Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Posted by Mark at 9:14 AM

Mark Posting Everywhere But Here

Over at the Stevenson Blog, I have been posting about the Nashville Predators and our visits with Jeremy Stevenson. I have been posting sermons over at my church's blog. And, of course, my first blogging love, WMD, has been getting some much needed attention from me. I have been posting, it seems, everywhere but here. Like my compadre Matt, I seem to have more time for other things than just getting some thoughts out there. Here are some random observations:

Idiot Athlete of the Year

Terrell Owens. Let's see, you campaign to be traded from San Francisco, you whine your way out of going to Baltimore, just so you can play with Donovan McNab. Then, over the course of two years, you do everything in your power to undermine your team, culminating with saying your team would be better with someone else at QB. Just before, that, you whined over money, even though you are among the highest paid players in the league and were under contract. Now, you are whining because you are facing what normal people would in the workplace when they mouth off about the company and who is running it: you are being let go. Not only that, but you are on leave and cannot go to a competing company until the end of the season. Wow, sounds like what most of us out in "the real world" go through when we act stupid on the job. If you weren't so vindictive and wealthy, I would pity you. However, I do not. You are a shmuck and I hope this sticks with you the rest of your career.

Mark Martin, NASCAR's Most Screwed Driver

I am a big Mark Martin fan. He has been my favorite driver (other than Richard Petty) since I first started watching the sport. However, Mark is probably the greatest driver never to win the Nextel Cup. Why? Because his owner, Jack Roush, is an idiot. For the last half decade, Mark Martin has been winning races with shoddy equipment. All the good stuff gets wasted on hacks like Greg Bashem Biffle and Kurt "Driving while drinking" Busch. These ungrateful jerks get the high quality equipment, while Mark gets secondhand stuff and people to work with. Mark is consistently at the top, even with this disadvantage, but these other guys are terribly inconsistent.

And what I don't understand is: why is Mark treated this way? He made Jack Roush. Jack Roush was just an engine builder and former drag racer until Mark Martin came along. He made Roush Racing what it is today: an empire. It was he who put it on the map...and how is he repaid? He gets crappy equipment, secondhand pit crews, and his owner seeks to slap his face over every victory lane celebration and take all the credit. Jack Roush is just like his "new generation" of drivers (Matt Kenseth and Carl Edwards are exceptions): ungrateful jerks.

Knee Update

The knee is healing, slowly but surely. I can walk longer distances and with less pain, but steps are a challenge still, though not as difficult as they once were.