Monday, December 29, 2003

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From the Home Office of the Ducks, and Me--We Lose...AGAIN!!! 12/27/03

Official Ducks Email Summary

Griffins send Ducks to third straight loss

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- The Grand Rapids Griffins' stifling defense extended the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks prolonged scoring slump.

Joey MacDonald made 28 saves and Nathan Robinson had two goals to lift the Griffins to a 4-1 win over the Ducks Saturday night.

The Griffins have allowed one goal or less 13 times this season, and the Ducks have scored just 22 goals in their last 11 games, including two goals in their last three

The game did not set up well for Cincinnati, which lost its third straight game and fell to 3-8-1-0 in its last 12.

The Griffins have won three in a row and boosted their mark to 14-5-3-0 over their last 22 games. They improved to 4-2-0-0 against Cincinnati this season, including wins in each of the last three meetings.

Keith Aucoin had the lone goal and Eddy Ferhi made 27 saves for the Ducks, who
went scoreless on all six of their power play chances and have now connected on just five of their last 68 man-advantage opportunities.

Grand Rapids...........................1-1-2=4

First period: 1. Gra, Ellis 2 (Boisvert, King), 1:20.

Second period: 2. Cin, Aucoin 7 (Reierson, Gornick), 6:02. 3. Gra, Robinson 11 (Nelson, Picard), 16:48.

Third period: 4. Gra, Robinson 12 (Picard, Nelson), 0:10. 5. Gra, Henkel 2 (Karlander), 18:21.

Shots on goal: Grand Rapids 13-7-11=31; Cincinnati 9-8-12=29.

Power play opportunities: Grand Rapids 0-for-4; Cincinnati 0-for-6. Goaltenders:
Grand Rapids, MacDonald (29 shots, 28 saves; record 7-1-2); Cincinnati, Ferhi (31 shots, 27 saves; record 1-4-2). A: 5,208. Referee: St. Pierre. Linesmen: Lord, Mallin. Records: Grand Rapids 20-9-4-0; Cincinnati 12-16-4-0.

Mark's Analysis

Looking at this game, it might be easy to lay the blame for the loss on Eddy Ferhi, the rookie goalie for the Ducks, who was playing only his 7 th game this season. However, though he did let in two soft goals, this loss was not all on him. Most of it, as has been the common theme, has been on the Ducks lack of punch in offense and defense.

The defense played terribly. They continue to allow the opposing team free reign in front of the net, and they were handicapped by the loss of emerging star Mark Popovic. Mark was loaned to team Canada for the Spengler Cup international tournament over in Europe. He will not be back until after Jan. 2, 2004. This stunk for sis because she had just been given a game worn Popo jersey she wanted to get signed. Well, now she will have to wait. Reirden continues to play smaller than his frame, not throwing hits, not getting into positon, and generally knotting up the team. AGAIN, DO NOT GET ME WRONG...TODD IS A GREAT PERSON, A REALLY NICE GUY, WITH A GREAT FAMILY. However, he continues to be a liability on the ice. He could be great off ice, with promotions and ambassadorships, but on ice, he is a liability. On this night, however, the same could be said for his compatriots on the ice on defense.

On offense, our scoring is coming from an untried rookie, Chris Kunitz. Last year's rookie scoring machine, Cory Pecker, is not living up to last season, though he did have a spurt here recently where he showed last year's form. This team lacks scoring punch, and it lacks physicality to set up in front of the net. It lacks a killer instinct to put teams away, and to take that extra chance. They spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME cycling the puck around, with not many shots to show for all the pretty loop de loops they are doing around the ice. They have the ability, they are just trying to be too pretty right now.

This team played a heartless game. Eddy Ferhi was placed in a terrible position, of course Ilja has been feeling this most of the year. Guys, it is nights like this that make it hard to stay positive with you all. We have got to shape up, or it is another year of no playoffs. Come on, get with it. The game this weekend got a D+. AND WOULD IT BE TOO MUCH TO ASK THAT YOU GUYS ACTUALLY FINISH YOUR CHECKS? I love you guys, but it is really frustrating right now...Go Ducks....

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Weekend Review...well, since Christmas Eve Review

Reasons to Love the Holidays

1. Getting together with relatives you miss most of the year.
2. Discussing the loving past and hoping for a bright future.
3. Good food and good people.
4. The Celebration of Jesus' Birth.
5. The way men and women seem to come together in understanding.

Reasons to Hate the Holidays

1. Having to spend time with people who during most of the year couldn't care less about you or your life, and who try to outdo each other for status' sake.
2. Cracking on each other and why the other person hasn't gone farther in life.
3. Green Bean Casserole....YUCK!!!! In fact, most vegetable dishes. Leave em at home! This is a time for Potatoes, Meat, and Desserts, Atkins be Damned during this time of year.
4. The Commercialism of the season.
5. The way people get crazy at shopping centers and the obliviousness to our fellow humans.

I experienced much of both. Let's do the rundown:
A. Christmas Eve- Spent the obligatory couple of hours at the Gpa's. Dude is still clueless. Divorces his wife and then lets her move in with him. Let's two younger sons walk all over him while treating my father like crap, and my dad is sappy enough to take this crap. Most of the evening I read over my Bush 04 materials, even though I try really hard to be civil. I really do. Just don't keep asking about teaching when YOU KNOW I am currently subbing, etc. Don't try to rub my face in the idea that life is not that easy path for me right now... Because I could get ALL UP in how 3 out of the four men of the clan cheated on their wives, and how 3/4 men are divorced or soon to be, so don't go crankin on me. Got an envelope. What I really needed was just some respect and affirmation, a kind word. Didn't get it. Oh well, I still love em anyway, even if they are f***ed up. Their crap didn't help my mood, because I had just come from my friend Jason's mom's funeral. And they had to be jerks...oh well....Maybe they will get things by Easter, the next get together. I doubt it.
B. Christmas Day-woke up with the family at the ol' homestead. Watched sis open presents and the folks. Did some of that on my own. Got some Iraqi Freedom playing cards, both the bad guy set (the ones issued the troops) and the good guy set. Really cool. Did not get into a fight with the Mother for two whole hours. Might be a new record. However, was not due to last. Oh well, I guess we will figure things out one day, at least that is my prayer. Enjoyed the gifts I got, including the obligatory sweater and jog pants. Yay.....NOT! Oh well, it is the thought.

Spent the evening with the Mother's side of family. There is aunt B, and her Indo-Middle Eastern boyfriend, my cousin B brought home a Korean Girl named after a fruit, my cousin D drank the evening away between playing ps2 with me and cousin little D. Good time, but then the older folks' euchre game started, and the usual shouts and B.S. Oh well, we don't see each other much anymore, so it is good, even with all the hassles.

C. Friday- wandered about looking for crap to do, in between playing new playstation 2 game, ace combat 04: shattered skies. It is awesome, except for the cheesy introspective subplot! Give me blow em up shoot em up mayhem! Went on a quest for NHL 2004 and this game called Fugitive Hunter-where you can capture and shoot Usama bin Laden. This game is a combo first person shooter/third person combat. Playing it was fun, complicated, and nauseating, as I get motion sickness or something after playing 1st person shooters after a while.

Then, it was on to Olive Garden and the usual festivities with the boys. Actually partook of some alcohol for the 2nd straight week. Just one glass of fruit sangria. I know, all you "real drinkin men" out there will say this is a sissy drink. Oh well, it is all that I can stomach in regards to alcohol besides Yaegermeister, and I am not going to be doing that stuff in the near future. So there :P Anyway, good times.

Saturday- HOCKEY TIME!!! Ducks lost (see forthcoming article), but sis and I played Santa for some of the hockey players. Pecker enjoyed his merchandise, and even though we lost, it was ok.

Speaking of the Ducks, I am tired of their staff. It has to be one of the laziest around. Attendance is down slightly this year, but the staff seems not to care. They are very unfriendly, as they don't socialize with us, the paying customer. They typically staY in their little cliques and drink the night away. And they wonder why ticket sales are down. That and increasing the price over last year. In fact, I am working on drafting a five step program for the Ducks to get fans back and am researching what other teams have done. I think more people would get the guys fired up, and would bring some excitement back to the barn of bedlam. We will see.

Sunday-Gave a message at church about not giving up. Look at the middle of Luke Chapter 2. There was this man named Simeon who waited at the temple for many years waiting to see the Messiah. He finally got his wish, God was faithful. He was faithful that God would keep his promise. We must do likewise, never give up and trust in God. That was the essence of my sermon. If you want further details, ask for a copy of the video tape.

Spent Christmas (the last observance, thank Goodness) at my Dad's mother's place. Saw one of the deadbeat brothers again, oh joy. Spent most of my time talking to the animals and keeping them in line. Seems like one deadbeat is losing his wife, and is probably going to meander his way to move in with Grandma. It is his standad M.O., and no one will come out and wake Gma up to the fact that she is getting played again. Oh well, maybe she will stop by here and put the stuff together. Watched the Bengals dreams of playoff glory snapped by the friggin Browns!!!! GRR!! Watched the courageous Brett Favre lead the Packers to victory, and also the upset win by the AR Cardinals that put the Packers into the playoffs and send Crybaby Randy Moss and the Vikings home! Go Pack!!!! My adopted team!

Now, I am left writing this sentence. What a fun vacation, eh? You betcha...but....I am starting to miss work...Egads...Must be time to go to bed, that statement must indicate I am getting loopy. Well, until next time, keep your heads up and sticks on the ice...God bless you all, and God bless America!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

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Merry Christmas, every one of you. God bless and keep ye, in all ye do, and may you have a happy new year!

Emails from Soldiers

As part of a program through some organizations I am in, I have been exchanging some emails with some of our men and women fighting in the war in Iraq. I have encouraged them to read this blog and WMD and also given examples of some of the "other" blogs out there.

Well, I recently heard that someone (the notorious chubby, uber rich but supposedly friend of the working man, Michael Moore) was getting letters from soldiers decrying the war. He posted a few quotes from them on his website, then he rambled along about class theory right from Marx (george Bush and his rich cronies being in control, etc.) and more of the same crap we have heard from the Dims and Libs since the late 1960s and through the 70s and 80s, on to today. They cannot fight on the results, so they have to bring class warfare, and use the same arguments they used to create discord with the soldiers in Vietnam--ie that the poor are the ones "forced" to fight the war for the rich. Well, Mr. Moore, you may be right that more poor folks enlist in the armed forces. But why do they do it? THEY VOLUNTEER TO SERVE THEIR COUNTRY. Unlike you, who seem to only care about causing discord wherever you go, like Columbine ( I have talked to survivors of Columbine who hate what you did with Bowling for Columbine and how you turned their sad tragedy into propaganda), these brave men and women volunteered. And why did they do so? They did not get scholarships to film school or such as you did, they want a better education so they enlist and get do what? To better themselves. Unlike you, who has all the money in the world, but yet discusses rich Bush and his cronies not doing anything, when I never see you out there giving, only assaulting. Mr. Moore, you are disgraceful for using the soldiers as propaganda, but since you fired a shot, I must respond.

Out of the 300 or so emails I have received from soldiers, and I communicate with roughly 10-15, not the 'thousands' you are probably claiming to get, none have said anything untoward about the war. In fact, most have said we are doing the right thing and feel pride for serving their nation, especially in the wake of 9/11. Mr. Moore, you are a disgraceful, twofaced, socialist panderer, and your films are the stuff of drink coasters. You are a disgrace to filmmaking, and to call yourself investigative is a joke, unless you consider the British tabloids truly investigative and fair. You make me ill.

In the comments I get about WMD and this blog from soldiers, all have expressed appreciation and thanks, but I do not post them because none are necessary. It is US here in the states who need to thank them, constantly, for all they do. Unlike you, who manipulate stats and the distribution of poor to wealthy in the military, these men and women defend us regardless of race or creed, as long as we are Americans. See, they are not classist or elitist like you and the liberal hamster lapdogs who constantly cite your drivel. They do not act all lower class but drive expensive vehicles, or make millions but try to pass themselves off as common "everymen", as you do Mr. Moore. They are not liars, as you are, Mr. Moore. They are not manipulators and twisters of circumstance out to make a buck, Mr. Moore, as you are.
They do not hide behind "freedom of dissent" while trying to smear a president and create a socialist agenda, Mr. Moore. They do not hide dislike of something behind supposed love of dissent and debate. Mr. Moore, if you hate this country so much and want to find another one, please leave. We would be so much better off without you. Make sure to take some of the hamsters with you.
You will not succeed in your attempt to cause class distrust between soldiers, etc. Your kind have tried before, through Hanoi Jane, Tokyo Rose, Baghdad Bob, Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Stalin, and others. You will not succeed. And it is shameful of you to attempt to divide our soldiers so during this crucial time and war they are facing. But, you libs really don't only want your own socialist utopian nightmare, at all costs...... You will use any tactic, invoke any lamebrain theory, tell any bit of rhetoric, seek to destroy morale by any means, just because as usual you are on the wrong side of make me heave.

Foot Update

The toe/foot thing continues to hamper my walking and movement, but I persevere. I am going to see a doctor after the Christmas holiday, and I will be taking more time to sit than go out and play the usual touch/tackle football with the family. There seems to have been some minor improvement, but it comes and goes.

Remembering Patricia Hurst

My friend Jason's mom passed away this past Saturday. Her name was Patricia Hurst. Her visitation was last night and her funeral was today. I went to both. Jason, his brother and sister, all of them are handling it well. The grandchildren are being troopers. Frank, the father, is the one I worry about most. He lost it today during the funeral. I can only imagine what it would be like to lose your lifelong love...My prayers are with you, Frank.

Mrs. Hurst, I did not know her well, except through our contacts at the Cincy Gardens or at hockey events. However, I could tell a lot about her. She always had a smile on her face and a kind word. She was always concerned about me, and she came out to watch me get hammered in roller hockey, sometimes even when Jason was not there or playing. She was always asking about me and my life, and was totally sweet. She had a great twinkle in her eye, especially when she laughed, pulled a joke, or said something sly. She was wiser than she often let on, with a kind of quiet wisdom. She was one of those people we all take for granted who come through our lives, except when they are no longer there. She died suddenly, supposedly of heart failure. Well, it must have been just the valve, because her heart was as big as Texas, and she cared for everyone. She was a sweet lady whom I will miss seeing and enjoying her giggles and her laughs as we swapped stories. Patti, Godspeed. We miss you. God, you have an extra angel up there, take good care of her.

More Good News

My friend Otto got some decent news. They will not have to do the drastic procedure they were talking about--at least not yet. They are going to try medication. Friends, continue to hold him up in prayer. Maybe our prayers are paying off with this latest news. Keep it up.

More Prayers Needed

My friend Jack's daughter lost her father-in-law. Pray for the family. Also, Jack is travelling with the family from Wisconsin to Ohio for the holidays, and things are very hectic.

Please pray for our country and her leaders. Pray for those travelling.

Holiday Headaches

Just had the first of several family get togethers, with a relative who has consistently been less than supportive, and who has a very poor view of things involving me. Well, he and his wife got divorced, but now are living together again, which was AWKWARD, to say the least. Not to mention that half of the usual suspects decided not to show for the festivities, or that things just didn't look right. So, it was a four Advil day. Tomorrow, I get to visit with most of my cousins on my mom's side, and I am looking forward to it. I love these cousins, especially since I grew up with most of them. I love my cousins on my dad's side, but they are much younger than me, so the kinship is not really there, per se. And, I do not see them that much. So, tomorrow will be great to see my cuzzes again. But, that goes with the headache of the constant: "hey you find a permanent teaching gig?" "When you gonna find a girl and settle down?" "Are you ever gonna have kids?" questions I get all the time. Sheesh, talk about nosy. But, I project only a 2 Advil day....not including medicine to stave off the pain in my foot.

Again, Merry Christmas...

God bless you and keep you. Behold, tonight we remember those tidings of great joy, that unto us in the city of David was born a Savior, who is the Christ, and who still lives today. Let us hold Jesus in our heart ever more.....and hold His promises for us and gifts for us close to us, as they are worth more than anything under our trees. Tell someone you love them, hold someone close, because we do not know the number of our days.

Merry Christmas, and to my Jewish friends, Happy Hanukkah! God bless!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2003

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Weekend Review


Don't know how I did it, but I have this major issue with my left foot right now. It is very swollen and very sore. I do not know whether I sprained it or fractured some bones, but it is very painful. Very difficult to walk, very difficult to get around, but I persevere. All I need is some advil and duct tape.... :) I am sure it is part of some vast conspiracy to limit my freedom by the left.... ;)

Ducks Win on Friday vs. Houston, 4-2.

From the Home office.....
Ducks give Houston a problem

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Chris Kunitz and Pierre Parenteau each had a goal and an assist to lead the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks to a 4-2 victory over the defending Calder Cup champion Houston Aeros Friday at Cincinnati Gardens.

Keith Aucoin and Cory Pecker also scored for the Ducks, who extended their unbeaten streak to four games (3-0-1-0). Casey Hankinson and Tony Martensson chipped in with a pair of assists each.

Ilya Bryzgalov stopped 20 shots to improve to 11-10-2 on the season.

Jason Marshall and Matt Foy scored for the Aeros, who snapped a six-game winning streak and lost for the first time in in their last eight tries against Cincinnati (6-1-1-0).

Johan Holmqvist, who entered with a 1.00 goals-against average over his previous six starts, surrendered all four Cincinnati goals on 24 shots.

The Ducks and Aeros complete a two-game series tonight at 7:35 p.m. at Cincinnati Gardens.


First period: 1. Cin, Parenteau 4 (Martensson, Hankinson), 10:22. 2. Cin, Kunitz 10 (Aucoin), 11:19.

Second period: 3. Cin, Aucoin 6 (Kunitz, Parenteau), 10:30.

Third period: 4. Cin, Pecker 5 (Hankinson, Martensson), 3:20. 5. Hou, Marshall 4 (Hannula, Michalek), 15:50 (ppg). 6. Hou, Foy 5 (Veilleux, Cavosie), 19:46.

Shots on goal: Houston 5-7-12=24; Cincinnati 12-7-5=24.

Power play opportunities: Houston 1-for-6; Cincinnati 0-for-4. Goaltenders: Houston, Holmqvist (24 shots, 20 saves; record 11-13-2); Cincinnati, Bryzgalov (24 shots, 22 saves; record 11-10-2). A: 2,474. Referee: Dwyer. Linesmen: Gould, Lord. Records: Houston 11-14-2-2; Cincinnati 12-13-4-0.

My Analysis:
Chris Kunitz is one of the most surprising stories of the season. He has snuck up under the radar to be 2nd in rookie scoring in the AHL, and is a strong candidate for rookie of the year. He is doing great, and continues to pile up points with little fanfare.

Cory Pecker appears to have found his scoring touch just in time for Hanukkah. Good for him. He needs to back up his rookie season with a strong sophomore showing, and it looks like at long last he is doing so.

However, defense still appears to be a problem with this club. There is not enough of protecting the goalie going on. Todd Reirden, AGAIN, HE IS A GREAT PERSON, but his reaction time and skills have eroded. He is a detriment on the power play and is slow getting back on Defense. He leaves his Defensive partner out to dry. He needs to be used in a different way or to head to the broadcast booth. Sheldon Brookbank is improving remarkably as a defenseman, and he and Chris Armstrong and Mark Popovic are among the bright spots.

Speaking of Sheldon, he got into a great scrap Friday with a Houston player and more than held his own. He worked very hard in the fight and did well. Hopefully, the team can keep this momentum.

Ilja Bryzgalov came two shots away from a shutout. One of them was due to defensive lapse, the other was a deflection. However, he was down after the game, because he felt his team deserved a better performance. That, my friends, is a competitor.

Sadly, the streak would not continue...Maybe because I was not at the game?

From the Home office....
Houston halts Ducks streak

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Jeff Hoggan and Chris Bala scored first-period goals to lift the Houston Aeros to a 2-1 victory over the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks Saturday at Cincinnati Gardens.

Kyle Kettles made 24 saves for the Aeros, who have won seven of their last eight games and moved into a tie with Cincinnati for fifth place in the West Division.

Joel Perrault had the lone goal in the first period for the Ducks, who snapped a four-game unbeaten streak (3-0-1-0).

Ilya Bryzgalov, a second-round pick by Anaheim in 2000, played well in defeat, stopping 37 of the 39 shots he faced, including 24 over the final two periods to keep the Ducks in the game. Cincinnati has scored just 12 goals in Bryzgalov's 11 losses this season.

The Ducks, 11 games into a stretch that sees them play 18 of 19 games against West Division rivals, play Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Grand Rapids.


First period: 1. Hou, Hoggan 7 (Roche, Marshall), 11:08 (ppg). 2. Cin, Perrault 4 (Pohanka), 12:56. 3. Hou, Bala 6 (Vodrazka, Kettles), 18:52.

Second period: No scoring.

Third period: No scoring.

Shots on goal: Houston 15-17-7=39; Cincinnati 10-6-9=25.

Power play opportunities: Houston 1-for-7; Cincinnati 0-for-4. Goaltenders: Houston, Kettles (25 shots, 24 saves; record 1-3-0); Cincinnati, Bryzgalov (39 shots, 38 saves; record: 11-11-2). A: 3,738. Referee: Dwyer. Linesmen: Ferguson, Kneale. Records: Houston 12-14-2-2; Cincinnati 12-14-4-0.

Ilja not getting much support. Come on guys, he is playing his heart out for you...Get him some goals and defense. 39 shots is ridiculous!

Some sad news....

My hockey friend Jason's mom died suddenly Saturday. I found out via email. Please hold up my friend in your prayers. It was a sudden and tragic loss and will take some time. Please hold him and the family up in your thoughts and prayers.

More Sadness

One of my football Heroes, Brett Farve, lost his father this weekend in an auto accident. Dad Farve either had a stroke or heart attack behind the wheel, and lost control. Brett is going to honor his memory by playing tonight. I know the famous seem to have it made, but they can still use our prayers.

Well, that is all for now...I am holed up in an undisclosed location working on WMD Christmas gifts.....Until I check in again, God bless you all, and God bless America. Keep your heads up and sticks on the ice....MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

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Nashville Loses Tough in OT, but my Pal gets First Goal of Year!

My friend, Jeremy Stevenson, scored his first goal this NHL season for the Nashville Predators, giving them a 4-3 lead....however, things would not hold out for them, as they would lose, 5-4 in overtime.....the Preds still remain one of the early surprises of the season, having a great record and faring well against some of the elite NHL teams. Jeremy appears to be getting more ice time...Maybe that comparison to Baltar of Battlestar Galactica that I made about Nashville's coach struck a nerve, or maybe it was the fact that they do better with Jeremy in the lineup. Either way, way to go, Buddy!!! Keep it up!!!!!

Posted by Mark at 11:07 PM

Friday is almost here....ahhh....

Holiday Shopping, the Fun and Nausea

Holiday shopping can be fun, however it is also nauseating in seeing so much commercialization. Of course, libs love this because then it turns the BIRTH OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS into a secular holiday. Here are a few helpful hints on holiday shopping:
1. always watch out for old ladies- they will hit you with carts and curse you to get that last copy of Reagan- A Life in Letters.
2. When buying gifts for others, think of what they want/need, not what you want/need.
3. Try to actually think about the person you are getting for, not what you will get from them in return and plan a preemptive action of getting something crappy.
4. Park away from other cars. Door dings are quite common and quite agitating.
5. Ladies, dont be stupid. DO NOT WEAR HEELS TO GO SHOPPING. On the one hand, walking is not good with heels. On the other, do you really enjoy falling all over the parking lot?
6. Make sure to smile at people, since most people seem to have forgotten; even though this is the season of tidings of great joy!
7. Give to the people with the Red Buckets!
8. Take a deep breath and think about the reason for the season before flipping that forgetful driver off.
9. Likewise, take a deep breath and do likewise when waiting in line with a bunch of screaming cursing soccer moms who have to make their date with Phyllis at the Madison for a day of pampering and are upset that the line is moving so slow.
10. Make sure to step on a hamster once or twice during the season to keep em away from the yule log.

Hockey Time coming up...

Ducks in town, will be able to go to one game. I have a church event this saturday, and will not be able to go to the game. Sorry, boys, but you pale before the Almighty. See, some of us have real priorities, other than which friggin TV show to watch on Thursday.

Be sure to contribute to efforts for troops

Contact your local recruiters or service branches to find out how you can help the troops with care packages, even if you have no one over serving. They would love to hear from strangers about the great work they are doing over in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Again, look at the links listed below

Even when celebrating the Birth of Jesus, liberals cannot stop distorting the truth....Again, here is a speech before the war outlining why we went in. NOTICE THE REFERENCE TO HUMAN RIGHTS. You see, even when hamsters go away, they still infect with insidious lies....shameful, but it is their way. And, just for the record, if you are so done with certain conservatives, why do you still have one of their pictures up on your blog? Just a question.

Albright Joins Black Helicopter Brigade

Stack up Maddy Albright, former Clintonista Secretary of State, to the latest to propagate black helicopter rumors as fact. In the green room with a Fox News contributor, the former Secretary (did she smokes cigars?) floated the idea about the timing of Saddam's capture, and talked about that we probably had him all along and were waiting for the right moment. Uhh, Madam Secretary, you have a call on line 2. IT'S FROM THE REAL WORLD. Ms. Albright joins the likes of Chappaquitick Ted Kennedy and Howeird Nikita Dean McGovern Dukakis as the latest members of the Black Helicopter Brigade. She follows suit along with them in giving credence to some of the most malicious, baseless, factless, spew (calling them theories would be giving them too much respect) out in the internet. Folks, if all you have are thing worthy of x-files episodes, I have some suggestions:
1. lay off the bongpipe.
2. actually try to come up with a vision and not just blind hatred for Bush.
3. You might want to come back to the land of reality.
4. And for those of you who believe such nonsense from these folks, you might want to come up out of Grandma's basement, leave the glue sniffing behind, and contribute to the economy. And, if you are a wealthy Hollywood type liberal, you should know better: this crap would not fly as believable even in Hollywood. Of course, the fact that Cruise dumped Kidman is still unbelievable to me. But, oh well.

Despite the naysayers, economy still going good

The economy continues robust growth. Love those BUSH TAX REFUNDS, don't you? I mean, why should government get to keep money it overcharged me in the first place? I mean, if Dims were in charge, they would be hoarding it for some lamebrained Hillarycare Program or such, or something to get Secretary Albright a facelift (forget lady liberty, this statue needs one, someone call the folks at ABC's makeover show, or better yet, the folks from the Monster House group). Tax refunds are a beautiful thing. They work fairly. They give everyone back the percentage they were overcharged. That friends, is the way it should work.

And what is this I hear, jobless claims are down AGAIN? Wow, all that liberal hoping for the economy to tank and for more troops to die must not be working.....Maybe they will actually have to come up with a real platform this year. Aside from their longstanding one of Overtaxation, killing babies, prohibiting parents from choosing the best educational options for their children, and other totalitarian programs. Maybe it is actually time for some IDEA GENERATION. Nope, lets trot out Algore and Hill again and see what happens. Yeehah. No wonder you are losing honorable people like Zell Miller all the time.

Well folks, all the time I have today. And by the way, love how some out there steal my to be copied. God bless you all, God bless America. Keep Your heads up and sticks on the ice....

But WAIT.....

As I will be working a great deal on the WMD Christmas Presents, I may not be posting here as much or as in depth (such as it might be). Please bear with me...between working my three jobs (love to be busy helping folks in need), working on the TV show, and also writing some courses, not to mention sneaking in a hockey game or two and some CHRISTmas shopping; I may not have much time.

Well, take care all, love how much you have stopped by and supported me. I will be further able to interact once I figure out how to add comments. Remember, I am html dumb. It is amazing I can even type this, since I am a totally terrible person.

Well, if we don't meet again until after, MERRY CHRISTMAS, SEASON OF OUR LORD'S BIRTH, HAPPY FIRST APPEARING OF OUR LORD JESUS THE RISEN CHRIST, THE AUTHOR AND PERFECTOR OF OUR FAITH. Merry Christmas, one and all. God bless you all, God bless our troops, God bless our President, God bless America. Keep your head up and stick on the ice.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Posted by Mark at 2:11 PM

However, I ask this

Please continue to hold up my friend Otto in your prayers...he is going through some very rough things right now....Please, hold him up in your prayers...God bless,


Posted by Mark at 2:07 PM

Everything's Coming Up Roses....


Iraqi Minister Tells UN to Jump on Board or be left behind

Check out WMD (see sidebar) for this story. I think the Iraqi Minister should mainly stick with the US, as the UN has historically proven itself to be an inept body when it comes to going into nations to help. Look at Somalia, look at East Timor...the examples go on and on....But, the UN does have an opportunity to actually become relevant again, or go rest on the trash heap of history.

Hamster waving White Flag?

It appears the hamster has had enough. In typical fashion, rather than simply admit his attacks were nothing than namecalling, he continues to namecall and poke fun at others simply because they do not share his views or his ideas on what makes a good life. And, dude, the waitresses at Olive Garden do remember you- as a forcefully anal, cheap tipper, arrogant ogling jerk who they are glad is gone. Just so you know.

But that really does not matter. Life is good. It could always be better, like having a teaching job that is full time, having a better, faster computer connection, but those are little things. I am alive, I am around people who care and depend on me, and there are new avenues to pursue, new areas to explore. Far from being caught up in routine, I am living my life in the moment, taking it all in, leaving it all behind me. And, I have an ever deepening, ever growing relationship with God. All else is merely dessert in a great dinner, so to speak. Check out Matt's reply and words over at WMD

So, Lib Boy, keep on laughing. Do whatever it is you want. However, know that you have been revealed. More people know that you are merely about hate and manipulation. And maybe one day you will realize it, too, and stop the insanity. You will be in my prayers for such. Fare well, enjoy the view from the sinking battleship of the Libs as it goes down, as rodents always go down with the ship. And, just so you know, my orkin and terminix is all paid up. Have a nice day!

Have you checked out the WMD Store?

There are a whole slew of new products and updates. Using the sidebar, go to WMD, then find the link that will take you to the store. I am not going to merely provide it here, instead I am going to let you exercise your mouse moves and get there on your own. The WMD elves have been working hard to get these products out. I know the Mug has gotten a lot of looks by folks and questioning. It would make a great stocking stuffer. OK, enough of the promotion, because hey, I am getting none of it, I just want to see the fans out there outfitted in gear! Happy Holidays!

Sorry for the Salvos in Public, folks, but sometimes...

you gotta do what you gotta do. (gotta is another colloquialism, and can be accepted even though it is slang, not regular speech) I mean, I have had to defend my honor, and the honor of my friends and associates. At first, I took the way of letting him ramble and ramble. Then he went over the line. So I had to chime in....notice I did not make rude sexual comments or use language like (excuse me) "Bitch" etc. I simply used his own little hatefest as proof of his intentions and his inner workings. So, dear friends, I apologize. However, I will never back down. I believe in Patton's strategy. And speaking of which, I highly recommend Patton on Leadership, by Alan Axelrod. It is intended as a business book on leadership, but it is also (and I say moreso) a great inspirational piece and historical analysis as well. Also, I have been reading over some of Leadership, by Rudy Guiliani. It is a good book, but at times is a little stretched in material. However, it does offer great analysis into the mind of America's Mayor, and how he prepared himself way before 9/11 for leadership challenges.

Well, friends, my time is up. I have to get to work. Take care, be good to each other. Don't let small things like politics or where to eat turn you into a rodent. God bless you all, God bless America! Until next time, when Darth Halliburton gives me the high sign.....Keep your head up and stick on the ice.....

OK OK, here is the link to WMD again, so you won't have to look over at the sidebar.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Posted by Mark at 10:55 PM

Now, on to some other issues.....

Talk About Nervous Breakdown

It seems ol Lib Boy has busted another gasket, leading to more self-victimization, most likely. Let's see, where to begin:

"Finally one thing goes right for the Republicans and some conservatives just couldn't even wait a day before they jumped up on their high horse and displayed their rabid cockiness. While Georgie is smartly maintaining a low-key approach, not gloating (Yes, I did just say something positive about Georgie.), some silly conservatives aren't following their party's lead. Because Saddam was captured, their rhetoric has gone through the stratosphere. I came across the righteousness of one individual whom I had previously believed was spineless. It would seem that he has decided to stop being the "bitch" and is trying to "butch" up for his partner. Take a look at some of the insanity he posted on his right-wing blog (quoted verbatim in italics). All emphasis in the following quotations was added by me, (name removed by me, to protect him from emails confirming his ignorance). I'm going to start off with a softball and work my way up to the juicy and incriminating stuff."
Item in bold emphasized by Me, that being Mark.

Wow, Man, are you trying to call my friend gay? Are you using the choice of sexual preference as an insult? This person the liberal is talking about is not gay, by the way, but who cares if he were. Notice how quickly he goes into hate mode by using a sexual insult?, great openness and respect for alternate lifestyles.....and, didnt you used to live next door to a gay couple? What would they say to your hate rhetoric, hmmm?

Now,, more hatred from the supposed caring Liberal:
"Speaking of politics, don't forget that we didn't invade Iraq to topple and capture Hussein and to liberate the Iraqi people. We invaded Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction, were an imminent threat to the United States, and there were verifiable links between Hussein and al Queda.

"Mr. Dean...if you were president, and thank God you aren't, a brutal tyrant known as Saddam Hussein would still be in power. He would still be gathering weapons of mass destruction. He would still be training and paying off terrorists."

Wow, look at the venom in that past. Look at the unbridled hatred just spewing from the righteous conservative. I'm so impressed that the Spineless Conservative has finally grown a set of balls and isn't running away from another confrontation. Oops, I'm sorry, he did run away from the fight and now has only poked his head out when he has really, really, really good news and feels all safe and secure in his stance.
Again, highlighted parts done so by me, Mark.
Let's look at the part I highlighted in bold.....Here, the liberal again, instead of just confronting issues, goes after a personal attack. He calls this person spineless, he talks about their genitalia, and their courage....Why the fixation with sexual metaphors and male genitalia? I wonder......That is beside the point. This person, who claims to be balancing the universe (how arrogant, eh?) is spewing more hate because my friend expressed his opinion. He didn't just say my friend was wrong- he criticized his courage, his manhood, and more references to sexual metaphors...Aren't the liberals SUPPOSED to be against this? Isn't this more hatred? Hmm.....

Now, to his comments at the beginning of this selection. If he will merely look at the speech I provided the link to, he will see that his interpretation of why we went is missing a reason or two. However, he does not address this. Instead of just attacking issues, he goes after my friend...strange, he didn't mention me this time, except as a supposed partner to my friend, implying some type of sexual metaphor AGAIN...hmmm.......maybe too much time watching some Bravo programming....

Then Dude really loses it with this drivel:

"But, mindless of all that, I think it's time for me play the "What if?" game like the silly conservative.

IF Al Gore had not had the Presidency robbed from him and were President, THEN President Gore would have implemented the recommendations of the Clinton administration regarding al Queda. Those recommendations would not have been ignored and President Gore would have sent in troops to eradicate al Queda. As such, Osama bin Laden would have either been captured or killed, his fledgling plan to hijack planes would have fallen apart, 9/11 would never have happened, and 3,000 innocent lives would have been saved. President Gore would have never boasted about the tragedy he prevented. President Gore would never have insulted Europe. President Gore would never have trampled on the United Nations. President Gore would never have developed a dangerous and misguided policy of "preemptive" action.

Because of his intelligent competence, the United States would not be considered a global bully. The United States would not be scorned and hated by the majority of the planet. The United States would be truly united and not torn asunder because of one deluded man in our highest and most cherished office.

That's what would have happened if George Bush had not stolen the Presidential election.

OK, what does he come out with? The tired argument of Bush "stealing" an election.....Haven't we heard this dance number before? Then he talks about Clinton's warnings, etc. Hello, if the administration he seems to be supporting would have DONE ITS JOB, they would have at least taken the second or third offer from Sudan to arrest and apprehend Bin Laden. Truly then 9/11 would not have happened. NO, forget that part. Forget that an entire administration was more worried about a semen stained dress and protecting their own posteriors than American Security. Forget that Sudan was willing to give us evidence that could have linked Usama to terrorist acts against the US, and Willie Boy turned them down. Let's forget that and revise the facts some more...Let's smear again, like we do all summer...Mr. Clinton failed in his watch...However, we do not hear that. No, we pass the buck for political expediency....Give me a break....

This person is a shameful hater of anyone who does not agree with him. He will use slurs and attitudes he accuses conservatives of: namely homophobing, projection, and false assertions to try to prove his points. Really, it is getting rather easy, and it is getting easier to laugh at the supposed superior intellect. His rantings are becoming more the "minutia of life," full of hate, sound and fury, but signifying nothing more than self driven, self motivated hatred. Pure, unadulterated hatred...and for what? Kicking you out of some fantasy club? Who is the deluded individual now? Who is the one "out there?"

He assaults a person who during disputes was quiet and did not take sides, who only acted when an entire club said "enough is enough," and even then did it with reservations. Wow, how does this snivelling liberal pay him back? By assaulting his honor, his integrity, his manhood, and his dignity? Yep, liberals are so respectful of human dignity......Evidently this one does not believe in that.

And lastly, let's see his real feelings about capturing Saddam:
"Finally one thing goes right for the Republicans and some conservatives just couldn't even wait a day before they jumped up on their high horse and displayed their rabid cockiness...."

"I don't have much to say today that I haven't already said in my last two posts - so please make sure you have read and reread A Nervous Breakdown and We Got Him. Normally on a Monday morning I'd have lots to post, but I was too busy watching a lot of interesting TV all day yesterday: football and Survivor. I'll just let the conservatives have today to gloat.
(items bolded by me)
Bold item no.1: Funny, I thought it was a great thing for AMERICA and THE WORLD....we took care of a maniacal dictator, and, just for emphasis, look at the statements by your buddies the French and Germans.
Bold Item no. 2: Funny, I figured all of AMERICA would be celebrating, not just conservatives. Are you saying you are not glad Saddam is captured?

Folks, what we have here is a sad little man who has become obsessed with certain people. He spews hate about them, hate for the President, and hate for anything he does not like. Spew, spew, spew. Obsess, obsess, obsess. How sad....How typically like a self-aggrandizing, self-martyring, self absorbed and selfish liberal.

Just so you know, this whole thing of writing this took less than 25 minutes....and I was really tired, at that.....


Posted by Mark at 10:34 PM

Where the Heck Have Ya Been Mark?

Very Busy.....

Sorry, loyal readers (including the rodent stalkers who add so much to my site meter, thanks! maybe you should be really uber-cool and use again), but I have been busy. I have been busy working, substitute teaching, tutoring people at Sylvan, working in the church. You see, when I lost my job teaching full time, I set about trying to recapture my American dream, and that is what I am doing. I am out working hard, not whining and complaining about the people I work with, where I live, what town I live in, or what country I live in. I deal. I make due. I take responsibility for mistakes I have made, for choosing certain paths. I do not attempt to play the victim self-immolating myself to sainthood. So, friends, I have been busy working my three jobs. Yeehah! I won't bore you anymore than that with details.

Duck News

No one probably cares, but I love my Ducks and miss reporting on them at Mighty Pond, as it is still down, so I will do it here.
from the home office....
Four-goal third period lifts Ducks past sputtering Admirals

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Chris Kunitz scored two goals and Cory Pecker added a goal and an assist to lead the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks to a 6-4 victory over the Milwaukee Admirals Sunday at Cincinnati Gardens.

Chris Armstrong, Cam Severson and Igor Pohanka also scored for Cincinnati, which won its second straight game on the heels of a five-game losing streak. Keith Aucoin and Casey Hankinson each chipped in with a pair of assists.

Kunitz, a Ferris State product, has three goals in his last two games and a team-leading nine on the season.

Pecker, who snapped an 18-game goal drought with a pair of goals in the Ducks 4-3 win Friday over San Antonio, netted his second straight game-winning goal with his fourth tally of the season at 17:07 of the third period to give Cincinnati a 5-3 lead.

Ilya Bryzgalov stopped 28 shots in the win for the Ducks, who have scored 10 goals in their last two games after being held to just 17 goals in their previous 11 games.

Simon Gamache had a goal and two assists for Milwaukee, which has lost three straight games and four of its last five.

Brian Finley, a first-round pick by Nashville in 1999, surrendered five goals on 26 shots in the loss.

The Ducks play Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in Hamilton.


First period: 1. Mil, Gamache 6 (Darche, Henderson) 1:39. 2. Cin, Armstrong 3 (Hankinson, Pecker), 10:29.

Second period: 3. Cin, Severson 5 (Aucoin, O'Brien), 1:22. 4. Mil, Henderson 3 (Tiley, Gamache), 10:58.

Third period: 5. Mil, Lundbohm 2 (Gamache, Darche), 3:53. 6. Cin, Kunitz 8 (Aucoin), 7:29. 7. Cin, Pohanka 2, 13:47. 8. Cin, Pecker 4 (Hankinson, Martensson), 17:07. 9. Mil, Hrkac 4 (Tiley, Safranov), 17:26. 10. Cin, Kunitz 9, 19:26 (ppg/eng).

Shots on goal: Milwaukee 8-10-14-32; Cincinnati 9-9-9=27. Goaltenders: Milwaukee, Finley (59:49; 26 shots, 21 saves; record 6-8-2); Cincinnati, Bryzgalov (32 shots, 28 saves; record 10-10-1). A: 2,396. Referee: Hoberg. Linesmen: Gould, Mallin. Records: Milwaukee 12-8-3-2; Cincinnati 11-13-3-0.

So, the Ducks won again. However, some sad news for my sis. Her fav player, Mark Popovic, was called up to Anaheim before the game and will be gone. My sis, however, is reacting like a trooper. She is so happy for him!

Now, back to the analysis of this game....

The Ducks still suffer from too many marginal defensemen. We have some talented guys, but we also have some folks who either need to hang it up or play their positions better. Todd Reirden is one. He is a great guy, a really nice person who does a lot for the community. He is a good ambassador. He should be in the broadcast booth or in the p.r. department. He is slow, he doesn't deliver on the checks, and he is frequently out of positon and beaten down low, which causes his defensive partners to usually get caught in mismatches as well. Shane O'Brien is another. Shane has great potential as an enforcer, however, he needs to quit taking dumb penalties, and needs to work on skating. He is young however, but I think he should be playing in the E this year.

In this game, the defense let Ilja Bryzgalov, the star goaltender, down many times. However, the Ducks bounced back and were able to overcome. But, this team must improve on defense. When forwards are playing better defense than you, and it is your position, then you need to think about some things.

Cory Pecker continued his hot play, gaining more points. Chris Armstrong, Mike Mottau, and Sheldon Brookbank were good on D. Brookbank showed great improvements over earlier in the season.

And, got a chance to talk to Cam Severson after the game. We are working together on a project.......

Overall, a heartwrenching game that ended in the right way, with a Ducks win! Go Ducks!!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Posted by Mark at 1:08 PM


As Americans awoke Sunday morning, news came from Baghdad that the Fourth Infantry Division had captured Saddam Hussein in a rural farmhouse near Tikrit.
Read the story here.

Some of Us Never Doubted....Thank God We Persevered

Despite the naysayers, despite the people picking away at our soldiers and questioning their fitness to wear uniforms, we captured Saddam Hussein!!!! The evil tyrant was captured inside a hole in a basement in Tikrit. He was found to be shabbily dressed, with wild hair growing and beards. DNA tests confirmed the identity of Saddam Hussein, who was ordered to be taken alive by the 4th Infantry and Task Force 21. There was a great cheer from the media in Iraq when the announcement was made, and the pictures of him in custody were shown.

We have accomplished a great thing. WE have captured this evil tyrant. Praise be to God, what a Christmas present! And, since we tested DNA, the liberal black helicopter types will not be able to say it is a duplicate. But, one can guess what their reaction will be: what about Usama? what about Weapons? I mean, who cares that we just captured our generation's Hitler, let's talk politics. That, friends, is the way of some libs out there.

Congratulations to the men and women in our Armed Forces. You are a blessing to us and the people you are liberating. The days ahead will be tough, as the loyalists and jihadists attempt to foment more hatred, but this is a major blow in the long run. Thank you for your sacrifice. God bless you!

War Not Over, But Victory Is On the Horizon, Stay Strong

This is proof of the strength of conviction. Take heart in this victory, but remember, the war on terror is not over. While this is a good sign, we must use it to carry on and persevere, not turn tail and run as some have been promoting. The courage and character of our ideals will win the day, as they have today in Iraq. I may be crazy, but today I am crazy with happiness and joy that this madman has been captured. However, I know we still face a long road, but this capture gives us the reassurance that we will have the ultimate victory, and we will uphold the cause of freedom and justice. Now, the people of Iraq can truly be free of the spectre of Saddam, they can put that behind them and embrace their future of gaining better lives through freedom and democracy; and leave behind the culture of hate. We still have a ways to go, but we are winning. We just need to stand firm.

Schroeder and France claim glad Saddam is Captured

What, so they can try to collect $$$ for all those illegal business dealings they had with Saddam? So they can try to collect the cash for WEAPONS that FRANCE AND GERMANY SOLD TO IRAQ?

Already the CounterAttack by Terrorists and Leftists Underway

The terrorists detonated an empty truck on an empty street in Baghdad. Symbolism is obvious: they are sound and fury signifying nothing....
And, read what this liberal (who said if military people cannot take negativity and complain about unfair coverage, then they had no business being soldiers) had to say on this day of victory,as he pokes fun at our mission and successes again:
"Congratulations to the coalition for finally capturing the elusive Saddam Hussein. Finally, they have accomplished one of their goals. Perhaps now that we have Hussein, he'll be so kind as to tell us where his mysterious weapons of massive destruction are hidden.
After all, we didn't invade Iraq to topple and capture Hussein and to liberate the Iraqi people. We invaded Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction, were an imminent threat to the United States, and there were verifiable links between Hussein and al Queda.
(Author's Note: this was not taken out of context, was an entire post)

As usual, he only tells you part of the story....In the speech he is probably referencing, the human rights violations and his treatment of his people were in fact listed as reason for going to war. Don't you just love it? I cited this insipid little hatefest blog so you can see what we are dealing with in terms of some people out there. Politics of hate and spin! Political tactics at all cost! We win a victory and capture the Hitler of our times, and still the libs are trying to get political mileage out of it. Instead of unifying behind our mission against terrorism and getting behind our troops, this is what we get from some liberals. And they call conservatives petty! As to the liberal's weapons charges, several colonels captured said they had the weapons, were given orders to use....As to the ties between al-Queda and Saddam, well, there is evidence there, also...And, which administration said there were Weapons to begin with, so vehemently they cared to spend a few 3 million dollar missiles to strike 5 dollar tents and camels, eh? I believe it was...nah, most people know already, no matter how you try to defend the legacy of that Bubba. By the way, here are some justification for war articles using logic, not black helicopter oil theories, but logic: Here, here, and especially this speech from the President himself...note the references to HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, OPPRESSED PEOPLES!
And remember, another justification was the violation of UN resolutions. Many of those resolutions included human rights abuses, and, well golly gee, anyone can see human rights abuses by this madman. Wow, yeah, the weapons and al-Queda were the only things. Spin away...wrong side of history again, Darn!!!!
Again, my point is proven, never let truth get in the way of smear and spin. The libs give petty lip service to our victory and spin away and manuever. But of course, selective hearing and self-victimization are their part and parcel....How sad.....


We are the arsenal of Freedom! We got the rat in the hole, now we are looking for the whacko in the cracko! UBL, here we come! The clock is ticking......LET FREEDOM RING!!!!

For more Coverage....

Jump over to WMD for more links, as Matt chimes in with his analysis and insights....Jump here now!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Posted by Mark at 2:10 PM

12/13/03- From the Ducks Home Office, in the Hockey Barn of Bedlam....

We bring you now the Duck report from yesterday's game.
Pecker scores twice in Cincinnati win over San Antonio

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Cory Pecker scored his second goal of the night with 6:17 left in the third period, giving the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks a 4-3 victory over the San Antonio Rampage Friday at Cincinnati Gardens.

Todd Reirden had a goal and an assist for the Ducks, who snapped a five-game losing streak and won for just the second time in 10 games (2-8-0-0). Casey Hankinson and Tony Martensson each chipped in with a pair of assists.

Pecker, who led the Ducks in goals last season with 20, broke an 18-game goal drought with his first multiple-goal and point game of the season.

Ilya Bryzgalov stopped 19 shots in the win for Cincinnati, which scored on two of its seven power play chances.

Denis Shvidki and Eric Beaudoin each had a goal and an assist for the Rampage, who snapped a two-game winning streak and lost for the first time in four tries against the Ducks dating back to last season.

Simon Lajeunesse, a second-round pick by Ottawa in 1999, surrendered four goals on 33 shots to take the loss.

The Ducks face Milwaukee Sunday at 5:05 p.m. at Cincinnati Gardens.

First period: 1. San, Shvidki 6 (Beaudoin, Green), 4:42 (ppg). 2. Cin, Pecker 2 (Martensson, Reirden), 16:48 (ppg).

Second period: 3. Cin, Kunitz 7 (Aucoin), 1:46. 4. San, Rossiter 4 (Taticek, Dzieduszycki), 4:05. 5. Cin, Reirden 2 (Martensson, Hankinson), 8:39 (ppg).

Third period: 6. San, Beaudoin 9 (Shvidki, Green), 9:33. 7. Cin, Pecker 3 (Brookbank, Hankinson), 13:43.

Shots on goal: San Antonio 8-4-10=22; Cincinnati 12-11-10=33.

Power play opportunities: San Antonio 1-for-5; Cincinnati 2-for-7. Goaltenders:
San Antonio, Lajeunesse (59:06; 33 shots, 29 saves; record 0-3-0); Cincinnati, Bryzgalov (22 shots, 19 saves; record 9-10-1). A: 3,711. Referee: Hoberg. Linesmen: Dunne, Kneale. Records: San Antonio 12-7-3-0; Cincinnati 10-13-3-0.

Game Analysis

This was a hotly contested game. The Rampage got off to an early start, beating Bryzgalov on a rebound goal, that quite frankly the defense should have been all over. The Ducks tied it up and went ahead, 2-1. Quickly the Rampage went ahead and the Ducks came back to win.

This team still continues to struggle with backing up the goaltender, and in clearing out space around him. They also do not do well on defense with handling rebounds. They allow themselves to get manuevered too close to the net and do not get their men out.

On offense, things appear to be improving, especially with point leader Martensson back. Hopefully his two goals are signs that Cory Pecker, my new hockey player friend, is coming out of some of the doldrums he has been in. His goals were at once both things of beauty and tremendous effort. One thing all the ducks forwards need to do is to not think so much, to react. Sometimes I think they are too busy trying to make a play instead of just making the play.

I was really impressed with Beaudoin. He played well, and showed more grace than his 6'5 frame would attest to. He was also great after the game, a very good guy. Which is more than I can say for Shivdiki, the man was a jerk. He snubbed fans and just left, maybe saying one or two things. Some of these were San Antonio fans even. What an attitude! Kyle Rossiter was also a good guy after the ice.

However, the Rampage were a very goonish team. They took excessive cheap shots at our smallest player, Keith Aucoin. Why is everyone picking on Keith? He is a good little player, but I guess people don't expect someone so small to be so agressive. So, they try to brutalize him.

Overall, this effort was worth a B-. They played well off and on, but consistency still continues to be a MAJOR problem.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:39 PM

Now, for some light material

Like any great and meaningful material, this stuff will make you laugh, but also make you think......

And Here I thought Tipper and Al were the Inspiration for Love Story....

Check out this great article, humor and fact tinged together...Great stuff.

Now, for Some More Serious Matters....Check out this stuff

Political Pandering, Dean Style...

Read about how Howeird and the Dims are trying to cater to every voting bloc....even those at cross purposes, and his snide and sneaky tactics....Good Commentary.

And Bush is supposedly the Definitive Child of Privilege?

Check out this great essay about his majesty Howeird Dean.
He even lies about family tragedies to get votes....Wow, great integrity there!

What Exactly is He, Anyway? What exactly are his Convictions, if any?

Check out this analysis of Howeird.

Dean's Cronyism Fails Shooting Victim

Check out this report. If you think Haliburton is bad, check out how Dean's cronyism failed a shooting victim, all because of political expediency. Read it here.

Their Own Strategy Analysis Says it All

Liberals hope the economy tanks, is jobless. And they hope we fail in Iraq. It alludes to this in a memo. Read about it here and cringe at these people who claim to love America, but DO NOT delight in her good news, but who want to glorify any badness, at least as long as Bush is in office. Judge whether or not they really care for the country or are pandering for power.

Posted by Mark at 10:58 AM

There they go again....

The meeting was not in Cincinnati, or a suburb of Cincinnati, to those out there so interested. It was Dayton, Ohio.

This meeting was very fruitful. We talked strategy and ways to get out the vote. We talked about how the Bush campaign is mostly grassroots, with neighbors doing the talking, unlike the Dims who are engaging in massive soft money campaigns with satellite organizations who come to your town and assail you with their propaganda. We talked about how we have to be outspoken.

To clarify my occupation: yes I am a school teacher. To clarify my spelling mistakes, yes I make them. I write this in a very limited time, and do not have the time to check for spelling. I do not have English majors check my grammar and go over posts six times before I make them. As to the Asiatic comment, I am sorry. As I do not go in for everything PC, was not sure of the term. I did not have the luxury time to look it up in the dictionary. Any slight people of Asian descent may feel about that, I really apologize.

In working the room, this was done before the meeting. You see, I like to socialize a bit and look around before a meeting starts, to get to know people. See, I like to find out more about a person than simply look at their apartment, or what car they drive, what operas they have seen, I like to connect. I do not just go for the surface image. Once the meeting started, we did talk strategy.

In terms of counting the different minorities, unlike you liberals, some of us do not believe in counting and excluding people based on race. I mean, that is what you are talking about, right? As for the total attendance, it was about 800-1000 people, the room was a standard Holiday Inn ballroom, and it was packed. I mean, you want me to racially and ethnically profile people? Aren't you liberals against that? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of inclusion and the idea we all are Americans, above everything else?

And wow, someone considers me a nemesis? Do I get a cool T-shirt or something? What a shame. Someone took a minor disagreement, and because libs tend to think of themselves over everyone else, they took it to be a major war and self-victimized themselves into isolation. Never mind that elitist attitudes toward others in a group got this person kicked out. Never mind that this person threatened the organization even as they were presenting different options, that ultimately he forced the issue. Never mind all that. It is all a conspiracy against the liberal who is the center of the universe. Never mind that there are routine references to me basically by name and picture, even while here I have restrained what I could say about someone, out of politeness for another human being. Never mind that I have never insulted this person's performance of their job, it is I who am the bad guy. Well, to this liberal I say, if you don't like it, lump it, learn to live with it.....Because it is not going away. So, therefore, why don't you? Why don't you simply show how much of the better person you are, if I am the one behind this conspiracy against you, and ignore the blatant vitriol you seem to see......But, of course, you are obsessed. Heck, you so much as alluded to the fact you are practically enamored of me, comparing your attention to me like that of a girlfriend....Sorry, but I do not swing that way. If you do, have fun, but not with me.

If the soldiers cannot take it, then they do not have what it takes to be a soldier? How in the blue hell would you know? How would I know? I don't. However, you insult our soldiers intelligence and their abilities with your comments, and you try to say you do not share the Clinton hatred of the military. Come on! You basically called them cowardly and not able to fight simply because they would like some of the good they are doing to be reported! Shame on you! That attitude, quite frankly, disturbs me. But, of course, I am sure you liberal types out there will claim I am "hiding" behind patriotism and the flag and a respect for the military....IT IS NOT HIDING, IT IS ADORATION AND RESPECT. It is not, as Al Franken so ignorantly put it, 3 year old love for mommy. I know my country is not perfect. I know we shafted African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans through our history. I also know and TAKE PRIDE in the fact that we have also done the most in owning up to our mistakes and trying to make them better. I mean, did you see the survey of Germans? They are upset because they are still stigmatized by the Holocaust, and they think it is being oversensationalized.....Yet these are the people who are supposedly the more tolerant and enlightened ones....I know our country is not perfect, but I know it has done more to strive for perfection and human rights than any other country, bar none. We have bled for human rights all over the world, and you would dare make fun of our soldiers for wanting just a bit of coverage of the positives, of just a bit of support, and not the constant negativity? You would dare cast aspersions on the brave men and women who have answered the call so we do not have to? I will let the readers decide about that.

So, nothing good has come from Iraq? The liberation from a maniacal murderous dictator is not a good thing? The idea of schoolchildren free from fear is nothing? The idea of women not having to fear being raped by Saddam's goon squad is nothing? The idea of stopping the mass graves is nothing? Wow, some nothing.

Sorry, folks, but sometimes word twisting does get on the nerves. Now, back to the regularly scheduled day of fun and excitement. Check out WMD for fun stuff, and remember: they will get shrill and shrill, and will always twist words. However, the truth will come out and stand on its own....Maybe one day they will see it. However, we just need to sometimes give them a flashlight. Yes, Matt, I did make this mistake of responding. But, when friends of the family see the garbage he spews and notifies me, and with the usual vitriol and spin, I just had to. I had to see the level of hatred and self-righteousness. That is why I went back. That is why I responded. I will endeavor to do what I set out to do, and let the person ramble. I mean, after all, it is indeed his right, even if he is dead wrong. Oh well......I am sure some hate filled diatribe and a doctored picture will follow, or maybe he will ask Hill for the number of her assassin squad which did Vince Foster and Ron Brown? I don't know. It does not matter. I will not be silenced by his snivelling attacks and his attempts at defamation of my character.

God bless you all, God bless America, and keep your heads up and sticks on the ice......

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Posted by Mark at 9:29 PM

Thursday's Update (out of corny but catchy titles)

More Random Thoughts....

You ever notice how....
liberals will talk about being for common folk, about improving conditions, but yet thumb their nose at the poor in their lives?

liberals will speak out about the racism of a possible police incident but will not discuss the stigma of quotas?

liberals will pay lip service to tolerance, but yet they go out of their way to see the Christian faith banned from public view?

liberals will shout about free speech....until you disagree with something they say?

A Message for Conservatives from one of Your Own

Friends, I am a conservative. I lean to the right on many issues, and despite what has been portrayed around the blogosphere, I do not mindlessly follow George W. Bush. In fact, there are some things of his that I roundly disagree with. First and foremost is the bastardization of the No Child Left Behind Act he let pass. Letting Teddy Kennedy get involved ruined what it set out to do.

I also am ambivalent about all the spending. Now, much of it has gone to defense, and we needed that after 8 years of Clinton scorched earth policy on the military and intelligence. We need to improve those resources. However, some of the social spending I am not sure about. I know many of you out there are concerned about the Medicare reform.

I have heard some conservatives I know say that they are not going to vote for Bush, but they are not going to vote Democrat, either. They are just gonig to skip the Presidential choice. WHAT? Are you mad? We who talk patriotism and government service need to flood to the polls. If we do not, we risk the danger of electing a Howard Dean to office. I understand and can appreciate some on the right feeling miffed about Mr. Bush's middling tactics in spending and domestic agendas. However, friends, we have to look at the situation and ask ourselves: what do we want?

We know what a Howard Dean Presidency or any of the Dems Presidency would look like. Goodbye to the refunds of our money that have helped the economy, hello to higher taxes. One of the immovable principles of conservatism is lowering taxes. This President has done that. Also, if we do not vote, just out of spite or to send a message, what message are we sending? We do not care if a leftist appeasing person gets the Presidency? Which would you rather have: a person with experience in leading us in turmoil, or a shrill but harmless sound and fury type bowing at the altar of the UN and allowing America to be attacked? FRIENDS IN THE CONSERVATIVE AREA, I ASK YOU TO THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT YOUR DECISION. If you do not vote, we lose our base, and therefore, the leftists win the Presidency. Do we want this pivotal time in our history to be run by the party with a history of appeasement, of raising taxes, of punishing industry, and of turning tail and running; not to mention destroying our military and destroying respect for government service? I should think not. We have to ask ourselves, which is better: a great commander in chief with domestic issues; or a leftist appeaser who will run away from Iraq, who will let down our newfound friends in liberated areas, and who will allow terrorists to visit death on our shores again? I, for one, will stand behind this President, because he is one of us. He may have slightly different domestic agendas we like, but there is no perfect candidate. Ronald Reagan is no longer able to run. Therefore, we must realize we have to support this President, and after his reelection, then we put pressure on him to move back to the right. To do otherwise, we cut off our head to spite our nose. Please think about that.

Merry CHRISTmas, Happy HOLYdays

Jesus was born during this season to save us from ourselves....have you given yourself over to Him? Would you be clean, white as snow, free from the wages of sin? If so, accept Him into your life.

Hectic, Hectic, Hectic

As Matt and I prepare for our latest ventures, things are picking up. Subbing is going well, as is Sylvan. I still hunger to be back in the saddle full time teaching social studies. Well, if it is God's will, it will happen. But don't think I am not going to do everything I can to help it along a bit.

Friday coming up, WOOHOO!!!

Two Hockey games, fellowship with friends, and times spent in God's House....What could be better?

Well, that is all for now....God bless you all, God bless America...Keep your head up and stick on the ice....

Posted by Mark at 12:05 AM

Wednesday Late Night with Mark's Remarks

Just got back from the super secret trilateral Zionist committee of the evil Republican empire meeting in Texas, and boy are my arms tired.....

Seriously, this whole black helicopter theory thing from the Dims and Dean have got to stop.

Very Busy

Been very busy with subbing and Sylvaning. Also, hockey has taken up some time, as has my position as part of the Bush Leadership Team for my area. Went to a meeting tonight, and surprise! It was not only rich white folk there. Contrary to what liberals would have you believe, there were many minorities there, including hispanics, African Americans, and some Asiatic people. But, they must have been holographic projections from Haliburton, right libs? Or, wait, let me guess: they are blind and misguided, even though in working the room no one had below a bachelor's degree. Or, wait, I know: they must be sellouts to their race. No, wrong again closeminded ones. They are just people who realize this President is laying it all on the line to keep our shores safe, and who has a bold vision for America.

Christmas Time

Happy Season Celebrating the Birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Light of the World, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Redeemer! Thanks to Glenn Beck for inspiring me to counter protest with this overt display of my religion. Seriously though, you would think libs out there would be more tolerant during this season. However, all I hear is attacks on people simply for how they live, or because of how their house looks. Funny, I thought it was the Republicans who are supposedly the elitist snobby wealthy money grubbing types. Well, not true. Most Republicans I know are hard working people who struggle and succeed, and who take personal responsibility for themselves and their actions. They do not seek to blame their problems on the habits of those they hang with; they do not blame their lack of companionship on the type of town they live in; and they are loyal to their friends, even in disagreements, and actually value friendship that goes beyond just hanging. However, nothing matters to liberals except their own egos and self-image, and trying to get the last word. Liberals will accuse conservatives all day long of being petty and mean-spirited, but then you go out and hear the shrillness of their ads, you see the ruthless graffitti on book covers, and you see the smear of Al Franken types. Wow, what a great bunch of value driven folks you have there. I pray for those who have to put up with people who have nothing better to do than smear and singlemindedly hate.

If you do not hope the economy tanks and more troops get killed then....

1. Why don't you actually talk about how things are looking up, instead of trying to spin things so violently in the other direction, to take every positive sign and spin it?

2. Why is it that all you do is report on negativity in Iraq? If you truly wanted to be fair to the troops, you might actually report on some positives.

3. Why is it you never, ever give the President any credit, libs? Even I gave credit to Slick Willie when he triangulated and signed the Welfare reform bill after vetoing it four times. Of course, he only did it because Dick Morris told him it would reelect him.

4. Why is it that you are so harsh and shrill, that the President is not Mr. Bush, but Georgie, or Dubya, or evil?

5. Why is it that anyone who supports the President is diluded? Whatever happened to accepting differences of opinions?

These are just some questions I am posing to ALL LIBERALS IN GENERAL, especially those in the media who claim impartiality, and those out in the world who like to claim to be openminded, but who really are closed minded and out to spin away.

Mighty Pond down...No Ducks Commentary for a while

The message board that so kindly asked me to post Cincy Duck updates for them, the Mighty Pond (link on sidebar) has been down. I really hope it is back soon, so I can regale my adoring public with details of the Cincy Ducks. Mainly, all I do is answer questions about what players are doing.

Again, Merry CHRISTmas

Happy Holy Holiday Season when Mary Miraculously Birthed the Son of God, Jesus the Christ child, Emmanuel.

Speaking of the HOLYdays

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift, check over at WMD (see sidebar) and go to the WMD store. We have great merchandise with great logos, and it doesn't fill our own pockets...We just make it for the love of our adoring fans....and the obsessed stalker types....We have everything from coffee mugs to stickers....

They aren't sanctimoniously hypocritical, are they?

To steal from Andy Rooney for a minute:

You ever notice that liberals:
_send their children to private schools but yet want poor urban folks to not have that option?
_claim to be for choice but yet do not want people to choose where their children go to school?
_claim to be the friend of the little man and the poor, but yet do not want to reform a system called social security into one where people have choice to spend their CONTRIBUTIONS to the system, and where they can pass down their earnings to their children?
_claim to be for the little man, but yet want to increase taxes across the board to fund more bureaucrats?
_talk about education but yet manage to keep urban folks in failing schools, you would think they actually want the public to be ignorant and not have a good education. Hmm....maybe there is something to that, you think?
_come up with catchy names like, but never seem to follow that advice, that they come out with the same old attacks, and they seem to obsess over certain things, like Rush Limbaugh, overweight conservatives, their own elitism and how much better they are, you would think they would actually read the phrase "move on" and take it to heart. Instead, they attack, attack attack, and obsess, obsess, obsess.....

Well all, hope everyone is doing ok. I have to hit the bed now and get ready for another adventure of going to Texas to cook up John Kerry's latest gaffe, or to figure out how to mentally influence Howard Dean to vacillate some more using the Zionist Trilateral Mind Control device. God bless you all, God bless America. Keep your heads up and sticks on the ice, you hear?

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Posted by Mark at 11:22 PM

Remembering Pearl Harbor.....

Today is a day that still lives in infamy. Sixty-two years ago, the United States was ruthlessly, deliberately, deceptively attacked by a rogue state, the islands of Japan. Japan targeted Pearl Harbor, killing over 2400 military and civilian, including 1177 on the USS Arizona.

The American people were outraged. They became mobilized. The "Sleeping Giant" was awakened. No more would America be caught unawares (or so we thought). Hundreds of thousands of men joined the military, including my grandfather and John D., a close family friend. These men in less than five years would literally liberate the world from evil.

The US showed unprecedented resolve. Despite bloody battles like the Kassarine Pass, North Africa campaign, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Saipan, and many others; the American people would not relent in the cause of freedom and justice. Even as we had over 400,000 casualties in brutal bloody fighting(in some battles, over a thousand were killed in a day--contrast that with the reporting today and the casualties we have..this is not to minimize the tragic and noble deaths of our current soldiers, but we have to have some perspective), the American people remembered the cowardly and dastardly deeds of the enemy. We knew we were fighting to defend ourselves and to advance the causes of freedom and democracy. We had been attacked. There was an atrocious evil let loose and we were called on to destroy it and set the captives free. We here at WMD remember the victims of the Pearl Harbor assault, and honor and commemorate the lives given to defeat the forces of evil that launched the attack and others like it. We also honor the men and women, living and dead, who sacrificed so that freedom and democracy would prevail in the wake of Pearl Harbor, and in the cause of liberation of the world from brutal tyranny.

We need to remember Pearl Harbor, not just because of the tragedy then, but to draw inspiration of perseverance in the war on evil we are now facing. We, the young generations of today, had a brutal sneak attack in our own time, one that killed more than at Pearl Harbor, and that killed mostly all civilians, people just living their lives in peace. We need to remember Pearl Harbor to recall how to stand firm, to know how to honor and avenge those who were lost to evil, and we are dealing with evil, not misunderstood fighters.

The evil we face now is the same as the evil faced 62 years ago. It is an evil bent on decimation and destruction of all that it does not like or understand. It feeds on our doubts, it rejoices in our petty squabbling. However, like the brave souls over 60 years ago, we need to move past the appeasing, politics, and such and move toward the defending of freedom and honoring the memory of the 9/11 survivors as well as the sacrifices of those who came before. We need to take the battles to the enemy, as our forebears did, and not let the battles come to us again. We made the mistake of letting history repeat itself, of being caught unawares....We cannot do it again.

We need to realize that we are not just fighting modern terrorists....We are fighting against the evil of oppression, of murderers, which has hidden behind religions and other movements. We must not listen to the voices of those who are misguided or misaligned in this great movement against evil. They were proven wrong in every other war, especially World War II, and they will be proven wrong again. The Tokyo Roses and Hanoi Janes will be with us. We have to ignore their seductions and fight the good fight. We must realize we have been attacked again, by the same type of evil, and we must fight this evil to the end, taking the fight to the enemy. For surely if we do not, more Pearl Harbors and 9/11s are to follow. To not take the fight to the enemy does not honor the victims of either strategy. Cut and run style appeasement diplomacy does nothing but allow evil to incubate. We must fight this evil wherever it may be, so that the world may grow in peace and freedom. If we do otherwise, we don't learn the lesson paid for with the blood of the victims. Stand strong, America!

Friday, December 05, 2003

Posted by Mark at 3:39 PM

On The Road...In Columbus....Go Preds!

Visiting with the Stunner

My friend Jason and I went to Columbus yesterday. Both of us got the day off from work (as we are both pretty much independent contractors, right now) and went to Columbus to see the Columbus Blue Jackets play the Nashville Predators. The Stunner himself, my pal, Jeremy Stevenson, plays for the Preds. That is why we went to the game.

We started out trip by meeting in Goshen, Ohio at 7 am. We arrived at Columbus at 9 am, and waited outside the arena to watch the players come in and get autographs. Of course, when Jeremy walked over from the hotel, he came over to where we were standing by the arena and talked to us a bit. He likes it back in Nashville, though he does not know what his role will be, as he is coming off a fractured bone in his jaw, and his playing time is limited. He is excited to be on one of the early season surprise teams. Nashville is doing very well. He likes that his team has no real "superstar", that it is all talented roleplayers working together. That is excellent. Give me winning roleplayers over prima donnas any day. So, after staying out in the cold for 10 minutes, Jeremy went to practice, and Jason and I walked Columbus.

Columbus is a very clean city, even in the downtown area. There are some rundown shops, but overall it is very nice. We got to look at the great mix of old and new architecture. It was fascinating.

Well, before lunch, we got to talk to the guys again for Nashville, and wished them luck as they walked back to their hotel. We were very cold, and we had coats. I can imagine what a suit and tie only getup felt like. Wow!

So, we ate lunch, at Arbys (no Matt, I did not get 2 hamandcheez), and talked about how nice the guys were to stop and sign cards even in the chilly weather. It really wasn't that cold, around 35-41 degrees, but prolonged exposure can weaken you.

At 4:30, we waited outside Nashville's hotel, where we got some more signatures, and we talked to Jeremy again. Jeremy is great. He did not let the NHL go to his head, and he still remembers us. I even email him from time to time. His email address is a closely guarded secret, and I make sure to not email him often, because that would be intruding. He is a great guy, with a very caring/loving wife, and two cute kids. I have always liked Jeremy because he is real. he doesn't put on airs, and he will tell you how he is feeling and stuff, and he makes you feel like you are an insider with him, like you are a close friend. That is why I will always be his no. 1 fan. Also, he is close to my age, and we do talk about other stuff. He has given me so much moral support with my struggles in teaching. He has been an inspiration. Hopefully, we will visit with him again when Nashville comes back to town.

On to the game....

Our seats were fantastic. We were in between the teams' benches, five rows up from the ice. For the most part, the fans in Columbus were very polite, even though we wore Stevenson stuff, me in a Predators Authentic Jersey with his name and number and signed by him, and Jason in his game worn cincy ducks Stevenson jersey signed by Jeremy. I have a home and away game used Ducks Stevenson Jersey, as well as a Houston Aeros jersey and the Nashville one. All are signed by Jeremy. He is so cool.

Anyway, Jeremy was a scratch, which ticked us off, but we loved watching the game. Nashville beat the Jackets, 4-2. Although Nashville won, a rookie for Columbus stole the show. His name was Nikolai Zherdev. He tallied his first career goal and seemed to be everywhere on the ice. He hustled, and by the end of the game he was getting standing ovations every time he left the ice. He looks like he could be a real force by the end of this season, and turn into a bona fide star. Tomas Vokoun made 40 saves and got the top star of the game. It was excellent. I even made an appearance on the Columbus Jumbo tron, as they digitized a columbus jersey over my Nashville one. It was all in good fun and I was a good sport.

The only negative was some of the fans in Columbus. These three guys who claimed to know hockey were so homerish it was terrible. I am a homer, let me tell you, but this was way over the top. Also, a fan behind Nashville's bench was using slurs against Jordin Tootoo, an Innuit winger who is a forceful rookie this year. They were making fun of his heritage, which is wrong. Overall, though, the fans were cool and Jason and I had a good time there. And, the PREDS WON, BABY! Yeehah! The Cincy ducks should get a tape of that game and look at Nashville's intensity and puck control. It was a clinic!

Well, my fingers are tired and I am gonna close....

TGI....Olive Garden Friday

Can't wait to hang with the boys again and chat with Dana, the best waitress in the world and a good lady, and Sultry Sam, the flirtatious waitress with a heart of gold. And, of course, we will be having good fun and fellowship, with a best buy run and maybe another visit to the bookstore. It isn't easy living la vida loca... :)

Well, God bless ya all, God bless America, her troops, and her leaders.....keep your heads up and sticks on the ice, ya hear?

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Posted by Mark at 11:57 AM

Whoops! Matt did it Again!!!!

In his usual biting commentary, aka the M-Files, my friend Matt has captured the ignorance of the race baiters in the Cincinntati Nathaniel Jones case. Read over at WMD Matt's critique of the race baiters and his analysis....WMD

Posted by Mark at 10:42 AM

Catching Liberals in More of their Lies

Not only is it Howard Dean, but it is the liberals out there propagating this so-called "Bush Resume" internet forward. Howard Dean must have read it, when he was discussing Bush's records being sealed. Fact is, they are available for the public at Texas State Library. Read the story here.<
An assist goes to Brit Hume, who broadcast this story last night on Fox News.

Mark's Remarks

So, Mr. Dean, are you going to unseal your records as promised? It really is a shame you would believe some internet forward as gospel truth and propagate it, without doing research....OH WAIT, others do that too!!!!!! I guess it is just symptomatic of those who simply are shrill and have a single minded hatred for this President. Never let facts get in the way of a smear, I guess.

Also, dear libs, Mr. Dean in another related story from the New York Times said that he wants to delay the possible release of his records as long as possible. In January he said he sealed the records. Now that he and his liberal supporters are caught in this Bush records lie, he is saying it was his lawyers' doing. Which is it, Mr. Dean? What are you trying to hide?

Howard Dean has made snide comments about secret keeping about the Bush administration, and he even used the whole "files in daddy's library" junk from that internet forward, saying he would unseal his when Bush unsealed the TX records. Well, Mr. Dean, it appears you are behind the times...Let's open those records up, but Mr. Dean is backpedalling, as he has frequently done. It is amazing that this man thinks he can do foreign policy....Did you hear what he wants to do about the Iran situation? He wants to pay the SOVIETS to not sell equipment to Iran. He said the Soviets. HELLO, Mr. Dean, the Soviet Union has not existed in 12 years or so. Hello! Wake up! Your mecca of Communism no longer exists, Nikita! Also, look at the record of his backpedalling statements, and how he evades questions....Wow, this is like Hillary lite! Less Filling, and tastes awful! I hope and pray this man does not become President. He has not a clue.

Also, to Libs out there: it took little to no research to prove just this one point of the "Bush Resume" wrong.....wonder how much more of it is lie and innuendo? If it is anything like it sounds, probably all of it. Maybe instead of just finding anything in the DNC bag o tricks to hate Bush, they should actually look into their little forwards and cute emails and try to find...what is that word...hmm.....TRUTH?

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Posted by Mark at 12:02 PM

If you Really Want to Help, not just destroy morale....

Please have your organizations visit this site and send care packages to the soldiers in Iraq....They need to know they are still supported and loved, despite what Shrill Hill Clinton says. Here is the Link: Wishlist for Troops.

Posted by Mark at 11:37 AM

Post-Thanksgiving Wrap-up

Holiday with Family

I spent the holiday with my mom's side of the family, great folks. Of course, every year there is the euchre game, the great turkey stuffing, the football, and the arguments over the euchre game. I missed catching up with my cousins David and Bill, who were bringing girlfriends, but who didn't show, probably due to the questions our interested but sometimes overly nosy families ask.

Hockey Fix Taken Care of....Ahhhh

Got to see three hockey games over the holiday break....Wow....felt good, but also not good. The Ducks played an outstanding game on Wednesday, as they shut out the Utah Grizzlies 6-0. They looked like a young, up and coming team with fire. Well, they must have eaten too much turkey, because on Friday these same Grizzlies beat them 4-2, and on Sunday they were shut out by the Grand Rapids Griffins, farm team of the Detroit Red Wings. The Sunday game was very disappointing, coupled with most of the Friday game.

The guys were lax on defense, their passing was terrible, and with the exception of the goaltender Ilja Bryzgalov and the Defenseman Mark Popovic, few people looked like they were going all out. It seemed they were going through the motions. Not good, especially when there was a great chance to influence more casual fans to come to more games. I hope they get better as we get into the heart of the season.

Still Amazes Me....

They say that the whole Michael Jackson thing is about race. WHAT?!? This is not about race...This is about a 45 year old man who paid millions to get a case against him thrown out a decade ago, and who still hadnt learned to stay away from young boys....The libs have so indoctrinated some African Americans with the playing of the race card, they will do it all the time.

Some corrections....

It is Tom Dasschole, not Tom Asshole (excuse my cursing). If you are going to criticize it, at least get it right.

Busy week ahead...

Yep, this terrible person "without a real job", as some people have said (which makes me wonder, what is a real job? One where you lie about yourself to make money, or one where you sit at a desk and dream of hating Bush, or a job where you make a difference?) will be very busy this week. I have numerous subbing duties, as well as tutoring at the Sylvan place. Also, there are some church duties I must attend to.

Please hold up this friend in your thoughts and prayers

A guy I am in the Star Trek geek club with, Otto, is going through some serious health problems. He has diabetes, which looks like is getting worse, and he is having some issues with oxygen and thyroid issues. Otto is a walking miracle, as a few years ago the prognosis was grave. He got through that, recovered, and now, he needs prayer again. Please hold up Otto in your prayers.

Well, friends, I have to go and get back to my "not real job" and be the pathetic person I am.......God bless you all, God bless America...keep your head up and stick on the ice, ya hear?