug needed to see it....Also, my opinions on Enterprise are going to fade out, as my freeview of local channels on satellite has come to an end, and my regular TV reception of the crummy UPN channel is terrible.....oh well...

More on the Matrix Revolutions

As I watched the movie a 2nd time, there were some interesting thoughts that came through....Why did Lock (the lieutenant) have to curse so much? And, Why did they make him to be a walking cliche? And, what did Lock think about Naiobi and Morpheus hanging out so much together, as Lock is Naiobi's husband? The movie continues to be my second fav, even though there are still some murky gaps that were not explored, especially if this is the "end." Such as, what happens now with the polluted Earth? Wither Humanity now? Just some thoughts.

Everything is Beautiful...Kinda

As this year winds down, and as we get closer to Thanksgiving, I am into the reflection mood....You know, for all the crap that happened to me this year: getting unjustly axed, friendships lost then regained then lost, having to work several jobs, having a student die on my birthday and always having my birthday remind me of that (HOWS THAT FOR A BAD BIRTHDAY, REALLY!!) and also working a decidedly useless convention during my birthday weekend, for the greater good of people who may not understand what it cost me- despite all that, and other mishaps, my life is pretty good right now....I have great friends, like Jack M., Matt, Doug, Tom, Rick P., Jason H., and Ang and Doug W., heck, even Otto H.; my church friends are awesome, and we see God working in our lives; my family is interesting and doing better, as dad's health is getting better; I still have the opportunity to affect young lives with tutoring and subbing; and I am exploring my relationship with God, seeking to get ever closer to Him....Also, I trust in the Lord that He will see me through, and that all things work to the good for those who believe in Him and are called to His purpose....Other good things are that I started this blog, which has been very theraputic at times, and have formed a great partnership with my friend Matt over at WMD, and there are some exciting things going on there....Things are pretty cool right now, even if the money isn't as good as it was with the regular teaching job.....There are some things vastly more important than money, and God has blessed me deeply in these regards; and no, I do not mean video games, DVDs, DVRs, or any other convenience....He has blessed me in so many ways.

It is not about Censorship, it is about Cruelty

There has been a liberal backlash from the Hollywood Elite about the "censoring" of the Reagans by CBS. There is no censorship--it is still going to air, only on showtime, where such acts of fiction are better suited. No, it is not about censorship, it is about cruelty. This man, forget the President stuff a minute, this man is dying of an insidious disease and cannot defend himself. His wife, who is taking care of him, has to sit and watch him die it not a bit cruel to paint such a twisted caricature of her, and to have some of the blatantly false material presented while this is going on? That is my point....If this were 10 years from now, heck, let CBS show the movie....however, it is more than cruel to present this material as the family is suffering.....that is the problem with Hollywood, they just dont get is not about 'censoring my artistic expression,' no, it is about not being cruel to someone and a family that served this country well and now is suffering. So, go ahead and show your own cruelty, by jumping on the whole 'this is censorship' was never about censorship, it was about being cruel...even liberal columnists saw that, as did the President of CBS, and besides that, it wasn't even a good movie...Saturday Night Live could have written better.....It was never about censorship, but about cruelty...if you want to see the drivel so bad, go get Showtime...I hear they are needing a few more subscriptions.

Hockey Time again

The Ducks got revenge against Grand Rapids last night, winning by a score of 4-1. Ilja Bryzgalov was awesome in net, stopping 16 of 17 shots, and Joel Stepp scored two goals in the victory...this game was played in Grand Rapids, so I cannot give my usual sparkling commentary. Go Ducks!!! They play two games at home this weekend, vs. Rochester and Toronto. Let's Go Ducks!!!

Well, friends, that is all for now....God bless you all, May God give you what you need, and may he maketh his face to shine upon you....God bless America! Keep your head up and stick on the ice.....

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Posted by Mark at 5:08 PM

Wednesday's Wild Weird Alerts

Regarding the Reagans Boycott

There are some out there who call this right wing censorship, but what about when PETA argues for boycotts of certain products, or when liberals say to boycott conservative websites or blogs? Then they call it exercising their rights of protest.....But when conservatives do it, it is considered censorship...No hypocrisy, there, is there?

Election Day Wrap-up

Not that it matters for the '04 election, but the Republicans gained two more governorships yesterday in the election, in Kentucky and in Mississippi. In Kentucky, it was the first time in 30 years that a Republican gained the governorship. Since these races did not affect me, I really have no opinion....however, I am glad many did not merely take the typical liberal encouragement and vote a straight ticket, that many people voted their conscience, rather than merely voting for a party.....Voting should be more than about vengeance, it is a sacred duty and responsibility.


Saw the new Matrix movie today....thankfully, it was better than the second one, as there seems to be more closure in this one....The story seemed more people driven, less convoluted....The ending and resolution is quite interesting....I would actually recommend this one, though I still prefer the first movie the best.....

A Little Clarification.....

I was just an MBA a postDOCTORATE degree? I did not think Dubya was a doctor (Ph.D.) already? Or did I just see some more fuzzy facts?

Well...that is all for now....keep your head up and stick on the ice....God Bless you all, God bless the President, and God bless America!!!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:54 PM

Breaking News....The Boycott has Paid off...but not Completely....

Check out this story at the Drudge Report.

CBS has chosen not to air the Reagans at all!!! Thank goodness!!! I guess after most media folks said it would be suicide for CBS to alienate its core audience (those over 40, most of whom are Reagan supporters) they finally listened. Also, there was talk that P&G and other sponsors were pressured to pull away from the network if they show it.

Before we start celebrating this grassroots victory, there is a caveat. CBS has allowed Showtime, one of its cable networks, the ownership of this piece of lies. Also, they are going to show it uncut, except for the AIDS comment that was so inflammatory.....

Therefore, friends, I encourage people to cancel their subscriptions to Showtime, a network that has sunk to new lows in regards to controversial programming....This whole Viacom production group, of which CBS and Showtime are part, are still trying to portray these lies....It is a shame that a dying president must be defamed, and that the family that has to watch him suffer has to be put through this...Continue the boycott, ladies and gentlemen, because we have seen some fruit, but we must not stop until this trash is gotten rid is a piece of trash, aimed at smearing the President, with many scenes that are works of fiction, and that these fictional scenes are used to paint a negative picture of the President...Do not stop the good fight, dear people...Call Showtime and satellite providers and cable providers...Hit em where it hurts, dear friends!!!

Support this continuing struggle!!! Support this victory for Free Speech, and freedom of Americans to express outrage! Do not listen to the crying of Streisand, Moore, and others who say, ' you folks can't handle the truth!' This crap was nothing but fabrication and caricature......Do not be fooled.....

God bless you all, and God Bless America, and God Bless Ronald Reagan!

Posted by Mark at 12:01 PM

Tuesday's Titanic Trumpetings

Economy Looking Good....think indications are for positive....

Check out the links to stories about the economy over at WMD.....

Well, there are some, usually the leftists, who now are using the famous "what is it doing for you argument?" In other words, what is this 7% growth rate, the largest in 20 years, doing for you as Joe Average? Well, factory expansion is up, as are demands for goods....Also, stocks are up...What does this do for you out there?

Lets see.....If factories are expanding, they need more workers to fulfill orders and work that expansion....If stocks are up, more companies have capital to invest in expansion, meaning, guess what? More jobs for workers....Meaning, the job market will expand as has been predicted....Liberals are making light of the so called Jobless Recovery, but what they do not tell you is that in all recoveries, the job market is the last to grow, well now it seems, with unemployment claims decreasing, that the job market is finally coming around.....

What is the cause of this expansion of our economy, which causes more jobs and better prices and affordability for you and me (gas prices are down, as well)? According to independent analysts, it was the Bush tax cuts, you know, those things that all of the Naive Nine of the D wannabes are saying they want to do away with, that were so supposedly terrible for our country!!! Wow, if this is terrible, give me more! Of course, what do I know, I don't have an MBA, but I have studied economics and history, and previous times show that job growth is just around the corner.....However, the Dems are going to try to stem it, to shunt it, so they can make the American people suffer so they can turn them against the President...We must be watchful, faithful readers....We must not allow them to turn back the tide of growth merely for political gain.....Spread the good news!!!! Go out looking for work, there are more help wanted signs than a long time....speaking of political gain, it is...

Election Day!

Get out and vote...if you do not vote, in my opinion, you do not have the right to complain about issues....And, newsflash, I do not care who you vote for, as long as you are informed on the issues, and vote with your conscience and heart, not just because you are a member of a party....That is the problem I see with many liberals out there in my trolling...They are encouraging people to vote against Republicans, not because they don't do a good job, but just because they want to "punish" President Bush....I think that speaks alot about where their mindset is, that they would seek to sway your vote not because of issues but because they hate this President so much....Terrible, reprehensible.....Voting is a serious and honorable duty, not one merely used for spite and vitriol....If you think an R is the best candidate, vote for him; if you think it is a D, or a G, or an I, vote for them...Just study up on the issues and decide for yourself...Do not vote out of hatred or seeking out of what is best for your town, your county, state, and country....Anyting else is sinking to the levels of tyranny and oppression....I do not call on any of you to vote conservative, but vote consciously...make informed decisions, because what you vote for today will have consequences for you and others...Take it seriously, not flippantly....GET OUT THE VOTE, PEOPLE!!!

People Are Noticing....

More and more, people are standing up to CBS and the Steisand Cadre.....I hear more and more voices of anger from both sides of the aisle, from both liberals and conservatives; about CBS's consideration of airing the smear piece the Reagans, starring Mr. Barbra Streisand, James Brolin. People are getting protests and boycotts together, and all I am hearing is liberal cries of oppression and censorship...Why is it liberals can boycott, but when conservatives make an attempt, they get labelled as fascists and censors? Is there perhaps a double standard? Duh!!!! Boycott this network and its products if they air this drivel....they portray this dying president and hero as simple and incoherent and insenstive, and they portray his caring wife as Joan Crawford....shameful that the family would see this, as they are watching this man die.....How cruel by the liberals, but yet how typical.....

Countdown to Revolutions

One day left til I see the Matrix:Revolutions....I am hoping it is better than the 2nd installment....I hope it has a nice happy ending..What can I say, I am a softy for happy endings.

William Shatner Triumphs....great overlooked performance

Just watched a movie on showtime called "The Explosive Generation," starring William Shatner as a teacher who is unjustly let go by the establishment for being frank with students. For those of you who have been steady readers, you know this strikes a chord with me....Well, Shatner's students stood up to protest, and it shows what happens when people stick to their guns...Shatner's performance as outstanding, and his character was very made me reassured that I was doing the right things, even if my ending was not as happy as Shatner's...great movie from 1961, if you can find it....

This Just in...Jeremy Stevenson out 2-3 Weeks

My friend who plays in the NHL, Jeremy Stevenson, suffered a broken cheekbone and will be out for 2-3 weeks...Evidently, he acquired the injury a game before it was discovered...shows you how tough hockey players are...Get well soon, Jeremy!!!!!

Well, friends, that is all...keep your heads up and sticks on the ice, as Red Green says...God bless you all, God bless President Bush, and may God always Bless the United States of America!!!!!

Monday, November 03, 2003

Posted by Mark at 1:11 PM

Monday's Madness!!

Weekend Update

Slow Weekend....Had two hockey games, Friday and Saturday....Ducks won neither, lost one.....more below......Visited Doug and Matt on Sunday, watched some baseball videogaming, talked some about future topics for WMD, just catch-up time, as it big whup.....

Ducks lose one, Tie another....ugh

Whatever mystic power was causing the Ducks Defense to be so stellar has worn off.....Todd Reirden, who is a nice guy and all, is showing his 30+++years on defense. He frequently falls down, and is often beaten back to the goalie, yet the ducks still put him as the last man back on the power play...ugh...Sheldon Brookbank scored on his own Ducks goalie Eddy Ferhi on Saturday....

Speaking of the Ducks....

Again, I was booted from my choice post game spot, where I meet the guys and talk to them, often for columns I write for the Mighty Pond website (see links). It seems some in the office are jealous that at times I scoop them...actually, they probably did it because of some of the obnoxious people who let their kids run wild, but I say, why not have security do its job and tell them to calm down or kick them out? All security really does after the game is stand there and chitchat, and block the locker room door...if players are having a hard time getting out, why not just punish those responsible, not everyone? Well, as it was, I stood outside the door and talked to a few, but this crap has happened before and it is getting a little old....

Belated Review of Enterprise

Last week's Enterprise, I thought, was the best one this season since the opening season episode....It was called "The Shipment" and dealt with Captain Archer finding where material for the Xindi weapon was developed, and revealing to a manufactuer what their goods were used for...also, it marked the return of Steven Culp, who is awesome as the marine commander....if they keep up with stories like this, with crisp dialogue and scene changes, then they will get better...though it is Berman and Bragga, so I am not holding my breath...however, I now have a small grain of hope that this is not the end to the whole thing, as some have said...And, besides, have you seen the new "original Series" Star Trek action figures and accessories? They are awesome!

Gearing up for Matrix Revolutions

Will be going to see the new Matrix movie this week with some of the usual suspects....I hope this "last" installment is better than the 2nd movie and can stand up there with the first Matrix. I did not like Reloaded, though the action was interesting and seemed a letdown from the first, and the same karate moves were a little tired (the whole trinity crouch is getting old!). I hope this one will be awesome, and the previews are looking that way.

Well, that is all for now....God bless America, her President, and her troops....keep your head up and stick on the ice, ya hear?

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Posted by Mark at 2:29 PM

What?!? Saturday Bonus Blogging

Busy, oh so busy!!!

Between getting WMD done, working at subbing and tutoring, and on the now leaked TV project, things are very busy with me right now...Add in the lifegiving necessity of Ducks is tough to have such an active life...LOL

JW Update...Heartbreak

Well, it seems Churchboy has won another round...He has expressed interest in JW, and she is willing to not actively date until he has time to pursue a relationship....this was told me in a phone convo....Well, she also said that did not mean she would tune out to potential suitors, just she wouldnt be as active...Also, she turned me down for this weekend's games, but said maybe later in the season...I hope so...I love to convert people to hockey, and one day I might just get Matt to go...NOT...some old dogs refuse to learn new tricks even with shock therapy...Just kidding, buddy, don't get all ubersensitive now... :)

OG AND Hockey

Last night, went to OG and had was not available, so we had sexy Sam(antha) as our waitress...she is a pistol....talked about handcuffs and stuff, over Italian even..LOL....She is funny...and I think Tom might be putting the moves on....Go boy!!!! Left early and went to a stinker of a game..Grand Rapids got revenge and beat us, ending our home unbeaten streak....The defense was nonexistent, and there were too many neutral zone and special teams turnovers.....on one goal, as a defenseman stood right by him, a guy took three hacks at point blank range on Ilja our goalie until scoring...Where ws the hitting? I hope we do better tonight....

Hello, Mr. Dandenault, Meet Mr. Stunner

My friend Jeremy Stevenson made an impact vs. the Detroit Red Wings the other night...His Nashville Predators won the game, and he had a great fight against Matthieu Dandenault of the Wings....He pummelled him, almost had him in a headlock, and introduced him to Stunner Justice!!!! It was Jeremy's 2nd fight of the night, and one of 9 that the Preds and Wings went through...Jeremy's first fight was a brief scrum with Darren McCarty, but he made up for it with the fight with Dandenault. Great work, my friend, now get some scoring going and all is going to work out!!!! Go Preds!!!!

Well, that is all for now....Keep your head up and stick on the ice...God Bless America!!!!