Saturday, October 15, 2005

Posted by Mark at 11:31 PM

Irregular Update

Now I Know What Jr. Feels Like

Before my last two softball games, I suffered a serious knee injury, which required a trip to the hospital emergency room. since Sept. 18, I have been furiously going to Physical Therapy three times a week, along with rehab at home. Have been using time to reassess some things, along with working and such. Stay tuned for that. Rehab is tough and not easy, even for someone who has been active (despite being a big guy) all his life. I have played hockey, basketball, baseball, basketball, and I have never been as tired as I am now after therapy. Truly a testament to the amazing creation of God, and how fragile we are.

Hockey in Cincinnati?

It seems that there will be a newsconference soon announcing the new name of the AHL FRanchise. According to most sources, sometime in October, early November, the New teamname will be announced. Word is that they actually hired an outside marketing firm instead of having the bimbo work on it. Good for them. The sources I have read say the team name has been researched, and the Franchise can not find a precedent for anyone using this name before. Should be interesting..

Anaheim is Renaming themselves

The Traitorous Ducks of Anaheim are renaming themselves, and are in the process of having a little contest to see who is going to come up with the new name. The scumbag new owner was on the Ducks opening night game, and you could tell he is a joke, kind of like Carl Lindner, or the Cleveland BrownEyes. He had no clue about anything, and just dropped names of players like he was a genius. What a joke. Maybe they should call them the Anaheim @$$holes after their owner?