Thursday, March 25, 2004

Posted by Mark at 2:57 PM

Movie Talk

Real soon, I am going to be discussing watching "The Passion of the Christ," by Mel Gibson and co. I cannot say I liked this movie, as I don't think you can say that about a movie of this type without sounding weird. However, I do recommend it. Stay tuned, I will discuss it really soon.

The Rundown

Am going out also to buy The Rundown, starring the Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson. While he is not worthy of Oscar material, the Rock is growing into a very good action star, and he has screen presence and charisma. Also, Sean Willaim Scott is very funny in it. I will discuss it when I have watched it on DVD.

Other Business

Have no fear, hockey fans, I have not forgotten about you. I will be posting Duck updates as the season winds down, and will be giving you my impressions of the team.

Also, check out WMD for some bio pages on Matt and I, and show breakdowns. Matt is the driving force behind these, but I help in my own way, after all, I am half of the Big Guys with Big Ideas.....

And, despite popular myth, I do not hate all liberals. I do not even hate the malefactor visiting here lately. But, do I trust them....not with my national security or my money....remember that come November......

Well, friends, I have got to dash off to one of my jobs, helping children learn.....which by the way is partially funded by No Child Left Behind, which according to all independent estimates, is very well funded, and showed an increase in funding per student (just disproved more liberal dogma). Check out WMD's archives for this story.

Well, see you all later...God bless you, God bless America....

This was Mark, thanks for reading.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Posted by Mark at 5:29 PM

Classifying Liberals

Again, I have come under fire by a hamster liberal for something I have done or said. So, I just thought I would take the time to make clear some of the different types of liberals.

Do-Gooder Liberals-These liberals' hearts are in the right place, they want fairness, they want to help people, but they tend to babify and overly complicate problems, especially when most of the time it comes down to issues of personal responsibility. Do gooder liberals are really good people, but they tend to have an incorrect and often too happy view of human nature.

Socialist Liberals- These liberals believe failed philosophies like Marx and Lenin, despite the obvious proof provided by the fall of the Soviet Union and other socialist failings, despite the moral bankruptcy of such systems.

Elitist Liberals--They are very similar to Socialist Liberals and share their love of Marxist philosophy, and will spout it off and the latest works by Noam Chomsky just to show you how smart they are. They love to try to tell you how smart they are by looking down at you, especially if you think communism/socialism is stupid or a failed and flawed system.

Power Hungry Liberals--they can be either Elitist or Socialist Liberals, but they do not care about philosophy. Everything to them is about having power. They love socialism for its control and distribution of resources under government control. They love to hoard wealth for themselves like the Communists did in Russia, the Phillippines, China, and others. They want everything, but want to deny everyone else the same opportunities as them. They want only to be in control, and will say and do anything to get power, even sometimes compromise their own philosophy of egalitarian, communist control.

Leech Liberals--these are the saddest sort, and a breed I am very familiar with. These people were neglected in their childhood, are typically social outcasts, who were always considered nerds or less than acceptable. They want so desperately to be somebody, to be famous, to be liked. Therefore, they see celebrities and others espousing liberal views, and they simply leech onto them. They have no real core. In this way, they are like the Power Hungry liberals. In fact, most Power Hungry Liberals started out as Leech Liberals. They are sad, balding little people who have to sound off about how intelligent they are, and try to talk the talk of the intelligentsia of the liberal elite, and who try to look trendy by being liberal. Many often are closet racists and bigots, using pc euphemisms like "urban" for black, etc. They will take any sexual enhancer (maybe that is another symptom). They will use sex for power and manipulation, in fact all their relationships revolve around themselves.

They will turn down their noses at people, and will engage in things viewed elitist like opera, the symphony, artsy movies, just to try to appear to be trendy. They will go out of their way to tell you how sad your life is, even as their own lives are empty and devoid of many meaningful relationships.

Leech liberals are all about social climbing. They will use people until they get what they want or see no value in them, or have "moved above and beyond them." They see no merit in caring for others, and cannot see past simple political or ethnic divisions. They are all about gaining on others, and will go out of their way to go into preaching at others about the other person's failings, even as they have many of their own issues. They care only for self and their own promotion, and when their friends seem to outstrip them or don't blindly follow their arrogant presumptions, they do not dialogue, they dump them. They attempt to denigrate their integrity. Their own illusions are more important than friendships.

In short, leech liberals are the most sad and wretched of the sort. Many write and try to be trendy by loading up on dvds to appear "in the flow", or on the pulse, many are critics and will write for little sites not for expression or for fun, but simply to get something for nothing and also to dominate with their own sad opinions. They are sad, and they should be burned and thrown away, like leeches should be. They have no core, they eat away at others, and they take and take. It is all about them, never about others. They will complain even as people notice them and give them responsibility.

They hate responsibility. Whether it be sexual responsibility, relationship responsibility, or intellectual responsibility, or cultural responsibility, they hate it. They want to simply do whatever, no matter who is hurt. They call it bluntness or directness, but it is simply lack of tact and understanding. They are sad sacks, in other words, and you shoiuld not believe their assumptions and should question anything they claim do be doing out of the goodness of their own heart, because a dagger will be trained on you. Leech liberal hamsters are not to be trusted. They combine the worst of socialists and power hungry elitist types. And it is all about them. The saddest part is they believe nothing. They only seek power over others, just because they have no self esteem or core.

This was Mark...thanks for reading....

For daily political insight, check out WMD. With the show, I post more frequently there. Check back here for thoughts on political issues, sports, and other thoughts. It will not be updated as much, due to my work schedule and my work on the WMD tv show and blog. God bless.....

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Posted by Mark at 1:34 PM

I'm Back!!!!

Liberals are Crazy and Paranoid

The liberals are fuming over George W. Bush's campaign commercials, especially the one that uses 9/11 imagery. They claim it is not fair. Why? Is it because unlike your continued promise for positive campaigning, you do not deliever while AGAIN, THIS President does? Could that be it? Could it be you do not want us to remember 9/11, and how it was YOUR President who failed to take free offers of UBL's head on a pike? Could it be that you continue to blatantly flipflop on matters of security, and you have no vision?

Katie Couric: Unprincipled

How this woman got her job continues to amaze me...she must be good with her mouth or something...NOW WAIT A MINUTE, I MEANT PUBLIC SPEAKING, MR. PRUDELY!!! Anyway, she attacked the President today because a New York paper went scouring for people who were offended by the ad and published it, claiming it was a huge furor!!!! Karen Hughes, who used to work for the President, challenged Katie even as she became more inhospitable and shrill.

Katie, why don't you just wear a Kerry campaign button and an "I Hate Bush" sticker? You are not a reporter, you are a spin doctor. You make me ill, how you hide behind your little pixie face, even as you launch baseless and vicious attacks!!! You have no journalistic ethics, not to mention no journalistic talent. You got your job because you looked nice in suitskirts. That is were eye candy for the five viewers of the show. You are a typical liberal feminazi, with no vision, and no clue. You have no principles, and you should be ashamed of attempting to call yourself a reporter. Jayson Blair has about as much ethics as you do, but wait, you consider him a hero, I bet, don't you Katie? You are sad and pathetic, and all the Botox in the world will not hide those wrinkles.

Weighing in on the Gay Marriage Issue

Liberals say that conservatives cannot couch their comments with, 'I have gay friends,' or anything, but I say, why not? The fact that you can be against gay marriage, even the gay lifestyle, and still be friends with people and be kind speaks volumes. Of course, for liberals, they do not want people to come together for common cause, NOPE!!! We want to divide and sepearate, we want to inspire class warfare, race warfare, and now sexual warfare!!!! Liberals don't care, they are just using this for a face issue. Disgraceful.

I am against gay marriage. I do not agree with the homosexual orientation, and believe it is against the Will of God. However, I am not going to judge these people. If they want to do what they do in their bedrooms, have at it. There are some heteros who do weird things enough in their bedrooms. I really don't care, as long as I do not have to see it or approve of it. And that is what is going on now. Rather than simply take the whole civil union thing, they want us to HAVE TO recognize and accept their lifestyle as appropriate. This is complete and utter Bullsnarf!!!! They want to legislate opinion and they want to completely redefine marriage and values. Basically, liberals do not want values or morals, because that means there is less that they can get away with. Liberals do not want God around, because it makes it that much easier to do whatever you want. Liberals want to worship themselves as gods, and therefore be able to dominate and talk about how perfect they are. Acknowledging that a Supreme Being exists just limits their arguments that you should let them run the show, because they are totally benevolent.

I am sick and tired of activists legislating from the bench and from mayoral chambers. I am sick and tired of it being OK to throw God out from schools and our society, but now we have to bring in an alternative lifestyle and sanctify it? I do not hardly think so.

And, I DO have gay friends. They understand my views, they understand my reason for having them. And you know what? about half out of my 4 or five gay friends/acquaintances are against gay marriage. They say this activism will cause a terrible backlash, and that we should not redefine marriage. They say civil unions are acceptable, and that the community should go for those instead of pursuing this divisive agenda.

But no, the humanist relativists want to destroy all moral underpinnings and sanctity of anything. This is a very slippery slope, and quite frankly, we KNOW where it will lead. Daddy will want to marry daughter or son, and why should we discriminate against that if there is love behind it? Trios of men and women will want to marry, and why discriminate against that if there is love there? People will want to marry donkeys or dogs, and why discriminate against that if there is love? And here is the sinister part. If gay marriage is allowed to proceed, our churches are in trouble. I have no doubt in my mind that churches will be forced to marry gay couples or face lawsuits. That is wrong!!!! But, I can see it, and so can most people who honestly look at the issue on a rational basis.

It is about time that those of us who want at least some moral fiber and institution left for society stand up and be counted. We need to combat this whole thing. If gay couples wanted to have marriages, why can't THEY be the ones to file papers to get amendments on the books? Why is it that THEY are the ones legislating and moving policy, when the majority of Americans don't agree with what is going on? If you want something changed, you need to work through the process, not attempt to stomp on it and undermine tradition for your own agenda.

But, undermining America is what liberalism is all about.

Facts or Innuendo and Smear?

Saw a website that wanted to reiterate the "facts" about how Bush is a failure.
There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Iraq was never a threat to the United States.

Three million jobs have been lost since the incumbent stole office.

The incumbent has no concern about a domestic agenda.

We now have the largest projected deficit in history after squandering the largest projected surplus in history.

The incumbent bends over backwards to cater to special interests.

Ahh, don't you just love what they claim as facts. Let's look at their spew, shall we?

1. The No WMD argument- Ahh, well, we have not found any yet, and we recently found out that David Kay was not actively searching sites but conducting interviews (see WMD). Also, there is still the question of Syria, and if they have them. And, let us not forget, if there were no WMD in Iraq, why did the entire WORLD INTEL community say there were? Were all of them part of Halliburton? And, please, do not hold up that UN CYA report. They are just covering their own useless hides. Come on, you are just smearing again.

2. Iraq was never a threat argument-Even though Saddam sponsored suicide bombers and gave terrorists safe haven, even though his scientists of the supposed non-existent WMD programs were selling off weapons info, even though Saddam himself stated how he wanted to destroy America, nope, he was never a threat according to liberals. THAT IS A LIE, AND IT IS BOGUS!!! While Saddam did not have nukes yet, he said he wanted them and wanted to aim them at us. So, rather, instead of waiting for the threat to be blatantly dire, (see North Korea, thanks Mr. Clinton, again) we went in and took out the dictator. You liberals really want to slander our troops in Iraq, don't you, with saying Iraq was never a threat. If Iraq would have bullied its neighbors, you would be looking at a rogue state in control of most of the world's oil, and that WAS A THREAT to the interests of the United States. Again, you simple minded, idiotic hamsters just do not get it.

3. A two-fer, 3 million jobs lost AND the whole stealing office argument--OK, depending on which survey you look at, we have actually gained jobs. And, remember the Clinton Gore Tech Bubble? Remember the Clinton-Gore recession? Remember 9/11? Those were all economic hurdles that are just now being fully surmounted and conquered. But of course, you would never acknowledge these events because your messiah Bill Clinton was culpable. As for the stealing office, at least my candidate did not seek to have ALL military votes thrown out, or seek to keep recounting til he won. Face it, you have lost every scientific recount, get over it.....or as you all are fond of saying, MOVE ON.

4. The no domestic agenda argument--Idiot Hamster Bald Boy, you are a total buffoon. I beg you to come on the air for WMDtv and debate this. You would be revealed for the blithering hateful idiot that you are. Bush saw the need, and he gave us a 1.6 trillion tax cut to help boost the economy. When that was not enough, he gave us more, and the economy has rebounded with the largest growth in 20 years!!!!! Wow, that sounds like no domestic agenda, now doesnt it? The President urges higher education standards, I guess this is not an agenda either, huh? The President has pledged money to first responders, but the STATES INVOLVED are holding that money up....which you liberals blame on the President. The President wants to protect marriage, but that is not an agenda either, I guess. You liberals are so full of crap you make me heave.

5. The Giant Deficit vs. Giant Surplus Argument--OK, we are spending the highest DOLLAR TOTAL in our existence. But, we are wealthier now, as a country, than we ever have been. So, to be fair and logical, even reasonable (sorry, those words are foreign to liberals) we have to talk about the deficit as a percent of our total wealth, or GDP. If you look at it that way, this is nowhere near the biggest deficit in our history, but you liberals like to play word and mystifying games. It is like this: If I make 100,000 a year, a 10 grand debt is a big deal. However, if I make 3 billion, am I going to be having a cow over a debt of 1 million? According to psycho liberal logic, I should be, because it is a bigger number than I have ever been in debt in my life. However, I am making more money, so it is not such a big deal. Liberals, you are disgraceful in your attempts to try to dumb people down. Terrible. Oh, and the surplus argument. You act like it was THE GOVERNMENT'S money to begin with. IT WAS NOT!!!! IT WAS OUR MONEY FROM THE OVERTAXED 1990S!!!! Mr. Bush gave the people their own money back, and you know what? It has worked. Orders are up! The economy is growing....but you liberals just want to bitch and moan, and it is getting tiresome. You really want this country to fail, and this particular hamster's joy at others' hardship is quite disturbing, but it is typical of the Dimcan'ts. They enjoy taking hard working people's money and throwing it away on programs to prop themselves up. Disgraceful.

And finally, the most laughable of all....

6. The special interest argument--Wow, Bush loves Enron so much he ordered them prosecuted. His administration love Halliburton so much they are bringing charges against them. His total contributions by Halliburton are miniscule compared to Senator Kerry's record. Throw in the trial lawyers, and the Dimocan'ts are by far the party dominated by special interests. Even as he is talking about showing speical interests the door (not the exit, though that is what he is trying to intimate, he really would show them the door to Ft. Knox) his campaing contributions by special groups are astounding. Even as he is talking about outsourcing, his family's company (Heinz) has over 56 plants overseas. He is married to a Benedict Arnold(his description, not mine). You liberals are good at projection. Your party doesn't have a clue about any agenda other than overtaxing the people and silencing the majority, you don't have an agenda other than appeasement and hating/blaming America first.

Your arguments are smears and ad hominems based on no facts but all on spin. I hope you get so dizzy spinning you fall from those ivory towers of yours.

I am sorry, but liberal hamster stupidity is ridiculous....don't buy it....they don't care about your jobs, they don't care about your suffering...they just want your vote. They just want to divide us so they can win. They want us to turn on our soldiers, just as John Kerry himself did. They do not want a strong America where we are leaders for freedom. No, they want to return us to the malaise of the 1970s, when we felt as miserable as liberals do about themselves. Do not let that happen. Keep America strong!

God bless you all, God bless America! Til Next Time, keep your head up and stick on the ice!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Posted by Mark at 4:52 PM

In Memory: Marge Schott

Former Red Owner, Dies at 75

Marge Schott died today after a prolonged illness. Mrs. Schott was the former majority partner in the Cincinnati Reds franchise. She was a flamboyant personality, often controversial, always colorful. Her friends and family released a brief statement offering thanks for the well wishes and prayers.

I will miss Mrs. Schott. Yes, I know she said some horrible things about people of color. I know some of her views were not very contemporary. However, how many of us know people who are older who are set in their ways? Even though she may have said some mean things, Mrs. Schott was one of the most giving people in the city. She gave much money to the cause of children's services as well as her beloved animals. She helped the Cincinnati SPCA immensely. She loved children, and she loved her Reds.

The thing I will remember about Mrs. Schott was her kindness. At the old Riverfront Stadium, she would often sit behind the backstop to watch games. She was always kind and generous with her time. She signed autographs and talked to children. I can remember my cousins and I getting her autograph as kids. I can remember taking my sister to get a ball signed by Mrs. Schott. She even remembered me getting her autograph, and said my sister was a cutie. While I did not agree with all her politics or statements, she was an original.

Also, Mrs. Schott loved baseball. She sank every dime she had into the Reds to help them win. She wanted to give this city a winner, and unlike the current owners, she did not just give winning lip service. She brought us many exciting pennant races, often coming up just short. However, she did lead us to our last world championship in 1990. She loved her Reds, and I think her heart was broken when she was forced out by Bud Selig and his boys club when she was forced to sell her shares in the team. Mrs. Schott was good for the Reds and good for the city. She loved the Reds. She loved the fans. And she gave us great baseball memories. I wish the current owners cared as much about the fans and about winning as Mrs. Schott.

Marge, we loved ya, babe....and even though you let em run and doodie on the field, we loved the Schottzies, too. Godspeed, and Rest in Peace. Thank you, for all the memories.