Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Posted by Mark at 4:19 PM

FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At long last, my faith (wavering though it sometimes is) in the American people has been justified again. They saw past the misrepresentation and the B.S. and the lies perpetuated by the Hollywood Left, George Soros, (can't ever), and that fat, idiotic tub of goooo Michael Moore. George W. Bush rose from the ashes of skewed exit polls perpetuated by the media, including, surprisingly, Matt Drudge.

George W. Bush won with a consistent and positive vision for America. He provided clear moral clarity and consistency in leadership. He articulated his vision, even as Kerry talked plans but never delivered.

Of course, the Left will blame the media for leaking the exit polls and galvanizing the Republican electorate. Even though the media was in the tank all year for Kerry, the hardcore Left will jump the shark and blame their propaganda wing. And, also, I think there was some conflagration by the Kerry campaign attempting to suppress the vote by presenting a Kerry landslide to discourage Republicans from going out to vote, just as they cost Bush some 23,000 votes in the Florida panhandle in 2000.

What this shows is that the Republicans have learned to play the ground game, and to play it well. Despite lame attempts at crying voter intimidation, the election here in Ohio went smoothly. The election nationally went smoothly. And the American people realized that hate speech and just being against someone does not win an election.

Kudos to John Kerry for not pulling a Gore and wigging out. However, it appears Edwards is going to be a sore loser with his cries for continued fighting. According to Edwards, it was only the Kerry voters who stood in the rain or waited, despite the facts to the contrary. And Bob Beckel further drove nails into the coffin of the Dims controlling the South by hoping that the South breaks away and forms a Confederacy....

Let's just hope that the Left tries to attempt to come together, but I doubt it. Look at how they destroyed the togetherness after 9/11. Look at how they betrayed Bush after he attempted to work with them on NCLB. I hope for the best, but given the Clintonista control of the party, I expect the worse.

Having worked on the campaign very hard, it is gratifying to see the President win, and it sends a clear message to those snivelling weasels overseas that this Sheriff is still in town and is going to keep up the fight, so you better get on board or shut the heck up. And, I love the fact that we have again a man of faith in the Oval Office, as opposed to a man who has faith only in his sex drive.

On a more personal note, it is once again good to be on the side of good and order...and I am laughing at the 'superior intellect.'
Tell me, do you know the Klingon proverb that says revenge is an election that has a clear majority in the electoral college AND popular vote?

God bless you all, President Bush, and the United States of America.

This was Mark, thanks for reading...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Posted by Mark at 11:53 PM

It's Been a Long Time....

Well, here I am again, on election night, biting my fingernails, hoping for the best.....Matt and I are live blogging the election, but right now I find some extra time in the lulls in the action, so I will be updating you all on the events that have captivated my life since June.....

Saw the President 3 Times

Got to see President Bush 3 times, ubercool! Saw him at the Cincinnati Gardens, West Chester (where I had to sacrifice my T-Bird to see him), and finally at the Great American Ball Park. It was very exciting, and I hope I get to reap the rewards of working for a successful campaign.

Lost the T-Bird, or Did I?

As mentioned above, when I went to see the President at West Chester, I was involved in an auto accident which totaled my precious 1995 T-Bird. The entire passenger side was dented in, especially around the rear quarter panel and door. I have had some lingering back pain, but I am not one to sue. However, I believed that my Tbird was salvageable, and I refused to accept it would die. So, a friend at church, even as I was getting a "new to me" car, took in the TBird (or as some call it, the ThunderChicken)and has repaired the car and is painting it.

I did however get a nice car, a 1997 Mercury Sable with a sunroof, 6 disc cd changer, a mach stereo system, and aluminum alloy wheels. It is a nice car, but I miss my gas guzzling V8 TBird. However, it is cool to drive the Sable, if for nothign else than to not hear Matt gripe about getting into and out of the back seat.

Hockey News

The NHL and its players are acting like the MLB and are being extremely stupid, engaging in a lockout and risking the health of several teams. However, it is great that the AHL is continuing to play, and my Ducks are 3-1 at home so far into this young season. Ilja Bryzgalov, the future backup in Anaheim, has played outstandingly, and has proven himself time and again despite some stupid rule changes in the game.

The AHL has seen some NHL stalwarts sign as free agents, including Dominik Hasek and Chris Chelios. It is going to be an exciting season.

Speaking of the Ducks, some Injustice

The Cincy Ducks have been ordered by the NHL club to take away 3 home games from Cincy and go and play them in Anaheim. That sucks. I paid for 40 games, not 37 games! And, I cannot get my money back, they want to adjust the balance so as to give me extra tix, duck bucks, or some other nonsense.

And the Ducks have made the critical mistake of raising tix prices now that there is no competition from the Cyclones, who went defunct last season. As a result, attendance is down, as it has been trending even as the Cyclones were dying out. It is because of the tix pricing. The Ducks were a cheap night out, a very good value at 9 dollars being the cheapest seat just two seasons ago, now the cheapest is 12 dollars. It is ridiculous! I cannot believe that the owner listens to this clown from Detroit who talked him into these tix raises. Boneheaded move. Bring back the cheap prices, Pete, or else you will have an empty hockey barn of bedlam.

Educational Mercenary and Market Researcher

Did not get a full-time teaching position, so I have been continuing to tudor, to substitute, and also I have been working as a market researcher for a marketing firm. That has been interesting, but I am hoping for something more. Also spent time in a temp position at a trucking company in accounts receivable/payable, which was a great position with great people. I met a great group of people there, especially my supervisor Brad, who became a good friend in the time I was there. It truly is amazing how God can bless you even in trying times.

Well, that is all for now....hopefully I will write more frequently.

This is Mark, thanks for reading.

God bless you, and God bless America....