Wednesday, January 28, 2004

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Hey, I Remembered I Have a Blog

Where to Begin?

So much as been happening, with WMDtv going well, and also with my job search, my working out regimen, and my other pursuits, time to blog has been limited.

On Iraq and WMD Question

First of all, liberal hamsters, I am distressed by Dr. Kay's assessment. Not because I believe the President lied. I believe he felt there were WMDs in Iraq. He is not alone. The French, British, German, Israeli, the UN, all those intelligence services and analysts believed it also. And, during the 1990s, the Dims were clamoring about WMD in Iraq. Sen. Levin, now a big "where are the weapons?" whiner, in the 1990s wrote then-President Clinton a series of letters discussing WMD in Iraq. Mr. Clinton made the case for WMD time and again in 1998 when he bombed Iraq again. This intelligence now appears to be flawed. However, the whole world did not seem to have the full grasp. The President is not an all knowing god, whether he is Dim or Republican, though liberals hail Clinton as a god. The President acted with the available intelligence, and that intel appears to be not fully the reality.

However, if we had the resources in the intel community that were cut by Dims like Clinton and his cohorts, including John Kerry, who wanted to disband the CIA (blind ourselves even more, eh?), then maybe the intel would have been better. However, with what we had, and what we knew about Saddam, we had to go in, especially in a post-9/11 world where we can no longer wait on threats to hit us.

We knew Saddam had weapons. Report after report and resolution after resolution asserted he had them, or tried to get them. Are we supposed to wait until this madman had them to go in? Or should we have gone in and removed him BEFORE he became an imminent threat? I choose the latter. While it appears he did not have tons and tons of ammo tanks of this stuff, we still do not know what all he had, and we probably never will fully. I still believe some of it was shipped to Syria, and believe we should go after this. However, I just love how the liberals are politicizing a serious problem. Instead of seeing this as a political issue, let's look at it practically. WE need better intelligence. We need better intelligence and military capability. Liberals have never given us that capability, except Kennedy. Therefore, we need a R back in the White House.

As for the Bush lied idea, then France lied, and all the other nations that even as they opposed the war said Saddam had weapons, they lied as well. That argument is as bogus as the claim that Bush knew about 9/11 before it happened. Ladies and gentlemen, do not get caught up in the liberal witch hunt!!!! Our president acted on the best info he had, we took out a brutal dictator whose regime was so corrupt who knows what they gave terrorists, and we will have a new ally in the MidEast. Does anyone want Saddam back? Does anyone seriously think this animal would not have tried to get weapons? He thought he had the stockpiles...What he did have, he could have used on his neighbors, and possibly us. He is no longer in a position to do so? Why is that wrong?

Answer: it is not. It was and is the right course of action. The libs just are upset because a Republican held up their shallow warnings. You see, liberals are like childish parents who spoil their children, then provide empty threats when the children act up of : you just wait til, you do that one more time....and soon one more time is like 50 times. We finally had someone who said enough is enough and took the evil ones to task. Liberals just coddled them and maybe issued sanctions and warnings. We have a leader putting it all on the line for us, to protect us, and liberals hate it. They hate themselves and their freedoms....they hate America because they thinke we are the problem. They are wrong. Don't let them put this agenda in the White House. Vote for a strong America!

God bless you all, and God bless America!!!
This was Mark...thanks for reading.

Special Note

I will be on a super secret mission tomorrow and will not be posting here or on, Matt, just leave me blank until Friday, ok? To the rest of you all, sorry for the inconsistent blogging here, but life is hectic, even for an underemployed school teacher/tutor/tv star (heehee). Take care!


Wednesday, January 21, 2004

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Update: What You been Doing, Mark? (as if you cared)

Joined a Gym

Not my idea, but it was a 3 month gift membership, and I do not want to be rude. So I have been going the past couple of days, doing the treadmill and rowbiking, as well as some weightlifting. Combined with decreased intake, I will be a lean, mean, fighting machine soon. One more thing to do.

Resume sending

While working my three jobs, have been sending resumes. Sending them, dropping them off, basically carpetbombing the education establishment with them.


Also, have been working on some things for the little TV gig I will be doing with Matt from time to time. That has been important, as well.

Some Random Rants

1. Is it just me, or was Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, permanently surprised during the Dimocrapic response to the state of the Union address? I mean, was her facelift amounting to stapling her forehead further back on her skull, was it held up by strings? What was up with that?

2. Don't you just love the respect for the Presidency the libs like Teddy Kennedy and Chuckie Rangel showed by not paying attention to Bush's speech? Yeah, you folks are NOT about maniacal singleminded hatred of one man? Nope, not at all....

3. Why can't folks get over the Halliburton thing? They wanted us to get over the North Korean thing with Clinton, the Chinese thing with Clinton, the morality thing with Clinton? I mean, at least Mr. Bush is dealing with an American corporation, not selling defense secrets to a Communist agressor?

4. I loved Bush's lines about not needing a permission slip to protect America, and loved how he turned the whole "openmindedness and pluralism" argument around on liberals. Who are they to say democracy will never work in the MidEast? Are they saying we are superior to Arabs? Hmm....that and their plantation mentality to blacks makes you wonder who the real racists are, eh?

5. Now, Moby is jumping to Margaret Cho's defense. She said Bush was not Hitler because he didn't try hard enough. This needs defense? This woman is the joke, not her comedic routine. She is looking for something to latch onto, and this whole liberal hate crowd is all she has. And Moby, dude, we all know you have no musical taste. Now, you have no comedic taste, as well.

6. Dean Meltdown--wow, I wonder how long the room in Iowa will be inhabitable after the Dean Meltdown. Wow, dude lost it! We will have to reevaluate who will win the nomination.

7. John Edwards-WATCH OUT! This guy is sneaking in under the radar. I have made contact with some of his constituents and their neighbors to the South, and they all say this guy is a closet lefty liberal flame. That means, he is a Clinton without Lewinsky. However, he is an ambulance chaser. He is a trial lawyer and will have all that money in his war chest. Watch out for this guy. He is dangerous, because folks are drawn in like they were to Bubba. However, just like Bubba, this guy is shallower than a puddle of mud.

That it is it for now....God bless America, God bless you all. I will post more thoughts as I can, as well as Ducks scores for those of you interested....

This was Mark...Thanks for Reading.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

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Having One of "those days"

I just don't know. I used to know what I wanted to do with myself, meaning, I wanted to get a teaching job, get married, have a couple kids, have the two car garage, etc. Now, as I grow older and the social prospects are narrowed, and as it appears that the teaching profession may be closed to me, outside of subbing and tutoring, I just do not know. I mean, one of the knocks against me is my lesson planning. I make generalized plans long range, and plan more specifically as the weeks come. Meaning, I do not have every single detail of a class planned when students come in. Is this wrong? I tend to think that since different classes have different students, you should specifically plan as things get closer. But, I just don't know.

Right now, I am at a quandry. While I like right now where I am at day by day, long term, not too pleased. I want to get out of my present living space and move on, and at the same time, be fully ensconsed in a career. I am just not sure if education anymore will provide that for me. And, I have been rammed over the coals in my brief experience with education. Though the kids admire me and appreciate me, I just do not know if I am in the right field. I will tell you, there is a grea trush when you help a kid. But, I also want to earn a living, and being a hired sub mercenary along with a part time tutor is not the way to do so. I just don't know....I mean, I devoted my studies to education and such, but now what, if I am leaving it as a profession? Do I go back to school? What jobs would I fit into, with my good writing skills, love of history and politics, and witty reparte? I just don't know....

Anyone have any thoughts? Cause right now, I must admit, I am bone dry. I turn to the Lord, and I guess now is just not the time for an answer...I don't know....maybe He wants me to figure it out....I just feel kind of blah about the whole deal...I DO NOT want to wake up 5 years from now, or even 2 years from now, and be in this same boat....So, anyone have any good advice? Comments are below....


Well, God bless you all...God bless America.

This was Mark...Thanks for Reading.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

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Hello, just had a thought....are there any conservative web rings out there? If so, please let me know in the comments section. I would like to join some and become a bigger part of this "vast right wing conspiracy."

thanks. God bless,


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And Now, Tales from The Idiotic Celebrity Left

Maybe She Should Have Invested in Values, not Crap

Rosie O'Donnell, apple pie princess turned flaming radical venomess, is going to lose 10 million dollars on her epic about Boy George, calle Taboo. (Story)

And here I thought the New York Broadway scene had no taste. They realized that a musical epic about a two hit wonder cliche of a gay joke was not good theater...Too bad Rosie has been out of touch with reality, or she would have, too....Rosie, go back in the closet and find your career. Nuff said. BashBush fest, er...Awards Show

Get this from Drudge.

Wow, let's see....Margaret Cho, washed up has been comedienne thinks she knows a thing or two about politics...Hmm...Ms. Cho, first of all, clean up your language. You are a grown up at an awards show, act like it. Second of all, in all recounts, Mr. Bush won. The only person who wanted to steal votes, as you say, or not count them, was your guy Al Gore, and he wanted to throw out our soldiers vote. Ms. Cho, are you still upset because no one watched your short lived TV show, in which you made fun of Asian American's work ethic, and basically stereotyped yourelf? Ms. Cho, are you upset because you haven't been in the news lately, so you need to scream and holler and rail against anything and anyone who is different than you? I think that is it, Ms. Cho. You are elitist, you are arrogant, and you are self-loathing. Also, you have shown yourself to be a celebrity LOSER. So, Ms. Cho, kindly go back to working at a grocery store or being on Whoopi Goldberg's home for has-beens, Hollywood Squares, and kindly, SHUT THE HELL UP. Thank you.

On to another idiot at this venerable awards show- Chuck D., rapper of the group Public Enemy. Funny, I thought he had been shot by another rap group. It is hard to tell which rapper is going to die these days at the hands of another rapper. I mean, tupack, notorious BIG. Who knows? This person who uses the grammar of a grade school kid is going to talk about Bush? When is the last time he lifted his head up from snorting coke to actually pay attention to politics? He insults an African American in the highest position they have ever attained, that being Colin (not Colon, but cute word play, quite the third grader, aren't you Mr. D? MR. D, COME ON, ARE YOU ONE OF THE LETTER PEOPLE OR SOMETHING?)Powell. With this much hatred of successful African Americans, is it no wonder the rap community has led to more poverty and violence in African American communities? And, Wasn't he in House Party 3? Nuff said.

Now, on to Julia Stiles. Ahh, Julia, Julia. With those blond locks and blue eyes and lovely features, there was hope. But wait, you engage in namecalling and senseless bashing. Hey, what was the last GOOD movie you made? I mean, between 10 Things I hate about you and whatever other crap you are doing now, what has been good? Ms. Stiles, maybe you SHOULD listen to Bill O'Reilly. And, Ms. Stiles, the troops are not fooled. They KNOW you are not supporting them and really don't care. You want them to come home so they can oggle your new playboy spread (I am sure it is coming, because her career is nowhere) which you will need to do to pay bills.

Al Franken Presenting the Funniest Ad Award is like Henry Kissinger presenting the Best Personality Award. This man has never been funny, he has used the talents of others to pass himself off as such...And, he is a small, skinny, very STUPID IDIOT. (How is that for a book title, Al?)

And lastly, Moby, who I believe is either a whale or someone who claims to be a music star. Funny, haven't heard much of his material on the radio....Maybe he should worry more about musical developing some! Moby, you threw your support behind Jean F'n Kerry, aka Ketchup Boy, for heaven's sake! You know, the man who thinks the best way to get to young voters is to curse about the President in Rolling Stone magazine! That shows you have no sense whatsoever.

And, these are the people, or excuse me MORON.ORG gets to come and present at their awards...Gosh, you are not going for the lowest common denominator, are you, there folks? Is this all the talent George Soros could afford? I mean, if I were him, I think I would ask for a refund. I have seen more talent on a playbill at a Rosie O'Donnell Prodcution, for heaven's sake...(Gosh, did I say that?)

Ahh....I feel so much better.....Thank goodness there are celebrities of integrity like:

Kathy Ireland, Bo Derek, James Woods, Tom Selleck, and many others, who make the sheep like Julia Stiles and Moby seem like the true idiots they are.

With friends like these, it is no wonder, er excuse me, morons at are always lying about their material and don't like to detail their supporters so much.

These are the folks trying to unseat President Bush, people. Narcissist, drug advocating, nihilistic, violence and sex peddlers who curse and defame, but offer little in the way of ideals. Do you really want to see the White House sold to these folks? I hope to heaven not. Look behind their propaganda and get past the celeb starstruckness....and you will find these folks have not a clue, and do not know very much about the way things are. I would be surprised if they could tell me who the national security advisor, the secretary of state, and the secretary of defense are without the morons at's help. It was probably on teleprompters for them. These are the folks who support the purveyors of Bush as Hitler ads. They make fun of family and religious values and poke fun at the average American. They are part of the blame and hate America first coalition. We do not want them back at the Lincoln Bedroom. Get the word out.

This was Mark, thanks for reading.

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Campaign Finances in the Crosshairs

Liberals talk a big game about how Bush is supported by a few rich men and how the neocons are buying an election. Yet they take money from raving lunatics who cost thousands in Europe jobs like George Soros, the man who bankrupted the pound for his own profit. Let's take a look at the "big corporate donations" and such of the Bush Campaign.

First of all, Bush has raised over 130 million dollars, the most by a candidate. Howeird Dean has raised 40 million. Wow, must be all those big oil companies and corporate types, right, who are giving Bush money. Nope, wrong again. Bush also has the most donations, meaning more people are giving his campaign money. His average campaign donation is the whopping figure of: $211.00 Let me write it out this time in caps for you libs who aren't good with decimals: TWO HUNDRED ELEVEN DOLLARS. (Source) Wow, that is huge. I guess all of us out there joe averages are in cahoots with the neocons, right libs? I mean really, why are you hamsters still spinning on this wheel?

Here is a telling quote from the article: "Mehlman said that 415,000 of the 494,000 Bush donors, or 84 percent, chipped in less than $200 each. "

Wow, gee, Libs, maybe your guys should quit alienating Americans and actually realizing that the tax cuts, the ouster of Saddam Hussein, these are GOOD things.
Yep, them neocons are big spenders, less than 200 bucks each. Wow.

And how bout this? The number of donors is up over this time last election, meaing more people are supporting Bush than last time.....Gee, libs, wow....guess the mind control devices are working, eh?

Here is another quote for you lefties who think this is simply about Bush outspending his competition:
""If you truly want to compare what is being spent on both sides, you need to compare it with what the third-party, soft-money groups are spending on the other (anti-Bush) side, who have said they will spend $400 million or $500 million to defeat the president," Mehlman said. "To say that the Bush campaign is way outpacing its rivals, I think, is wrong."

Mehlman was referring to groups such as Americans Coming Together and, which will work through advertising and grass-roots voter contact effort to oust Bush from the White House."

Wow, how much is the integrity of democracy to you liberals? Seems 400 million or so is your pricetag. What a shame you are hypocrites, getting all this soft money to defeat one man....How shameful! Yet you paint him as the guy relying on so much money...What a shame he does not have near the fifth column groups of whacko socialist/communists out there to wean money and support from. All he has are hard working individual God fearing Americans. And you liberals paint him as some type of overlord? Give me a big break. You all have been spinning in your own little wheels so long you have lost sight of reality......

Wow, 211 dollars per person. 84% spending less than 200 dollars each. Yep, it is all about big oil support.....Not! Grow up liberals...find a vision and some ideas, and some integrity, and we will talk....until then...

God bless you. God bless America....

This was Mark...thanks for reading.

(special assist to Dr. Lobster)

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Hey Howeird Nikita Dean, Our Troops are Safer with Saddam Captured

Here is the article from USA Today.

Wow, guess our troops are not the American people to you, Dr. Dean, then, right? I mean, you did say that Americans are not safer with Saddam gone. Well, it seems to me our soldiers are when attacks are down 20+% since he has been captured. Or is it that like the previous Dimocrap in the White House, you do not care about our men and women in uniform? Could that be it?

Mr. Dean, you are a disgrace. Why don't you hop on a plane, fly home to your scary wife and fix the toilet or whatever errand she is writing down at 10 pm? You are the real threat to America, especially with the appearances that you are going to be in Soros's pocket. I mean, you proved you loved the special interests as governor in Vermont, but some of that we cannot see because you sealed your records like a coward. Mr. Dean, shame on you. You cannot even give credit for the capture of such a dictator, or realize it makes our prized Americans serving in uniform safer. Well, sir, we will be greatly safer with George W. Bush in the White House and you and the Dim 9 merely a sad little commentary on the stupidity and psychoses of the Left in America.

God bless you...God bless America.

This was Mark...thanks for reading.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

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Update on Carnegie Endowment for Peace: It is a George Soros Front

One of the biggest contributors of this "endowment" is George Soros, the man who said he hates the President so much he will give millions to his ouster. This man has called Bush's policies Nazi-like, he has supported, which has aired commercials likening Bush to Hitler, but Soros says he does not like such a comparison. Come on, Mr. Soros, you support the organization that airs the commercials and talk about how Nazi like his policies are.

This whole report was a hackjob on Bush's assertions. It has little merit or substance. IT was done to please Soros, the financier. It is little more than a smear piece based on little investigation or fact. In fact, we have discovered blister gas in Iraq since this waste of paper of a report came out.

Posted by Mark at 12:34 PM

IN THE CROSSHAIRS: PAUL O'NEILL, and no, I do not mean the former Cincy Red and New York Yankee

Mr. Paul O'Neill certainly has been making news this week, with his new book out and all, showing classified documents on national TV, and slamming the President and such. I just want to take the time to highlight what a WHACKJOB this guy is and Thank Goodness he got the can. Folks, this guy has a very bad case of split personality mixed with sour grapes. Let's dig in, shall we?

First of all, the guy is two-faced, a duplicit traitor. One has to question his motives in writing this book. Because, shortly after he was fired, he had these things to say: "'I'm a supporter of the institution of the presidency, and I'm determined not to say any negative things about the president and the Bush administration." What happened there Paul, a few extra zeroes in the book proposal change your mind? Suskind's presentation of you being scorned change your mind? Or, are you out of your mind?

Second, the guy slams the President on this whole Iraq planning thing, yet today he was on Today defending the President. Which is it Mr. O'Neill? Are you finally realizing the whirlwind you are reaping? Mr. O'Neill says there were plans on the table for Iraq long before Sept. 11. DUH!!!! There were plans on the table for ousting Saddam even before 1998 when Congress and then President Clinton made it our official policy to support regime change. Here is an interesting article describing the arguments Clinton made and how similar they are to Bush's. So, therefore, the fact we had plans for invasion is nothing new. Some big conspiracy. I guess Bill Clinton is a neocon now, right?

Mr. O'Neill, either overtly or maybe being coerced by author Suskind has engaged in chicanery and falsehood. Most folks saw the document on 60 Minutes about oil contracts in Iraq. Mr. Suskind and Mr. O'Neill maintain this was for a post-Saddam Iraq. If so, then how come at the top it says as of 2001? According to Fox News and Brit Hume, this paper did not in fact come from the Pentagon, but actually from Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force, and the paper dealt with countries already in Iraq who had energy deals ongoing with the Dictator. Wow, talk about falsehoods! And liberals are holding up this guy as an honest person and full of integrity? Hmmm...makes you wonder what they consider integrity?

Mr. O'Neill in excerpts goes on to whine and moan about Bush's demeanor at Cabinet meetings, that he did not talk enough. Maybe he is listening, eh? He whines about how Bush let him do most of the talking, or did not listen to him. Maybe your ideas were not good. Maybe he was thinking. I mean, what did you expect, self affirmation in a cabinet meeting or an interview? Give me a break. This man has some self-esteem issues.

Mr. O'Neill flip flops on what he wants from this book or what he is trying to do. Obviously he has a grudge against the President, but now that words of his are being used to call him a man without honor, today he took to the Today show and talked to Katie Couric and actually repeated the President's argument about the plans for ousting Saddam for 9/11!!!! Which is it, Mr. O'Neill? Are you smearing or are you supporting? Do you honestly have a clue about the real world, or did you snort too much aluminum fumes at Alcoa?

Simply put: Paul O'Neill is clueless. He was clueless about economic policy, as he did not support the 2nd round of tax cuts. Wow, they really hurt us, didnt they Paul? Seems to me the economy is recovering....He did not have a clue about politics in the White House (what, you mean there is politics in the White House, glory be!?), and he did not have a clue about his boss. Seems to me he is simply full of cluelessness. And now it appears he has violated secrecy, wow, he really cares for this country, doesn't he?

And if George W. Bush is so maniacal, why hasn't he slammed this guy? In fact, all he has said is that they served together during rough times (Clinton/Gore recession, 9/11) and that he appreciated Mr. O'Neill's service. Wow, maniacal planner of revenge there, right, libs? Give me a break. Again, libs are standing on a straw man, and already Mr. O'Neill's facts and figures are being called into question. He is, quite simply, a disgruntled government hack who is A WHACKJOB and went postal through the book. All smear, little substance. Nuff said.

This was Mark, thanks for reading.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Posted by Mark at 8:21 PM

Burning Out Young Hockey Prospects

A Tradition from Anaheim

In the last 36 hours, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim have taken significant talent from the AHL affiliate, the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks. They have taken Joffrey Lopul and Tony Martensson, both high scoring forwards with tremendous upswing. This callup comes after disatrous losses by the NHL team, and their lack of scoring punch. However, these moves are extremely shortsighted, and it shows that the new regime under Bryan Murray the GM has learned nothing from the bad old days. Lopul's performance earlier in the season, as he began the year with Anaheim and struggled, shows he is not ready. A hat trick and a few other points in a handful of games does not mean he is ready to come back. Anaheim did this year after year under the Pierre Gauthier regime. Here is a reminder of some of the young talent who became burned out after the yo yo of being sent down and recalled over and over, and who became burned out:

Matt Cullen- started like a house of fire, but developed attitude issues of superstardom after being yo-yoed for a season, and was never the intense player he could have been. Now in Florida's organization?

Jonathan Hedstrom- in just one year he was busted after being called up a few times last year. Back in Sweden.

Gregg Naumenko- getting yoyoed gave him an attitude, and he never recovered his rookie form. Somewhere in the minors?

Pavel Trnka- called up WAY too soon, but survived for 5 seasons.

Tom Askey- yoyoed and then cast aside, now a solid player in Buffalo's organization.

Timo Parssinen- yo yoed, became disgruntled and now back in Europe.

All of these players had tremendous potential, yet all have been "busts." Why? Because they were called up too soon, too much was expected, and they were cast aside. This has happened to others in the organization as well....and what has happened to Anaheim? They have had one what can now be considered a fluke of a season in getting to the cup. They have not solidly developed a core of talent,outside of Mike LeClerc and Andy MacDonald. You see Jason Krog developing into a solid NHL player. Why? He was allowed to take his time and develop. Lopul and Martensson may not be so lucky. I hope I am wrong, but this seems to be a running pattern with Anaheim and its prospects. Any thoughts from Ducks fans?

Posted by Mark at 4:03 PM

Slammin the Hamster Dance!

Well, go over to WMD to see the latest.....

And, check out this great thing...Sure Doc Lob will love this!

Posted by Mark at 3:39 PM

UPDATE: Now, Carnegie Liberalista Organization, What do You think About this? VERDICT: Hamsters, Wrong Again!

Danish troops have found dozens of mortar rounds in southern Iraq which could contain chemical weapons according to initial tests.

Read The full story here. I should stress that this is still preliminary. Props to Drudge for the hookup.

So, There are no and never were WMDs, eh? Wow, talk about egg on the that egg scrambled, hard boiled, or sunny side down?

The report says that these weapons were buried for 10 years, wow, which means that they were produced after the Gulf War and after some of the 17 resolutions that called for destruction. These were weapons that Saddam said he had destroyed....Wow, liberals and brutal dictators, deluded liars both! Hmmm...wonder if there will be any retractions or clarifications from the naysayers like Nikita Dean, Jean Kerry, or Shrill Hill? I guess there never was any chemical threat, huh? Wow, on the wrong side of history again....but what do you expect?

This is Mark, thanks for Reading......

Posted by Mark at 2:02 PM

Now Hamsters, Hold on Just a Minute......or to my lobster homies, Hold on a Minizzle

Don't Mean to Get your Liberal Panties in a Wad, But......

Hamsters now are citing a report from the Carnegie Coalition for Peace stating there were no weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq. What hands on research did these folks do? What happened to the official Kay Report, or whatever the commission may be called if/when Mr. Kay leaves. Instead of waiting for that official report, the hamsters are jumping for joy that an institution whose funding is from predominantly liberal sources is going to come out with more garbage about there being no wmds. Give me a break. What work did they do?

The article claims they are nonbiased, and nonpartisan. However, it is easy if you trace their contributors that they are in fact liberal. Much as some of the other thinktanks. My friend Matt uncovered an article in the Hindustan Times talking about such things as questionable things being found. We have found mountains of paper evidence that they were researching and used them on their own people as guinea pigs.

The libs want you to forget all that. What they want is instant gratification. They are like spoiled little children wanting dessert before the main course. We want it now! We want it now!!! Wah!!! They expect the discoveries to come like a friggin James Bond movie with the people in giant lair with weapons all around. It don't work that way in the real world.

Folks, there is a report today on fox news that danish soldiers outside Basrah have discovered mortars with liquid in them. A questionable liquid. Most mortars contain explosives. What, do the liberals think Saddam is storing his Chrystal in them? We are not done searching, this report was not done with any clear investigational on the ground methods, and therefore is irrelevant. Of course, the libs specialize in irrelevancies. Look at their candidates.

And Now, a word On WMDtv

If you check out WMD, you will notice Matt talking about WMD tv. This is something that has been in the works for quite some time, and is going to come about real soon. I was dragged kicking and screaming into this, but, it is healthy. Carpe Diem and all that. I mean, risk can be good. However, I have many concerns...
1. Otto, you big jerk! The schedule is eating into hockey time....two missed games in January....Dude, you are lucky you are not well, I would have to put a boot in your arse!!!! Just kidding, but man, I am going to be a grouchy guss on shoot nights...Maybe that will be good.
2. Will we have enough material? We are going to be doing 55 minutes of blowing away the minds of Daytoners. The first show is taped and will be aired, but subsequent ones are going to be live....egads...
3. Which brings me to the next: I have real stagefright issues....Some of you may say: what you talkin about Willis? You are a teacher and a part time pastor, speaking in public is part of the gig. Well, true, but I am terrified every time I do it. IT is easy at church because I know most of these people, and I trust God will get the message through my lame attempts. At schools I frequently criticize myself, and when I rewatch sermons I have done, very painful. Well, maybe I will just have to bring that God will get me through attitude to the show.
4. Will people like me? Will they think I am stupid? Will I make an arse out of myself, more than I usually do? How will life change?
5. I think of the disruptions to my routine. Man....first hockey, what next? Just kidding....

I know with Matt as a driving orce and with myown convictions, the show will do well....I just am right now seemingly confounded with the fears...if anyone out there has any thing to weigh in how to deal with this or what, let me know....I really want to do well, but I have no clue about television....Well, I will close with an accurate couple of Scriptures: "The mind of man plans his way, but God guides his steps....(prov. 16:9)" and "all things work to the good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes" (Romans 8:28)....

Well, enough of my whining...Time to just DO IT!!!!!
God bless you all, God bless America....This is Mark, thanks for reading.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Posted by Mark at 10:53 AM

And, He Wants to Go Back!!!!!

Saw this guy on Fox News, a real American hero, who kept and is keeping a journal about his life as a soldier. He wants the good news to come out, and is looking forward to healing up from his injuries to go back to Iraq. Read all about him at his journal here.

Mark's Remarks

Casey is a remarkable young man, but typical of many of our wonderful men and women. On some other blogs, when our military makes a mistake, the hamsters castigate and denigrate the men and women in uniform, and poke fun at our servicemen and servicewomen. Read in his journal his thoughts on the media and some of his interactions with other soldiers, and you get the real scoop. Powerful stuff.....
Here are some quotes that are dead on:
"I will always give you the true read over here and I want to again remind you that the press sells paper with bad news. The good news stories are lost in the editor's office and I can tell you he has trash bins full of them. We are making a huge difference here and you all are a critical part of the team....though you don't see it as easily as us. "

"The month of November was the single most deadly month since the formal end to combat operations - true. But, if we break it down we find that the significant numbers (well over half) come from several unfortunate helicopter crashes and is misleading. In Kirkuk have actually seen a significant decrease in anti-coalition actions and have even begun to see Iraqis nationals protesting in support of us! The majority of the Iraqis still love Americans and are fearful that we will leave before they can establish themselves. Let me give you an example of their appreciation. The Assyrians, or Iraqis Christians, collectively decided that they wanted to do something special for the Americans to show us that they truly appreciated what we are doing for them. On Thanksgiving Day, the Assyrians sponsored a huge dinner for all the Americans that work in Kirkuk. They knew that Thanksgiving was an important American holiday and wanted us to know that they understood our sacrifices and were grateful for all that we have done. Though they probably couldn't afford the lavish spread (complete with turkeys!) it was very touching and reinforced to all present that we do belong here and we are making a difference."

All this from a soldier wounded, yearning to go back....You won't hear this on the evening news, and his interview was placed on early in the morning, so many probably didn't see it outside of Fox News. God bless our soldiers, God bless America. This is Mark, thanks for reading.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Posted by Mark at 4:35 PM

Liberal Open Mindedness at its Best

Just like his idols at the DNC, Eric the Hamster deleted some comments about his site. These comments were from me, in regards to some disparaging statements he made, calling Matt and I cockroaches. I merely asked if all he had left was namecalling, since WMD has relentlessly disproved his little Bush Resume. I stated that liberals just keep repeating the same lies, hoping to make them true by repetition. He deleted three posts I made. Then, when I called him on his closemindedness, he deleted my post and banned me from his comments. Wow, great openmindedness. Then, thinking no one had seen what I wrote, he claimed it was full of hate and vitriol. I guess the other posting on another topic was full of hate, when I stated I hoped his dad recovered from cancer, and would be praying for him. Do you see how far his singleminded hatred has gone? This is what liberals do. They try to squash dissent. I have left comments from someone who disagrees with me, even though I could ban and delete the poster, and I reserve the right to do that if it is offensive. However, this poster kept a modicum of civility, and so it was done. I did not lie about there being hatred in the words of questioning, unlike the hamster. This man has shown himself to have little integrity, and even less honor. Comment on his site at your own risk, his openmindedness might just delete you if you are not as "cogent" (read deluded) as he is.

Posted by Mark at 4:28 PM

Hockey Madness Weekend Review

The following are summaries and my comments from the games I went to this past weekend featuring my hometown Cincinnati Mighty Ducks!

January 2, 2004 game results

Ducks, Aeros settle for tie

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Stephane Veilleux scored a shorthanded goal early in the third period to help the Houston Aeros skate to a 2-2 tie with the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks Friday at Cincinnati Gardens.

After goals by Brian Gornick in the first period and Chris Armstrong in the second gave Cincinnati a 2-1 lead, Veilleux netted his fifth goal of the season 5:46 into the third to force overtime.

Jeff Hoggan opened the scoring 3:23 into the first period for Houston, which extended its unbeaten streak to seven games with its fourth consecutive tie (3-0-4-0). The Aeros have lost just once in their last 14 games, going 9-1-4-0 in that stretch.

Kyle Kettles turned away six shots in overtime and recorded 33 total saves for Houston.

Ilya Bryzgalov finished with 31 saves for Cincinnati, which snapped a three-game losing streak but remains winless in its last four. Bryzgalov made his best save with under a minute to play in overtime when he robbed Mika Hannula on a breakaway.

The Ducks play the San Antonio Rampage at 7:35 p.m. Saturday at Cincinnati Gardens.


First period: 1. Hou, Hoggan 9 (Wallin, Roche), 3:23. 2. Cin, Gornick 1 (Mottau, Pohanka), 14:14.

Second period: 3. Cin, Armstrong 5 (Stepp), 14:28.

Third period: 4. Hou, Veilleux 5 (Cavosie), 5:46 (shg).

Overtime: No scoring.

Shots on goal: Houston 10-11-9-3=33; Cincinnati 14-12-3-6=35.

Power play opportunities: Houston 0-for-3; Cincinnati 0-for-3. Goaltenders: Houston, Kettles (35 shots, 32 saves; record 2-3-2); Cincinnati, Bryzgalov (33 shots, 31 saves; record 11-12-3). A: 4,004. Referee: Hoberg. Linesmen: Ferguson, Gould. Records:
Houston 14-14-6-2; Cincinnati 12-16-5-0.

Mark's Analysis
This was one of the strongest efforts I have seen by this team. The defense was there for most of the game, and every player seemed to be on the same page. However, the power play did make one mistake which cost Ilja the victory. Ilja came out of the crease to play the puck on a power play, and no one from the unit came back to assist, so he had to fire a dangerous long crossice pass which was intercepted. Ilja barely missed saving the shot, but it went in. This was a great effort. It was also the first game for the recently sent down Joffrey Lupul. I was not impressed. He skated around in circles too much, did little with the puck. In overtime, he had an open net from the left faceoff circle and never shot. All he did was make cute circles and figure 8s. Missed Popovic, who played in Anaheim's loss to Buffalo. Effort was there, Lupul was disappointing, and Ilja was disappointed in a stellar 30+ save effort. However, we need all the points we can get.

January 3, 2004

Rampage rally to tie in third, then dump Ducks in OT

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Vaclav Nedorost scored his second goal of the game in overtime to lift the San Antonio Rampage to a 5-4 win over the CIncinnati Mighty Ducks Saturday at Cincinnati Gardens.

Nedorost, who snapped a 1-1 tie early in the second period, netted his fourth goal of the season 1:59 into the extra session for the Rampage, who snapped a four-game winless streak (0-3-1-0) and won for just the second time in their last nine (2-6-1-0).

Eric Beaudoin had two goals and Denis Shvidki finished with three assists for San Antonio, which improved to 3-1-0-0 against Cincinnati this season.

Simon Lajeunesse turned aside six shots in overtime and 36 overall for his first win of the season.

Todd Reirden, Casey Hankinson and Mike Mottau scored for the Ducks, who squandered a 4-2 third-period lead.

Ilya Bryzgalov gave up all five goals on 25 shots for the loss.

The Ducks and Rampage complete a two-game series at 3:05 p.m. Sunday at Cincinnati Gardens.

San Antonio...................................1-1-2-1=5

First period: 1. San, Beaudoin 12 (Shvidki, Dzieduszcki), 13:45.

Second period: 2. Cin, Martensson 6 (Lupul, Armstrong), 0:29 (ppg). 3. San, Nedorost 3 (Olson), 4:21. 4. Cin, Reirden 2 (Hankinson, Armstrong), 9:54 (shg).
5. Cin, Hankinson 6 (Aucoin), 12:56. 6. Cin, Mottau 3 (Kunitz), 17:04.

Third period: 7. San, Olson 9 (Paul, Nedorost), 5:49. 8. San, Beaudoin 13 (Shvidki, Green), 6:44 (ppg).

Overtime: 9. San, Nedorost 4 (Huskins, Shvidki), 1:59.

Shots on goal: San Antonio 13-4-7-1=25; Cincinnati 11-12-11-6=40.

Power play opportunities: San Antonio 1-for-5; Cincinnati 1-for-6. Goaltenders:
San Antonio, Lajeunesse (40 shots, 36 saves; record 1-3-0); Cincinnati, Bryzgalov (25 shots, 20 saves; record 11-13-4). A: 4,523. Referee: Hoberg. Linesmen: Dunne, Mallin. Records: San Antonio 14-12-4-0; Cincinnati 12-16-5-1.

Mark's Analysis
This is the first game where I have been disappointed in the goaltending of Ilja Bryzgalov. I do not know whether he is tired or has the flu, but he looked terrible this game. He even let one puck in under his skate on the corner. Lupul continued to skate pretty and hog the puck-DUDE, DO SOMETHING WITH IT, EITHER PASS OR SHOOT, BUT DON'T HOLD IT. This was a game when the Defense needed to pick up the goalie, but no, it didn't happen, and Ilja was out of gas when it came time to do the miraculous this time. Hey, did someone spike Reirden's water with Viagra? The guy is hitting, and he actually had a goal tonight! Maybe he is having flashbacks to 10 years ago. Either way, it is good to see him rejuvenated, even though I do not think it will last.

Ducks send Rampage for a Lupul

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Joffrey Lupul had three goals and an assist and Chris Kunitz tied a franchise record with five points on a goal and four assists to lead the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks to a 5-2 victory over the San Antonio Rampage at Cincinnati Gardens.

After Michel Periard scored for the Rampage to even the score at 2-2 midway through the third period, Lupul scored three times 4:01 apart for his first professional hat trick.

Lupul, a first-round pick by Anaheim in 2002, also assisted on the game-opening goal by Kunitz 9:15 into the first period. The 6-foot-1, 200-pound Edmonton, Alberta native has five points in his last two games after going scoreless in his first AHL game January 2 against Houston after being sent down by Anaheim, where he had six goals and eight assists in 34 games.

Kunitz assisted on a goal by Todd Reirden with one second left in the first period to give the Ducks a 2-1 lead and all three of Lupul's goals in the third. The Ferris State product now ranks second among AHL rookies in scoring with 27 points, including a team-leading 11 goals.

Lupul and Kunitz also each posted franchise-best plus-5 ratings for Cincinnati, which snapped its five-game winless streak (0-3-1-1) and moved into a tie with San Antonio for fifth place in the West Division.

Eddy Ferhi, a first-year pro out of Sacred Heart University, stopped 18 shots in the win for the Ducks and was involved in a fight with San Antonio goaltender Travis Scott early in the second period.

Scott, who leads the AHL in wins with 13, surrendered four goals on 38 shots in the loss for the Rampage, who are 2-6-1-0 in their last nine games.

The Ducks, who have scored nine goals in their last two games after netting just 22 in their previous 11 games, begin a three-game road trip Thursday at Milwaukee.

San Antonio.............................1-0-1=2

First period: 1. Cin, Kunitz 11 (Lupul), 9:15. 2. San, Nedorost 5 (Rossiter), 19:04.
3. Cin, Reirden 3 (Kunitz, Armstrong), 19:59.

Second period: No scoring.

Third period: 4. San, Periard 4 (Green, Beaudoin), 10:15 (ppg). 5. Cin, Lupul 1 (Martensson, Kunitz), 14:57. 6. Cin, Lupul 2 (Kunitz, Brookbank), 17:55. 7, Cin, Lupul 3 (Kunitz, Mottau), 18:58 (eng).

Shots on goal: San Antonio 9-3-8=20; Cincinnati 12-18-9=39.

Power play opportunities: San Antonio 1-for-3; Cincinnati 0-for-2. Goaltenders: San Antonio, Scott (59:10; 38 shots, 34 saves, 1 eng; record 13-10-4); Cincinnati, Ferhi (20 shots, 18 saves; record 2-4-2). A: 2,717. Referee: Dwyer. Linesmen: Kneale, Lord. Records: San Antonio 14-13-4-0; Cincinnati 13-16-5-1.

Mark's Analysis
OK, so maybe this Lupul kid can play....I still think he hogs the puck too much, and needs to work on distributing, but the kid seems to be getting into the groove (UNDERSTATEMENT). Reirden scored again....whatever he is taking, he needs to keep it up, bottle it, and sell it to senior citizens for pep.

And, just call him Fightin' Eddy Ferhi. Eddy Ferhi, the backup goaltender, got the start. Early in the second period, there was a scrum in front of the Rampage net, and Goalie Travis Scott cheapshotted one of the Ducks by getting at him from behind. Eddy Ferhi came charging down the ice, and challenged Scott. Scott made a big show of taking forever to get his equipment off, but when he did, they locked up. It was mostly clutching and grabbing, but both goalies got off a few shots, and Eddy held his own. He was greeted postgame by chants of Eddy! Eddy! There was also a massive scrum at the end of the game with Cam Severson, and Sheldon Brookbank getting into some punch throwing with a few Rampage players. A very intense game, and we won!!!! Hopefully, Reirden will either retire or keep playing at this level, and with the return of Mark Popovic today, then our defense is rising in ability. And, this Lupul kid may have game.....Stay tuned.

Friday, January 02, 2004

Posted by Mark at 1:13 PM

Happy Belated New Year!!!

Sorry, been busy...

Been busy with getting things going for post-holiday cleanup, etc. Also, have been very melancholy lately. Oh well....

Year in Review

Let's take a look at the top things that happened to me in the year 2003.

1. Lost my Teaching Job Resigned from my teaching position after pressure from the administration, that I was spending too much time with students who were "lost causes." Also, admin was upset that I was angry that they called every faculty member but me when a student I treasured died. Like they didn't mean it for a statement? Despite the students wanting me to stay, and despite the joy it would have been to fight these people, it was best to move on. Emotionally, I have been drained by those 2 years in Highland county. The community was so close minded, and the supposed mighty union was no help at all.

2. Working 3 jobs, very busy. Between being a substitute teacher, a tutor, and a pastor, life is pretty hectic. Therefore, I do not get as much done in my hobbies as I would like. Sometimes, I think my friends think I have all this free time where I do nothing. Not true. I am very busy, between filing new resumes at school districts, subbing, tutoring, and other endeavors, I probably only have about 3 hours of time outside of sleep that is mine on average.

3. Joined the Bush Campaign. This is important. It represents my first foray into national politics. I want to help make a difference and to show some apathetic friends of mine it is good to get involved. This president is not perfect, but he is better than the 9 dimwits on the other side, who want to appease terror and bow at the altar of the Unimportant Nobodies.

4. Lost a friend, gained much more. The person now known as the Hamster turned on me this year, after a year and 3/4 of alternating sucking up and ambivalence. He turned on me over politics, and broke every word he claimed about not attacking people. He harasses me on his site, he uses my intellectual property (my image) without my permission, and he still thinks I started this mess. Well, I am better for him not being in my life, as I grew tired of walking the tight rope and having to stay silent on issues for the good of the other folks in the room (my other friends). In the melee of him thankfully going his own way of self delusion and destruction (he recently called my friends and I cockroaches on his self-affirming blog, what a guy!), I have gained closer bonds of friendship with those who have always been there. I thank M, D, T, and the big O for being great friends, and for putting up with my diatribe at times. Thank goodness we no longer have to put up with the Hamster. All hail the AHA!

4. Just a closer Walk with Thee. Despite the clamoring by the left about religion being evil, or being an opiate of the people, I have gained a deeper walk with God, not that it is perfect or great, but a deeper understanding of what I need to do. I pray He will give me the strength and guidance to do those things, and we can become even closer. I have come to realize that I need Him, and that I need to seek after His will, and also that I need to give Him the glory for the things He hath done, even when I don't like them. I claim this verse again, from Romans 8:28:" all things work to the good for those who Love the Lord and are called according to His purpose."

5. Though not teaching, have been writing courses. For the Star Trek Fan (geek) club I am in, I was given the dubious role of Academy Chancellor, meaning it is my job to come up with training for members. Great. While it is still a work in progress, my comrade Doug and I have come up with around (at last count) 45 courses for members to take. This has been a great undertaking, especially since it has required me to learn a lot about areas I was not familiar with, like operations, and security details and rules, in order to write coursework for them. It has been exciting, but the job remains undone, and I strive to finish it.

6. Still not with a girl, or even a woman. Yes, ladies, you have missed out again. I remain single. There is always Jane Wyatt, but right now she kind of has her eyes on Churchboy, but still holds open the possibility for her and I to get together. Some folks talk about a need for sex or that people need to "get laid" as it were, but I think this is bogus. My need for female companionship is not based on the simple lust of making whoopee, it is based on the need to connect with someone, to find that soulmate. Sure, this sounds like talk, especially given the "locker room style" dialogue my friends and I engage in during joking times, but really this is what I am about. I am sure I am going to get raked over the coals by friend and foe alike over this, but I really find myself at a crossroads. While a relationship would be nice, I grow more dissonant with the prospect of one happening. I do not believe in hitting the bar scene, as really, is that somewhere to meet the love of your life? However, it does not help to be shy, to feel largely inadequate because of your current station in life, because of your looks, and because you ...did I mention I am shy? Well, there is that useless diatribe.

7. Lost a student on my birthday, no less. A student of mine was killed in a boating accident on my birthday. I was out of town (though I could still be reached by the school, who didn't bother to call me) when it happened. It happened on my birthday. This boy Jake was a special kid to me. He helped to keep me focused on my job, even when I was fighting administration and felt like giving up the ship. There is not a day that goes by when I do not think of him, but now I think I have come to grips with things. When I think of him, and folks who have passed like my Grandma Lucille, my grandpa Paul, and others; I think of them in a better place, in some senses watching out for me, especially when I look at things I have done that were stupid, etc. and that I turned out ok. I miss you Jake, and I will always miss the opportunity to see you turn into the man I know you would have. God bless. However, my birthday will never be the same....THAT, HAMSTER BOY, IS A "F'ED UP" talk about the crap someone put you through by not giving you your day, how do you think it feels to know that someone you cared about died on your birthday, you jackass?!!? All he cares about is himself, so what do I expect? He tried pimping out his girlfriend on my other friends because he got "tired of her constant attention." He routinely offered her sexual advances to us because he was tired of her. What a great companion, eh? Well, enough of him. I am glad he is gone and he has taken up far too much blogging space already. God bless you, Jake, I miss ya, and say hello to my loved ones up in heaven, ok?

So, what have I learned? I have learned that hamsters from Cleveland are diseased self-important simps who are better left to battleships. I have learned that sometimes being honest and doing your best are not enough for some, that you have to play the game, as it were. I have learned to value God and His mission for me. I have learned who to rely on in friendships. I have learned to persevere. The Mind of Man Plans his way, but God directs his steps (Proverbs 16:9). I am hoping I am listening to God's direction, and pray for His will daily.

Well, all, God bless, let's hope this new year brings us great glory and excitement, new loves and new adventures! Best to you all! God bless America! This is Mark, thanks for reading.